Family is the foundation of our existence

” He who dwells in the secret place of the most high shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty”

Psalm 91:1

” Scripture says that God has set eternity in our hearts, which is why we need to open our hearts to this love, let it be warmed through and through, keeping it from going to that dark cold place”

Oh Divine Master, grant that I may so much seek,

To be consoled as to console,

To be understood as to understand,

To be loved as to love,

For it is in giving that we recieve,

It is in pardoning that we are pardoned,

It is in dying that we are then born into eternal life.

Saint Francis of Assisi

There is nothing that can break through the foundation of the family foundation. Once that foundation is formed and built, this foundation will never crumble by anything thrown at it, the only way to break through this foundation, is from within and how much we lose the faith and belief of ourselves and Jesus Christ.

Very much when Ronald Reagan said of this country, that it will never be defeated from any outside force, it will only fall from within, the same goes for the foundation of family as well. Building that strong bond takes time, committment, and work, but when the foundation is complete, there is nothing that will bring it down……..ever. The only thing that will weaken the foundatioin is we ourselves, as we lose touch with who we truly are, and we begin to self destruct from within, as we close our hearts to the love of Jesus Christ, When our hearts go cold, so do we as we walk through our paths of this journey. Right now within this society, we are seeing this first hand, just that we are way to arrogant, to even open our eyes to it. As we would rather destroy one another, instead of helping one another and sharing the love of Jesus Christ, that is within us all.

The family bond starts when a man and a woman come together as one, with their love for one another, then sharing that love with the child they create and raise within their family bond. This cycle has been going on since the beginning of man, just that within this self righteousness and #political #correct society, and with the actions of one another, welcome to the world of fakeness, where there are no feelings, no rewards for a job well done anymore. Now with this Artificial Intelligence hovering over our heads, you can pretty much say good bye to any empathy, or compassion, or lack there of, and without any feeling, then how do we truly feel the love of Jesus Christ within your heart as it flows within the veins of your humanly body. It is true that when the journey comes to a close, yes we will die and no longer exist, but after the journey ends and we lay underground within a pine box, which direction do we go now? And is there really another journey for us to walk? But if we don’t learn and fix what we are doing wrong in this current journey that we walk now, then who is it to say that another journey will be better for all, if we can’t even walk this one correctly.

Without the faith, the trust, or the belief in Jesus Christ as well as in ourselves, then the train ride of life derails off the tracks, with all of us then wandering along these paths, with no true direction in which to go. When you stop looking at all the propaganda and drama that has overwhelmed us all, this is when the light of salvation then shoots it’s rays down upon us all, so we than can see the path of righteousness before us. This path of righteousness is the one path that will bring us to eternal life, as this is the path that Jesus brought us to, when he came to us and walked his path through this journey of life. Just that now as we have become so far removed from this time, that now so many have walked away from the house of the Lord, so many have lost the faith and the belief in Jesus Christ, and with all the ugliness and the chaos around us now, proves correct of this. In order to get back to the true faith and belief in the Lord, we need to never look back at what was and move forward in the now, as tommorrow is never promised and we need to live for the now, so we can become confident in ourselves and Jesus Christ moving forward. We fear so much of what those around us may think of us, that with this fear, we will never become reborn within the world of Jesus Christ, which then will have us keeping our hearts closed to him, and the warming our hearts with his love. Then you throw in the twist from the Corporate world of greed, now you have a society so cold, that all our hearts become frozen and far from Jesus Christ and even we ourselves, as now we wander further, from any kind of direction, and then puts us in a direction of no return, that is so dark and cold, we never see any kind of light, not even the light of salvation.

This journey of life is slipping away from us all, we are letting the hands of denial grab hold of us, and when these hands grab us with it’s full strength, it then becomes very hard to break the seal of the grasp. Denial will have you become someone for who you truly are not, denial will darken the clouds over your head, keeping any kind of light away from you. Denial will have you attack all those around you, just so you can seem better than they? Denial will also break from within, the very foundation of family, that we worked so hard to build, and also is our safe zone away from all the crap that is around us. But even when this foundation crumbles, yes it can be rebuilt even stronger, but first, we need to break free from the hands of denial, to get back who we truly are, and get back to the love, the trust, the belief and the faith in Jesus Christ, so we than can have the confidence in all we do, keeping with the now, never looking for tommorow, following the son of man with an open heart, as he fills that heart with love and we share with one another, which now let’s the light of salvation light up this journey, so we can see the path of righteousness, to walk toward, as now we have the hope that when this journey ends, we then will have eternal life, just as Jesus promised to us all.

We all walk through the same journey, yes we will walk our own paths through this journey, but when we walk our paths with Jesus Christ, no matter what path you take, he will lead you to the one path that really matters, the path of righteousness, which then will take you to eternal life. Then with the dark clouds lifted and the light of salvation lighting your way, now the sky is the limit, to anything you do, as you walk your path, through this journey of life.

” As a carpenter you start with a foundation, make it as strong as possible to hold up what you are building, this is why Jesus was a carpenter, to build us all up as strong as we could be, with the faith the love, the belief in him as well as ourselves, to always be great walking through this bigger journey through life”

” Don’t let this journey slip away as we fall to the grasp of denial, be stronger by breaking free from the hands of denial and into the hands of Jesus Christ, to be better moving forward always”

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