The one Identity that truly matters

” He said to them, but who do you say that I am? Simon Peter said in reply, You are the Christ, the son of the living God”

Mt 16:15-16

There are so many of us in an Identity crisis, that very few truly know of who they are. Today as you walk the streets within this society, I want to see a poll asking the younger generation, who was the very first Pope of the Catholic Church? I bet it would be a high percentage very close to 100, if not even 100, That have zero clue who was the first Pope. Simon Peter was the first Pope of the church, and yes even he denied Jesus three times during the the passion times. Simon Peter wasn’t perfect, but that is why Jesus chose him to to lead the church, after he lay down his life for each one of us, showing just how much he loved us all, no matter of who you were.

It is true that Jesus was Jewish, but yet he was the Son of God that came here, and walked a path of this journey for all of us no matter who you were. Jesus didn’t care who you are, he just wanted to share his love with all of us, because he looked at us all as equals to one another. Jesus didn’t care your color of skin, he didn’t care what religion you followed, he seen us all as an equal and loved us all the same, no matter what. Now today in this society, not only has so many walked away from the church, not only have they now lost all faith in Jesus or themselves, now no one today even acknowledges that Jesus is alive within each of us, as his blood runs through our hearts, and warms it nicely with empathy, and together with our souls as well.

Just as if back in the times of Adam and Eve, when Eve has touched the forebidden fruit, we the people have touched something, because here comes Satan with his evil and woke ways, as he try’s again to conquor Jesus Christ, as all he wants is to destroy the creation of God our father, wiping out all of the beauty, only to replace it with the ugliness ,and the hatred of all. There are alot of things we the people have touched, that was supposed to be for the better and help us all greatly, but with the touch of man, and the sickness from having all the power, control and the greed, Now don’t get me wrong, we the people can also fix our wrongs, but first we need to acknowledge Jesus Christ, as now we all can move forward to be better and stronger, as we acknowledge that Jesus Christ is within us all with his love.

It is this wokeness and this political correction that is turning most of us away from Jesus Christ, simply because, when you are woke, then nothing matters and nothing is as real as you yourself, while this political correction then teaches us that, we now need to fear each other instead of love one another, which is doing nothing but divide us further apart from each other, and even worse, separate us further from the house of Jesus Christ, and the imperfect ways of the first Pope brought to us all, in the name of Simon Peter. This ugly society we are all within, is only the fault of we the people, but until we the people fix what is wrong, then this ugly society will become worse, and further away from the house of the Lord, and further away from the faith and the belief in Jesus Christ, which will then take away any and all of the hope from any of us reaching the path of righteousness, that will bring us all eternal life, in a world full of the peace and the joy of Jesus Christ.

Now I get that it is hard to believe in something and have the faith in something that you have never seen, or even touched. But the way we are disrespecting Jesus with all this ugliness around, shows that we favor more of Satan than Jesus, even though we never even seen Satan as well? This is how screwed up we of this society have become, we would rather be something we are not, than be truly of who we are? No wonder why it is raining so much this summer, it is not rain, but the tears of Jesus Christ covering us all in his sadness. Jesus didn’t come here for himself and show us all just how to walk through this journey of life, he came here to lead us all away from the temptation of Satan, to lead us all into his love, as he loved each one of us, no matter the color of your skin, the religion you follow, or whatever gender you have been assigned? I am sorry, but if you are born as one gender, but for whatever reason, you think you identify as the other, then you should not be throwing what you think your identity is down the throats of the rest of us, what you really need is, to go talk to a professional and figure out why you are like this? Now I am not saying that some of us are perfect, while other’s are not, just look at Simon Peter who denied Jesus three times, but yet Jesus wanted him as the first Pope of the Catholic Church, and the fact that he also was not perfect. Jesus wanted us all to see this journey as he did, he wanted us to see the real reality as we walked through this journey, he never wanted us to fall for the temptations that Satan will bring to us, as he wants to lead us into the darkness and away from any light, including the light of salvation.

The biggest and saddest part of this journey today is, the fact that we all, or should I say alot of us, will be Baptised in, get first communion in, become confirmed within, and even married within the house of the Lord, then alot of us will simply walk away from the house of the Lord like it never existed? So yes at one point we all have acknowledged him, then turned our backs on him, even when he never turns his back on you, at any time along this journey. When you have become buried with your troubles and issues, then think that no one and even yourself, have lost faith and belief in yourself, Jesus was always there to believe with faith of you, just you have lost his faith and belief, buy turning your back and not acknowledging him, so you do not see what you can’t see, but you do see the dark clouds over head from Satan, which turns you into someone who you truly are not. No matter what you see, or what you do not see, Jesus Christ will always be there for you, he will always love you, whether you acknowledge him or not? Just that with all the ugliness that is out there today, and with the identity crisis of us all today, it makes it harder to see something you really have never seen before, so it is more important today, to acknowledge Jesus Christ, and even more, to have complete faith and belief in him, so we than can have complete faith and belief in ourselves, as we move forward with the love of Jesus warming our hearts and we now share that love with one another.

Jesus died for the good and for each one of us upon the cross, until we come to grips with that, then the ugliness that consumes us today may never go away. Everything that comes to we the people like, the internet, social media, technology, and even the devices in our hands, has come to us all to help us be better as this society keeps changing, but when we take all this and spin them as they were never designed to be spun, this is exactly how this society breaks right in front of our eyes. When God created man, he then created woman from the rib bone of man, he created adam and eve as equals to one another, but very unique to one another with a few different parts, but now with all this identity crisis, no one can actually define what a man is, let alone what a woman is? No wonder why we are having all these natural diseasters today, because God is mad at what we are doing down here, where he created us and all the beauty that is all around us.

Love, empathy and acknowleging the faith and belief in Jesus Christ, is all we need to get back to who we truly are, get back to the compassion for each other, so we all can have the hope moving forward in this journey, and as we walk our paths as Jesus showed us, when he came to us all. Jesus will always be there for each of us no matter who you are, he will forgive you no matter how you have sinned, and yes we all have sinned as much as we do not want to admit to it. Now in this society where we are all guilty of talking of another behind their backs, Jesus will never talk behind anyones back, as he will only love you greatly, no matter if you acknowledge him or not. Now I get some may have their reasons for stepping away from the house of the Lord, just like each of us, the church is not perfect either, but that should never steer you away from prayer, and totally having faith and belief in Jesus Christ. Jesus put forth Simon Peter as the first Pope to show us all of the imperfections, but through the imperfections, Jesus Christ loved us even more, as he suffered, died and was buried for everyone of us walking through this journey. The problem then lies with each one of us, as now we think we are perfect and better than each other, which is doing nothing but leading us further away from Jesus Christ, and even worse, further away from one another. Now as we get further away from Jesus, we are becoming further away from the light and deeper into the darkness, where Satan is waiting with open arms, to take over the control of us all, so deep within the fires of hell, that there is zero light, with our hearts becoming as cold as ice, with nothing but hatred that will divide us further from one another. We the people can change this, if only we get back to acknowledging that Jesus is within our hearts keeping it warm with his love, so we than can share that love with each other, as now we can unite together, without becoming divided, as we walk our paths through this journey of life.

” We are all having an identity crisis along this journey right now, until we wake out of the wokeness, we may never wake up away from who we truly are not”

” God created us and all that is around us, some may disagree with that only because they are to busy being full of themselves, and too busy to see any kind of light within the darkness of the clouds over our heads”

” No one is perfect within this society and as much as some may think, Jesus put forth Simon Peter to show us our imperfections, as he never lost his love for any of us moving forward”

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