Great is thy Faithfulness, to keep the light shining the brightest

” Through the Lord’s mercies we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not. They are new every morning, Great is your Faithfulness.

Lamentations 3:22-23

To be able to hike any mountain, no matter what the size of the mountain, the biggest thing you need is, the faith in yourself, the faith in your abilities, and the faith in Jesus Christ, for a safe journey to reach the summit with it’s great views. Hiking to any summit of any mountain comes with some work, it also comes with a state of readiness, being prepared for what ever you may encounter, as this will help you become faithful in yourself. Some may ask of you, Why are you hiking that mountain? Quite simply, because it is there, but what we tend to over look today is, we hike that mountain so we can not only stay in tune to who we are, but so we can stay faithful to ourselves, and Jesus Christ, then as we reach the summit with a feeling of accomplishment, we now belief in ourselves to accomplish anything we set out to do, along our paths of this journey through life.

While starting out on a hike, you travel through some thick forests, with many different kinds of plant life, as well as many different kinds of animal life, and if you do not really pay attention to each step you take, you will miss out on some great views within those woods you walk.The trail may start out as just a simple little nature walk, then in a blink of an eye, the up hill begins. Just like in life, there will be obstacles to get around, there will be bumps to trip you up, but the more faithful you become with each step, the better you become with each step as well. As the trail starts to climb in elevation, you become winded, you feel muscles that you thought you never had, you get tona point that, you want tonturn around as the doubt starts to come to you, this is when you dig deep within and find that faithfulness that is within you, and the faith in Jesus Christ will come to you as well, and soon enough the doubt then leaves as you keep hiking on.

You now keep thinking of what the summit will be like, yes you did check the weather before you left, but knowing that can change in the blink of an eye, you keep an eye to the sky, as you deepen your focus on reaching the summit and see what beauty it holds for you. You now notice the tree’s getting smaller, as you realize that you will be above them soon enough and the protection they give you from whatever weather will soon not be there.
Now that you can see over the tree’s, the views start to pop and your anxiety grows for what lies ahead at the summit. As the tree’s are replaced with smaller plant life that can survive at higher elevations, you now start getting to the part of the hike, where you are walking along the rocks, you never want to go of the trail and step on the plant life up there, because if you kill it, then there will be none, as it takes hundreds of years to grow back. So now there is a different element to the hike and this is, instead of walking the trail within the woods with all it’s obstacles to over come, you now have the rocks as an obstacle to step over and if they are wet, now you need keep from slipping and falling, and not tweak an ankle or wrist?

Now as the hike is above the trees, the views being as spectacular as they are, shows you that, no matter how many times you hike this same trail, the views each time will be so very different from each other, which shows the true beauty of mother nature. On a cloudy day it will bring one look, then on a beautiful sunny day with clear blue skies, not only will it bring a different look, but you can also see even further, of the true beauty that lies within the work of God’s country. Yes hiking any mountain will be work, with some mountains being harder work than others, but that pails in comparison to the work you see, that God put in to create all this for each one of us to enjoy.

Sitting by the campfire and staring into the red hot coals, will bring you a sense of therapy, that soothes your mind, body and soul, but hiking up a mountain will also bring you a sense of therapy, a therapy that keeps you body fit with all the work you put it through, not too mention the therapy that having faith in Jesus Christ as well as yourself will do. With all the true faith of climbing that mountain and the feeling of accomplishment, you now feel as if there is nothing you can not do, as you become better and stronger for it.

Never take any mountain lightly, even if that mountain isn’t as big as another you have hiked. Each mountain will have it’s level of difficulty, just like you yourself varies from another, but as you look deeply into it, now you shall see all the uniqueness of everything and everyone around you. There is so much uniqueness everywhere, but the sad fact is, we take it for granted and never see anything as unique as it is. It is okay to be competitive with one another, but be competitive in the right way, simply because, this can now bring us against one another and divide us greatly. This journey of life can be hard, or it can seem easy, it is really up to you and the way you look at all that is around you, and part of that look, comes from the way you heal from all that ails you, the other part is how you climb that mountain to find the true faithfullness of yourself and Jesus Christ, so now you can be at peace with much joy, as you walk your path through this journey of life.

” It is not so much how you climb the mountain, as it is more of how you hike through the woods and a top the rocks as you reach the summit, then find that great faithfulness of yourself and Jesus Christ”

” Thy great Faithfulness comes from within as it helps you heal properly moving forward throughout this journey of life, as we become better and stronger with each step”

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