It’s just an Illusion that has been interpeted wrong

” The definition of an Illusion is, a thing that is, or is likly to be wrongly percieved or interpreted by the senses”

*** BowlingChef*** via the Dictionary

” If anyone is in Christ, there is a new creation: Everything old has passed away”

2 Corinthians 5:17

Look deeply within these two pictures, I mean really look deeply within, what do you see? We being Human, will percieve very differently of what we see, We being very unique to one another, will also interpret very differently of what we see, one may see just an empty table, while another will interpret in a way of, to move it in a position of the best viewing spot, while cooking on the open fire, to sit and watch the beauty of mother nature change from light to darkness, with the colors of the sky changing before their eyes. That empty table is one that will prop us up in the morning with the hot cup of coffee, while we look out into the beauty before us and plan the day’s journey that waits ahead. That table will also let us rest from a long days journey, while we fill out stomachs with a good meal and look out to see the sun get ready for bed and the moon rise up over head. Then within the darkness of the night sky, as we sit before the campfire, we can sit and look up into the star filled sky, as now our minds wander into a journey in space and percieve who, or what is above us and watching all that we may do? We all are pretty much the same as we walk our paths through this journey of life, but what we all tend to forget is, we are all so unique to one another, that we never pay attention to our perceptions and interpretations anymore.

We need to always make way for the new, but first we need to unload the old to make room for the new, this includes we ourselves. We get so caught up with all the crap, that instead of us unloading it properly, we will suppress it deep within, and with all our suppressions being dropped on each other, now we leave no room for anything new, or anything worthy for us to hold onto. We should never be who we were yesterday if we can be brand new today, because then we will never move forward better and stronger. Now some may keep reliving the past as it is brand new? Then they may try to take this fake reality to the rest of us and try force us into their world. Jesus Christ will come to us from within and begin to change us from within because of his love for us all no matter of who you are, he will help us unload properly our suppressions, as our true healings will come from within, but when we think that we should heal from the exterior, this will only compound the suppressions and turn us into someone of who we truly are not. The love of Jesus Christ is always within us, regardless if we truly feel it or not, and with this love, then our perceptions and interpretations will never sway from the reality of this journey.

This other picture is out on the water with the kayak, it may look dark with the clouds and the water? When you truly look deeply into what you see, you will not see the darkness as darkness, and you will see everything as being bright, and so bright, that you can see all the beauty that is all around you. Yes the water looks calm and the clouds are dark like it may storm? But to truly look deeply into what you see, then you will notice the fish rising up to take a breathe, the moose or the bear coming to water’s edge for their daily drink, even an eagle flying overhead, not too mention, the true beauty of mother natures painting, that is unfolding before your eyes. Then you notice the reflection of the sky within the water, which is the canvas that holds the painting of mother nature, so now all the beauty becomes times two, right before your eyes. Then as you glide through the water with each stroke of the paddle, and within the calm water, that crisp sound of the paddle entering and exiting the water beside you, then soothes you into a relaxzation even though you are working hard at keeping the kayak moving forward. Yes some may percieve this in a totally different way then interpret in their own way as well, which is fine showing our uniquness, but we should never let these interpretations and perceptions cloud our judgments so much, that now as dark as this picture may look, now it just became darkness, even though we are out within the daylit sky.

We within this society of today, have totally lost sight of what our true perceptions and interpretations are, we have let the darkness of the clouds within our judgments, seem darker then they really should be, as now everything around us has become dark, without the light of all the beauty. Then within the darkness, we simply can not see any light of salvation even though, it is right there in front of us always. It is through the darkness that we give up on who we truly are, give up on our true strength, as now our weakness makes us ripe for any temptation that may come to us? We are all so within the temptations, that this bright red light is flashing so much over our heads, it is giving us a sunburn on the back of our necks, and we have become too stubborn and lazy to do anything about it.

Go out and take a long journey within mother nature, let go of all the crap while your out there, and truly feel the healing power that overwhelms you with each step. Mother Nature will truly heal you with all her beauty, just that you have to want to be healed, or you will feel nothing, as now the crap will always be within you, as you let the weakness take over and you never become better and stronger moving forward along your path, through this journey of life. This journey really is not that difficult when we walk it correctly, just that when we let the darkness consume us, now we never truly walk this journey as it should be walked. We will never see the true beauty around us, we will only see this fake reality beauty, which is nothing more than what Satan percieves and interprets for us. It is the actions we take on our paths, that will dictate to how we walk this journey, so when our actions are wrong or misled, then our actions become all wrong, which makes for the dark clouds overhead, that bury’s the light of salvation so deep within us,that in in a way, it’s like it has been extinguished from our sight. This journey was never about us being divided or attacking one another, this is only because some have made it look that way, simply because, they themselves have lost their way, and are trying to bring their false perceptions and interpretations to the rest of us, with their misled actions. Let’s all get back to who we truly are, as now the dark clouds become lifted for the light of salvation, and all the true beauty, that this journey will hold for us all, throughout the paths we walk, of this journey.

” Look deeply into all that is around you, so now you can see all the true beauty that is around you as well”

” Your interpretations are of what you percieve, so when you interpret wrongly, now all that is around you will be wrong as well”

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