The ever evolving world we live

” You can either get busy living, or get busy doing nothing, the world will forever change and it’s up to you to keep up with it”

The days of summer will bring the sun and beautiful days, it will also bring the rain and the storms, this is part of life and you can not change that, so unless you are willing to deal with the sun or rain, then before you know it the summer is over and you have not enjoyed one bit of it. The four seasons that we go through are more than just a calender year, the four seasons will come to each of us, just as God set them up, so the Earth can rejuvinate itself, bringing all it’s beauty to us all. Yes you can go camping anytime, but when it rains it can be a bummer, so if you plan properly things to do with the rain included, then any time spent camping will always be a great time, instead of just hanging around and getting all depressed just because it is raining.

I get that when camping, and it is raining, it makes it hard to enjoy the kayak as the water with it’s current and high waves, makes it hard to get out and paddle, then why not put on the rain gear and go for a walk within the trails of the woods, you just may see things you never see in your daily lives. There is always something to do within mother nature, it is you to look deep into what is in front of you, use your creative juices that is within you, and get out and see things you never seen before. Going camping deep within mother nature can be so beautiful, it can also be a great learning experience from what you see, not too mention the great pictures of all the landscape, plus the confidence boost you get, as you enjoy your time camping, no matter what the weather is.

The weather can only put a damper on some things, but it really shouldn’t put a damper on how you walk through your path of this journey. Yeah!!! I get you may not be able to do some things, but if you keep your mind open and not be so close minded just because of the weather, then what a beautiful path you will walk throughout this journey. Now hiking up a mountain and especially when your above the tree’s, this can really put a damper on your time spent outdoors, but unless it is a dangerous storm, just put on the rain gear and continue climbing, and watch each step as the rocks above the tree’s, can be slippery when wet. The views on the mountain may be consumed with clouds and visibility won’t be as far, but this will be a learning experience and help you focus on what is in front of you, which will help you be better and stronger moving forward.

There is always a way no matter the weather, or whatever you think may stop you from doing what you want to do, and when you keep and open mind, not be so close minded, be prepared for whatever mother nature will throw at you, then there will never be a bad time of whatever season that may come to you. Each season whether it’s Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter, hold it’s own beauty within it, which now lies on each of us, to totally see all the true beauty they bring.

Now some with all their drama, may make the weather or other things out to be something they are not. You can draw your own conclusion on this, you can pay attention to the agendas that are thrown in our faces daily, or you can look at the facts of this entire planet, within the history of this planet, and truly see and understand what a lifecycle is, as you learn that a cycle is a circle and no matter what goes around that circle, you will repeat as you go around that circle, now the bigger question is, how long actually is the cycle of life? And how many years go by, or how many societies go by, before the lifecycle will repeat itself? We had the Dinosaur’s roam freely at one point, we had an ice age etc…… Yes now we have the icebergs melting today, but how much of this is the Earth evolving on it’s cycle, and how much is it the fault of us Humans as some may say just to keep an agenda going? Yes you are going to have some believe totally on the agendas, only because they have become brainwashed by the agendas, and now can not truly think for themselves anymore, and thats the sad fact of the world in which we live today.

Don’t get me wrong, yes we the people of this society are to blame for some things, as we keep cutting down the tree’s to build our homes and business, and as we build we are forcing all the wildlife out of their homes, yes we are responsible for the changing scenery within mother nature, but this all pails to the facts of the evolving Earth, that we walk everyday along our paths of this journey through life. Because of all the Greed, the power and the control, that some may want and will do whatever to get, not just the rest of us will suffer, but this entire planet will suffer, with the actions we take for it. Because of all the Power, Control and Greed of some, they now are shoving down the throats of the rest of us, their sick twisted agendas, which when you think of it, are so far fetched, that the only way to keep their agendas, is to keep the lie going to the rest of us. It’s a known fact that, in order to keep one lie going, you need many more lies, which then makes it very hard to get back to reality.

Stepping out within mother nature and respecting all that is around you, is the best therapy that any amount of money can by, and it is what we all need today. With all the ugliness within the cities, some don’t even step out of the cities and think that this journey is nothing but ugly? This is a sad reality we live today, as so many will never see what is truly around them. There is so much good to this journey of life, but if you never step out of your little worlds, step out of your comfort zones, then all you will see is evil and ugliness, and just like that Indian on the old school commercial for polluting the earth, when he shed a tear at the end of it, we all will be shedding tears, for the actions of some, as they ruin this great planet, that we all walk a path along and, how Jesus showed us of how to walk it correctly. We all need to get back to who we truly are, get back to respecting, and being truthful away from the lies, stop being so arrogant toward one another, let’s all come together and walk our paths of this journey through life as Jesus showed us, before there is nothing left to walk anymore and the ugliness becomes so great, that not only we hide within, but we hide in plain sight of one another, which only will stop us from moving forward because we have fallen deeply into the holes of the ugliness.

” Stepping out within mother nature and respecting all that is around you, is the best therapy that any amount of money can by, and it is what we all need today. ”

” Mother nature can and will bring us the true beauty of this journey, we just need to step out within her to truly see all of it and yes it will change from day to day as the earth keeps revolving”

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