Not so much focus on the print, as to make an impression

” Present your bodies a living sacrifice, and do not be conformed to this world”

Romans 12:1-2

” There rermains therefore a rest for the people of God”

Hebrews 4:9

These two quotes from scripture, basically are perfect for us all within this society. We are all so filled from head to toe with, many distractions, much ugliness and so much hatred of anything and anyone, that we have stopped walking through this journey as Jesus taught us, when he was here with us. We have become so divided from one another, and with the so called leaders and the so called media, dividing us further apart, no wonder why there is so much rain falling from above, as Jesus is crying for us all.

Right now there is such a big hole in all our hearts, that it has become cold for there is no blood of Jesus filling it up. The only one that can fill that hole, is Jesus himself, as we all need to acknowledge him, for our hearts to become filled with his blood and his love, so we than can share that love with one another, as we now heal moving forward throughout this journey of life.

We are the most entertained generation in the history of mankind, but now with all the choices at our fingertips, like the telivision shows, the sporting events, the pop music entertainers, we have become so out of touch with what is important, that we now are moving backwards instead of forward, along our paths of this journey. We have become so spoiled, that now we spoil our children, as they cry when they can’t have that latest and greatest gadget? Some may say we have become so bored? Maybe they are right, because deep down inside, is that empty place in our hearts, and that desire for inner peace and tranquility. The irony of all this is, the more we try to satisfy, the less content we become.

Now only Jesus Christ can see what is inside of ourselves, no one else can see what is inside us, all they see is what is on the exterior, and then they will judge what they see on the outside, no matter what is inside you, and what makes us all so sad moving forward. So another words, if you do truly believe with faith in Jesus Christ, then show it on the outside and do not hide from those around you, this is how you truly acknowledge him, and gain the faith and belief in yourself as well.

Now I get we all have our issues and sometimes those issues we hide from one another, but when we do not heal properly from those issues, when we do not acknowledge Jesus Christ, and when we never give in to the sacrifice, then we become conformed to all the ugliness that is around us within this world, which now has us all feeling a silent pain so deep, that we hurt greatly from head to toe within this body we so walk around in.

There are some that have zero belief in Jesus Christ, which explains the lack of faith in anything within them, this is fine, if you have no faith in Jesus, but at the end of the journey, when we all meet our maker, now we have made it to judgment day, as this is the day that find out just what kind of place our souls will lie, this is the day we see if, we simply lay in state, or do we become excepted within the walls of Heaven, where the peace, love and joy, flow like water coming out of the fawcett, of the sink.

We all need to get back to who we truly are, fix all that we need to fix, Acknowledge that Jesus Christ is always within our hearts warming it with his love, and as we get back to reality, leave the fake world behind, and stop being conformed by it, this is a good start for us all, to truly heal our minds, body and souls moving forward, as now we do not have to hide from one another, as all the pain and the hurt get replaced by the love of Jesus, so now he to can smile without the rainfall of tears for us all, as we walk in peace through this journey of life.

” We see many footprints along our paths we walk, but it is not about the print, as it is more of the impression we make within this journey”

” Stop being conformed within the fake world, and start being truly of who you are within the reality of this journey”

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