Human Nature is the love of Jesus within us

” Peace comes from within, if you can not be peaceful with yourself, then you will never be peaceful with others throughout this journey”

My little buddy Martin Richard makes yet another appearence here with my words, he was the young eight year old boy, that was killed in the sick and demented acts of two brother’s, that decided to bring ugliness, to the event of the Boston marathon. There were five who perished, with many more suffering great pain and loss of limbs, because two sick and demented individuals, took an action that is very much not who we truly are. Now through an ugly act such as this, is when we ourselves truly step up and be who we truly are, an act like this bring out the true Human Nature within us, but the sad part of this is, we do not do enough of this. We would rather sit behind our devices and become someone we truly are not. Now through such a painful tragedy such as this, you had so many who stepped up to bring comfort to those with the most pain, some would carry another with a missing limb, to the nearest first aid triage center. This should prove to us all, that good does win over evil, but we never look at it that way, and as soon as the event becomes in the distent past, we then go back within the dark clouds, hide within plain sight of one another and go back behind the devices, like no one else matters or exists.

Then there are events like, September 11, 2001. This was a planned event by Individuals, who are Sociopaths with zero empathy within. Now the real meaning of sociopath is, ” A mental health condition in which a person consistently shows no regard for right and wrong and ignores the rights and feelings of others”. This was the saddest day in the history of the existence of the United States of America. I can remember this day like it was yesterday, where I was and what I was doing, this is a day that none of us true red blooded Americans, should never forget, as to never let this event or another like it ever happen again. When I was watching this event and the towers coming down in real time, I remember thinking, am I dreaming as I didn’t want to think this was really happening. Now with this huge tragedy and the fact that so many perished and so many have and still are suffering from this, so many more truly stepped up to aid those with the pain. So many within the towers as they were hit, stepped up to help others that were trapped and in great pain, then all the first Responder’s who ran into the event no matter of what they would face? To bring as many as they could to safety, in any way that they could. We all have that good Human Nature within us, this is the blood of Jesus flowing within our hearts and souls, just that so many do not acknowledge Jesus anymore, leaving them with a cold heart, that keeps them from putting themselves in harms way, for the good of their fellow man.

The true Hero’s from this day of September 11, 2001 were the Passengers on flight 93. This was the plane that was suppose to fly into the the peoples house or another words, the White House. But, with the Heroic acts of those on the flight, it went down in Pennsylvania instead. We all have this empathy within us, but when we make the choice to ignore it and bury it deeper within us, well……… That is on us and we as Humans, will always suffer greatly for it. There are so many events that we are all so responsible for bringing to one another, no wonder why we are so consumed by the dark clouds of Satan hanging over our heads. Good will always win over evil, but only when each one of us keep the faith and belief in Jesus Christ, as well as ourselves, so we can have the confidence needed, to step up and be the true Human being that we are, to not just help one another, but to walk side by side with one another, moving forward throughout this journey ofn life.

The love that mother Mary showed for her son Jesus, even at the time of the great passion, is the same love that our mother’s show toward each one of us as we walk our paths of this journey. Love is lost within us today, and with all the broken families, and the one parent households only proves further, of just how broken this society has become. Each parent will bring to us in their own way, all we need to know, so we than can be the very best that we can be. A mother with her traits bring to us, so much in her motherly way, just as a father will bring us so much more, as we now become a complete Human being, and when we are in a one parent household, now we feel nothing but being incomplete and lose a big part of who we truly are.

When we are hiding within plain sight of one another, because we fear more that others will think we are weak? This should be a big red flag, showing us that we need to heal properly from what hurts us greatly, so we can be better and stronger along our paths of this journey. While we are in this state, we now look in the wrong direction for guidence, like something we see and hear everyday, instead of truly listening to our hearts, as Jesus will speak to us, only in the way of his love for us all. The problem is, that when we look in the wrong direction, now we see and listen to all the twisted words from all the media and the Politicians, who only will tell us what we want to hear, with either half truths, or complete fabricated and made up words, that do nothing but make us fear even more, of what is around us. Now in this society we are currently in, we may not see Jesus Christ, but he is always within our hearts and souls and keeping us warm with his love, just that now we do not acknowledge him anymore, simply because we do not see him in front of us, Jesus does not need to be in front of us to guide us, he does this from within, when we truly have the faith and the belief in him, giving us the faith and the belief in ourselves, to move forward to be better and stronger, each and everyday we walk through this journey of life.

When we are truly of who we are, we are also the Helper’s of this journey, and being the Helper’s, we then step up to help one another without even giving it a second thought. The problem is, there are so many that lack the confidence to be one of these helper’s, which now has us hide even deeper within ourselves. The fact that so many have lost the faith and belief in Jesus, shows exactly the fact that we all have lost the confidence to become a Helper along the path we walk of this journey. I get that not all of us will become a Helper, but the traits of being a Helper is within us all, and is our responsibility and not that of another to tell us. If only we all get back to the acknowledgment of Jesus Christ, and when we do this, no matter if you are a Helper or not, the path we walk through this journey of life, will always be, within the peace and the joy that Jesus showed us, when he came here and walked this journey here with us.

” Human nature will always be within us, just like mother nature will always be within the beauty of God’s country throughout this journey of life”

” Human Nature is the love of Jesus Christ that flows through all our hearts and souls, no matter of who you are”

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