Why can’t you see Jesus Christ, he will never leave us

” For where two or three are gathered together in my name, There am I in the midst of them”

MT 18:19-20

This quote from Gospel is perfect for this society that we all walk today, Jesus is in the midst of all our hearts, throughout the existence of our journey here in the society we walk. Our behaviors we bring forth towards one another today, you think we really think of that said behavior? Because if we really did think of that behavior, then we probaly would not even of made that behavior choice in the first place.

There are so many around us today and so many who are, family member, friend, coworker, or aquaintence, and who are quite immoral but, not all that are around us are immoral. We all walk a path through this journey, yes the paths can be very different, but the journey is the same, as we all strive for the same goal at the end of the journey. So as this quote goes, and who we have become along this journey, no wonder why we have become a culture in turmoil, that has lost touch with this journey, as we will bring pain to one, just so we ourselves can look as perfect as we think perfect is?

We all walk this journey equal to one another in the eyes of God and Jesus but, when we take actions on our thoughts, without thinking through the ramifications of those actions, this is the exact reason for all our wrongs in the eyes of God, and this is exactly what is wrong with this society today. We have become a creature of habit, and when that habit becomes an action is when we do not think beyond that action. We now have let the habit, force ourselves into becoming someone for who we truly are not.

Now as we have become a creature of habit, and with the way we have brought forth all the social media platforms, clearly shows where we all have gone wrong, but the problem is, we are too afraid to correct our wrongs, cause that will make us seem weak, and no one wants to do that!!! None of us here on this journey are perfect, just like there is no one walking this journey weak as well, These are components given to thyselfs, simply because we think, that this will shield us from one another, when the reality of it is, this behavior only divides us further from one another, which then has us all walking into a broken society, that, does nothing but force us all into being someone of who we are not.

No matter which way you turn, or no matter how you chose to walk your path of this journey through life, Jesus is always right there with us, right there to guide us onto the path of righteousness, he will never walk away or leave us at any time, it is we ourselves who leave him, especially when we do not acknowledge his existence and feel the warmth of his love, that is within our hearts and souls forever no matter who you are, walking this journey through life.

Because of this social media that man has created and brought forth to each one of us, it has forced us all to go hide within plain sight of one another. Social media instead of helping us become better and stronger, it has actually taken us deep into the darkness of the clouds, as now we lack the confidence of face to face time and stay behind our devices, with a false sense of security within this broken society. When we hide behind our devices and poke fun at one another, then we ourselves are only turning into a Bully, just so we can seem to be more powerful than each other. we try to then take that power and force the rest of us into following us, as we really lead them all into the deep dark clouds of Satan, and not being a true leader, who will lead by example as Jesus did, to actually earn his followers, and take them into the light of salvation, along the path of righteousness, which brings us all the peace, the joy and the hope from the world of our father and he who created us and all that is around us, the true God to each and every one of us, as we walk through this journey of life.

If you can not truly see Jesus, and you think that he is not real? Is only because you have lost the feeling of his warmth within your heart. and because you do not acknowledge him within your heart and soul, as now you have lost his love that no matter what, is always within you. Yes, you can get that warm feeling of his love back, all you need to do is, acknowledge his existence within you, acknowledge that his blood flows through your veins, as his love will then warm your heart, and this is when you bring his love toward all those around you moving forward, so now we all can step out of the darkness and within the light of salvation, then straight into the joy, the peace, and the hope of Jesus Christ, so now we all can actually move forward along this journey, without stepping backwards into the deep dark clouds of Satan, with all the ugliness it will bring us all.

We the people of this society are what is wrong with this society. Jesus will never leave us as he will always be within us. But, when we do not acknowledge him, we then hide within plain sight of one another, we hide in plain sight of Jesus Christ, and with the weight of our sins, making all our crosses too heavy to lift, this is when we now have great doubt for everything moving forward. The solution for us all is right there in front of us, but when we take action without thinking through the ramifications of those actions, we then will never see what is right in front of us, as now we become too busy seeing something that is not there, and make up something that we ” think ” is there, then take actions on the fiction without thinking it through totally, as now we lose the reality of what is there, giving us all a fake reality, that we try to turn into a reality, just that it has no love, no true feelings, and no true emotions, as now we move forward not letting our tears heal us moving forward.

We all walk our paths through this journey, now the paths may be different, but the journey is all the same. The journey through life will always have Jesus Christ leading us away from temptation, and into the light of salvation. So when you do not feel the warmth of Jesus within you, then that red flag should be waiving, that you need to heal and change from what is, and get back to who you truly are, which has the love of Jesus flowing through your veins, warming your heart with his love, so now you can share that love with all those around you. This journey was never about any social media and how many followers you can aquire, this journey was just what Jesus showed us, when he came and walked it with us. This journey when done correctly is the most beautiful part of who you are, when it turns ugly, then you are doing something wrong, and need to heal and change something, so you can get back to the beauty of the journey, that will bring us all the beauty of Jesus Christ, and away from the ugly of Satan, as now we can walk with the peace and joy of Jesus, leaving behind all the ugly and the hatred of Satan, that will only, divide us further from each other.

” Jesus Christ is always within us, so if you can not see him, then you need to heal and change what you are doing, to truly feel his warmth deep within you”

” Social media has become our achilles heal of this society, it is time we fix this for the better, so we can turn this weakness into a strength, to move forward better and stronger”

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