When a Mother is hurting, we all hurt great pain

” Then Jesus said to her in reply, O’ Woman, great is your faith let it be done for you as you wish, and the woman’s daughter was healed from that hour”

MT 15:28

Can you see it? Don’t worry in due time you will see everything. This quote from scripture is of a woman and her daughter, with the woman reaching out to Jesus to help her. Twice Jesus ignored her cry’s for help, and she did not know why? but yet she kept reaching even higher to Jesus, and now the demon within her daughter is gone, as she see’s everything within the world of Jesus Christ. You see, as so many of the sheep leave the herd, we then lose the faith in Jesus, we lose sight of everything that truly means something, as now we walk away from the house of Lord, and even worse, we deny Jesus Christ, like he never existed anywhere within this journey through life.

There are so many today who have walked away from the house of the Lord Jesus Christ, and with the amount of times that we deny him, I wouldn’t blame him from walking away from us a well. Jesus will never walk away from us, it is us walking away from him as our actions prove, yes I know we all want to be the Shepard, but when we let Jesus lead us into a world of peace and joy, we then learn that, Jesus is the only shepard we need, to lead us into the Kingdom of his Father and our creator, as he never gives up upon his people, only it is his people who give up on him. With all the times we deny Jesus and pay him no attention, I wouldn’t blame him for ignoring us as well? I remember churches when I was a child, churches that were so full of people and now they are empty with an echo that echoes within the walls of Jesus Christ. Just think of how your Parents would feel if you walked away from them, as this is how Jesus feels, simply because you walked away from him, like he was never there.

” You can guide someone to the path of the journey, but you can not make them walk that path of the journey”. This is what makes this journey so unique to us all, then we repay that someone who guided us, by simply paying no attention that they’re aways around us throughout this journey of life. Now I get that our jobs will consume alot of our time, , but when we do not live as we should be living, we then miss out on so much of this journey, as now we have so many regrets, that we feel so much rejection and now have feelings of incomplete, as depression now settles in.

Some will go to church but yet they have no idea on what was said? Only because you are more concerned of the notifications on your device, then anything that may be around you, this is the sad and out of touch world we all live today. As I ask if you see it? Then probaly not, only because you are not paying attention to what is in front of you, let alone what may be around you. It may seem as if Jesus isn’t listening to our prayers in our time of need, I beg to differ, he does listen, it is just we ourselves who turn our attention away from him. Jesus is always there and he will always forgive us of our sins, and yes we all do sin as much as some may think otherwise? The only reason why there is so much ugliness out there, is because, so many have lost the faith in Jesus as they walk away from the house of the Lord, then their hearts turn cold so now they don’t feel guilty when they bring that cold, dark and evil ways to the rest of us. Jesus will never leave those either, who have let their hearts turn cold, it is just them who now do not acknowlege him, as they try to move forward without him.

The one we all tend to forget as we walk through our paths along this journey, is the one most important to us all, and that is mother Mary who is the one who gave herself to God, so baby Jesus can come to us all and bring his love for us as well. Without our Mother’s, none of us would be here on this journey through life and as they feel pain, then so do we feel pain and great hurt without them. So as we recite the our Father prayer, let us also say the Hail Mary prayer, as now we can be more complete and well rounded, as we walk our paths through this journey of life. Just as Jesus sacrificed himself for us, so did Mother Mary sacrifice herself also, she didn’t have to do as she did, but when God called for her, she showed up with zero doubt and was willing to bring his son to us all, as with his faith, will help us all have faith in ourselves, to walk through the paths of this journey with the confidence we need, to be better and stronger with each step.

Within this society there are too many broken families, too many children growing up with only one parent, and too many who have grown with feelings of being incomplete because of this. This is why so many have turned to the darkness of Satan, because with no faith, our hearts become so cold, we feel nothing of anything moving forward, which further breaks this soiciety and divides us all away from one another. But, even as broken as we are, Jesus is always there, only if we acknowledge him, to let him warm our hearts away from the cold and fill it with his love. Some may say they are too busy to acknowlege someone they have never seen? This is just an excuse to avoid something they are afraid to face. Jesus will always be there for us when we acknowledge him, it is just we the people who have walked away from him and all the faith in him, which now leaves us with no hope moving forward.

Prayer is that silent conversation with Jesus, prayer will help us all heal from what brings us great pain, prayer is how we become closer to Jesus, as he now fills our hearts with his love, as that love warms our souls away from all the dark, and cold that Satan needs to survive all around us. You want to truly heal from all your troubles and all the troubles that may be around you, it is that conversation with Jesus we have in prayer, that helps us all escape the darkness, to step into the light of salvation, and as our faith in Jesus grows, so does all hope for us moving forward along this journey of life. Then as our relationship with Jesus grows inside us, so does our relationship with Mother Mary, because without our Mother’s, none of us would be here, to walk our paths through this journey of life.

” You can guide someone to the path of the journey, but you can not make them walk that path of the journey”.

” Don’t let the ugly out of touch world dictate of how you walk this journey, stay in touch with Jesus through prayer to keep in touch with reality and how he warms your heart with his love.

” Even as we keep the faith and belief in Jesus, let’s never forget Mother Mary as she is the one who sacrificed herself, to bring Jesus to us all”

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