A Mother’s Love brings us the peace and joy through this journey

” Lead a quiet and peaceful life in all Godliness and Reverence”

1 Timothy 2:2

” Why? Because God loves this suffering world. Jesus saw the crowds and, was moved with compassion”

Matthew 28:19

A Mother’s love is the strongest and most powerful force that you will ever come to know, it is the love of Jesus Christ that, helps us heal properly, and when we truly believe with faith, we then will always have the hope, moving forward throughout this journey. A Mother carries you for nine months, as you develop your features, until the day of your birth, when you now take a look of what is outside, over the warmth of being within your Mom. While you walk through this journey from a young age, you do not know what you want, or even want to do? It is your Mom that shows you compassion, she shows you how to love, she shows you patience and the careing of all those around you, and never at any time should this journey be about just me. When your mom raises you properly, you will never give a second thought, to which direction you should go,of this jouney

The problem within this society is, there are far too many that are being raised by only one parent, when it takes two loving Individuals to come together as one. It is your Mom who carries you for nine months, then teaches you a whole lot more as you grow into this society, it is also your Dad who teaches as well, so you can be well rounded, into a fine young man/woman. Without either present to raise you properly, now you are incomplete and will have many struggles to overcome, as you grow within this socity. Without one or the other, now you struggle with finding an identity as we are seeing now before our eyes. You need the traits of a man and a woman, so now you can be of truly who you are, without any bit of doubt there to cloud your judgments, in any way, shape or form. A mother’s love will show you compassion, not just of self, but for all those around you as well. A dad’s love will help you be strong, to stand up and be counted for who you truly are. When we grow up with only one or the other, then as we become incomplete as an Individual, now society becomes incomplete and broken, with the dark clouds of doubt all around us. Yes you can have a broken family that has a mother and father, but it becomes broken only when the mom and dad think for themselves, and do for themselves, without taking any responsibility for the children they raise.

Within this society and all the technology we have, yes you can have these children that are created artificially, or even now with the ermergence of AI ( artificial Intelligence), you can turn even a Robot with human like features? So basically, you are taking the human touch out of this society, leaving a society with zero compassion or empathy moving forward, but do not forget, now you have a society with zero identity and the not knowing of who they truly are. We already have a younger generation that wants the child to pick their gender when they are older? YOU KIDDING ME!!! Their are only two genders, you either have the stick, or the hole and their is no other way around that, so if you want to identify as something your not, then maybe I think you need to go talk to a professional, as there is something wrong with whatever you are thinking.

I think we need to do a better job of walking our paths of this journey, I mean, Jesus never taught us any of this, our Mother’s and Father’s never taught us any of this, this is totally on each one of us,for all this crap we see today. You want to truly fix this broken society, then we all need to take a long hard look in the mirror, and fix ourselves first, get back to truly beleiving with faith in Jesus Christ, as well as ourselves, so now we can lift those dark clouds overhead and see the light of salvation before us. Get back to truly feeling all that is within us, so the blood of Jesus can flow freely through our veins, to warm our hearts with his love, and now we bring that love to one another.

The peace, love, and joy of Jesus Christ is always right there for us, it is our Mother’ s love that gives us that while we walk our paths of this journey, the love of Jesus is always there for us and will never leave us, just like our Mother’s love is always there, it is us who leave it, because we lose the trust, faith and belief in it. Some may think they can survive without it? Good luck with that, as now your letting everything else bring whatever to you, which leaves you deep within the dark clouds, with no light in sight. Jesus said he will never leave us, and when you feel him within your heart, you will clearly see just that. Even when your mother’s journey gets taken from you, you can see when you keep the faith in her, you will feel her within your heart as well, so now you can keep moving forward, as the love of Jesus and your Mom, now guide you, with their love, as you walk this journey better and stronger. A mother’s love of her children is the strongest force we will ever know, just go ask the Mama Bear, or try to take one of her cubs from her, she will let you know just how strong that force truly is.

So now as another Mother’s day is upon us, go see your Mom, if she is with Jesus in heaven, then go to her Earthly resting site, rekindle that flame within your heart that is her love, so now you can always feel her love within you, which will get you to the peace and joy of Jesus Christ and you can walk your path of this journey, in peace and joy always, to be better and stronger moving forward as well. When we all walk our paths correctly, this journey will follow suit, when we do not walk correctly, we do not stay true to our mother’s love, this is when our train derails and we become lost within the dark clouded woods and wander away from the tracks, then never heal properly moving forward, truly feeling the love of our mother’s, and jesus Christ within us, as it brings so many struggles to us, that now we become lost within this society and helping to turn this society into a society of broken souls, who have zero clue of just how to walk through this journey correctly, leaving us all within the darkness of the clouds, without any light shining through to guide our way.

” A mother’s love will never fail us, like the love of Jesus Christ, it is we who fail ourselves and never move forward throughout this journey of life”

” Our Mom’s are always there for us with, love, support and faith, when we do not acknowledge this, is when we let all else come to us and warp our minds into something negative”

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