Being prepared when camping remotely

” Staying safe and keeping your adventure as fun and exciting as it can be, making for a great adventure, with great memories”

This tent that I have been using for ten plus years, is a tent put out by Ozark Trail. It is a tent I have no bad words for with each adventure that I may endure. The three basic rule of thumb for any adventure is, housing quarters, food and fire, all in that order. With this tent I can set it up inside five min. Once the tent is set up, I then put the battery pack in the pouch of the ceiling, as the top part of the poles have LED lights within them, so at night when you go into the tent, you simply push a button and the tent lights up, like walking into a room within your home. Nothing like walking into a tent and pushing a button, giving you all the light you need, without fumbling for a flashlight. This tent also has never leaked and I have camped within some pretty intense storms, with intense rain and wind as well. When you do some smart shopping and really look into the product you are buying, look into the company of that product, to see their track record for what they sell, Ozark Trail has a very good track record and very similiar to Coleman product, who is top of line equipment for all your camping needs. When you are breaking camp, which sadly means your adventure has ended, at least til the next one. This tent will come down just as easy, with the poles in a push of a button will collapse inside themselves, then they fold into each other, as you tuck the tent within the poles as you fold them, then as you place back in the bag, which zipping the bag at times can be the hardest part, but yes it can be zipped, so now the tent is within the neatness of the bag and awaiting it’s next adventure.

” Great Product on any adventure, will always make for a great and fun adventure, no matter where your travel may be”

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