It’s the back roads that will keep you in awe!!!

” Some of these backroads are a tank away, which you take other backroads to get to, instead of speeding by on the super highway and seeing nothing, you will be amazed at what you will find and learn of this great country of the United States of America”

Not all roads are paved, and especially not all roads hold huge parts of our history, so take some backroads from time to time, learn some history of the country in which you were born and raised, instead of getting consumed within the cities and learning nothing of what was.

Just like when your devices go on the fritz, or your computer goes haywire, sometimes when you shutdown and unplug, then turn them back on, its like they become brand new, well………. Turn off the telivision, go for a ride along the backroads around you, and become re-energized like all your devices you rebooted as well. You see things you normally never see within your daily routine, plus when you break up the routine, now you yourself, also gets rebooted and recharged, as you now let yourself heal from the ugliness, as you see all the true beauty all around you.

History is a subject in the schools that is not taught anymore, and if it is, then the ones teaching it are programmed to water it down, and only teach certain things, plus change around some words to fit within a certain narrative. Within this society today, the best way to learn of the days within our history is, go for a ride along the backroads, you will see a lot of places that were once very busy, and now are shut down, with the area around it looking like a ghost town, with not much going on. Yes if you see something that intrigues you, if you know where to go to get the information, you can learn a great deal of what it is you want to learn of.

Then as you drive along this road and it seems like nothing is there? Then suddenly you come around the bend and there is a small little cemetary, this is a great place to stop and learn, look for a sign with a date of when it was created, I did just that and found one from 1819, now don’t just look around the cemetary, look at the grave stones and get an idea of dates people once walked their paths of this journey, and even better, look for some kind of medal or markings, showing that this person has served in our military. These are the ones we all should stop, take a moment of silence, as we thank them in prayer for what they did, so you and I can walk our paths of this journey as we do everyday. These small rural towns started somewhere and by someone, like back in the gold rush days in Colorado, there were small towns built and mills built, to get as much gold and silver out of the mountains they could, with families living there to run the mills, and these places were totally within the back country and the mountains, where if you needed supplies, it was a day or two journey and sometimes more in the winter with all the snow. But now, they are all abandoned ghost towns to explore, but only with the right vehicle like a four wheel drive with some height to get over the rocks.

You can learn so much by taking some backroads from time to time, instead of speeding by on the super highway, as life speeds by and you learn nothing of what was. It is the small towns in rural America that helped build America into what it is today. It has nothing to do with some policy by a Bureaucratic Politician, as much as they say they are making a difference? It took alot of blood, sweat and tears to get America where it is today, and that hard work was by those who lay at rest in those old cemetaries of yesteryear. These great people of our past rolled up their sleeves and worked very hard, as these so called Leader’s within the walls of Washington DC, are too busy trying to figure out how to screw the Taxpayer, so they can fatten their wallets, especially while never rolling their sleeves up, let alone, never doing a days work or even getting dirty.

America was built on Immegration, but Immegration done the right way, not taking people into a sanctuary city and giving them everything. America was built on hard dedicated work, full of blood, sweat and tears, not some lip service like our Politicians do everyday. The American people are strong and resilient, but the American people will only take the lip service for so long, we need real change now, so get busy working, roll up the sleeves, so we all can work hard together, to make this country better and stronger than it ever was. While we do all this, let’s step up to the Corporate companies, as they have become the Bullies of this country, they shut down plants, simply because they are not making money for their bottom line? They have become the Sociopaths of this world, as they only care about the greed, and nothing for the people who helped build that company. When a company wants to shut down a facility and move to a new, more profitable location, they need to be made to take care of the people and the area they are leaving, before they move, like having a plan in place for something else to take over that facility, so now the towns people of that area, are not left out to dry. There is zero accountability today nowhere, we all need to held accountable for our actions, and that includes all the Corporate companies as well.

You learn so much just by taking some backroads from time to time, without hopping onto the super highway, and having life go by so fast, you learn nothing at all. So let’s turn off the telivisions, especially all the dumb, propaganda stations, that do nothing but spread the ” FAKE NEWS” everywhere. The time is now for us all to roll up the sleeves and get busy working, get busy coming together in unity, get busy getting rid of all the Bureaucrats, who do nothing but, steal our hard earned tax dollars, to fatten their pockets. Then get busy going for a ride along the backroads and learning even more, than any school will teach you within todays society.

” Gas up the car and go for a ride. A ride where not all the roads are paved and in places that, you can learn of this country in ways you never even thought before”

” Back country backroads, these are the roads we all can heal away the ugly, as we learn greatly of not just what was, but by who rolled up their sleeves and worked hard, for the good of us all”

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