Throughout this journey is the truth, which is our life

” I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me, if you know me, then you will also know my Father”

JN 14:6-7

There will be plenty of Sports Stars, those within the media, and plenty celebrities that will come and grace this journey for as long as they can, some will try to influence us to do as they, which now, they become overwhelmed with the pressure of the bright lights, there will always be some who stand out to the rest of us, but no one, should stand out as Jesus did, which through him, is the only way for us to stand before his Father, as we all strive to get within the light of salvation, and within the peace and joy, that this journey is truly about.

Your Patrice Bergeron’s, Bobby Orr’s, Tom Brady’s, or Larry Bird’s of the world, these type of sports stars only come around far and few between, just like those celebrities only come around far and few between, as the rest try to say they are them, just to try to steal their thunder? But there is no thunder loud enough than the thunder of Jesus Christ, as he is the only one to steer us on to the path of righteousness, that leads us to his father, and into the light of salvation, so we all can be within the peace and love of Jesus Christ our savior. Yes these sports stars will become enshrined within the history of our favorite teams, they will win us over with their love for the sport they play, but what we tend to forget is, they work very hard to get to where they are, which is the biggest part of this journey, that we all have gotten away from and have become to lazy to achieve for ourselves.

To some they are very content with walking in the shadows of others, while others will say they are even better than those who have been enshrined, which now very few will ever, put in the work, so they can truly stand tall, above us all, which now gives to them the enshrinment they deserve. Just like in team sport’s, it is not about any one ” Individual”, and even those who stand out as the leader of these teams, never they look in the mirror as the leader, they go out and lead by example, by going out and out working everybody of the sport they play. To them it doesn’t seem like work, as they truly have fun, showing the love they have for their sport, Sports are suppose to be about those who are gifted to play that sport, showing their love for that sport, but in this screwed up society, we have made all sports about the wrong things, especially when it comes to the greed of the game. I get the fact that all sports teams is a business, just that the business is of the game we play, but all sports have walked away from the true game, and have stepped into the ring of greed, which has the sports business making all the wrong changes, that is hurting deeply the sports world as we know it.

The loyalty within sports are gone, the last player to show this loyalty was a player named Raymond Bourque, who left the Boston Bruins after 22 years, simply because he wanted to achieve something that the Bruins couldn’t offer him, and that was to to raise the most prestigious trophy in sports over his head, Lord Stanley is the trophy and the Colorado Avalanche achieved this for Ray. Now you have a player in Patrice Bergeron, who in 2011 was able to achieve this honor, is now thinking about retiring from the sport he has come to love, while playing his whole career with the same team, the Boston Bruins, for the last 20+ years? Those of us who have played and understand the game, those of us who look past the business of the sport and look deeply into the game itself, will see just how hard it is, to give up something that is not just in your DNA, but lives deeply within your heart, we are the ones who share in this very hard decision that Patrice is about to make. With Patrice, it wasn’t just about all the Individual stats, it was more about team first and his play on the ice showed just that, he played the game he loved the right way, and it showed with the respect he recieved from his teammates, and those around the sport of hockey, whether you have played the game, or are a true fan of the sport of hockey. Patrice worked very hard throughout his career, so now as he ponders this, the biggest decision in his life, I wish him all the best, as he moves forward throughout what ever path he may chose, throughout this journey of life.

I get how we can become consumed by whatever is around us, as there is so much crap out there, so much misinformation all around us, I get how we can become lost through it, or just simply hide within plain sight of one another. What is truly the saddest part of this journey, is the fact that very few will actually find their true purpose in life and live within the peace and love of Jesus Christ. Some may say they are, but are they really? Because if they were, you think there would be so much darkness over our heads? You think there would be so much pain and suffering all areound us? If only we would have a little more belief and faith in Jesus Christ, then we all would have more faith and belief in ourselves as well. I mean, just look at these the biggest stars of the game they play, I mean really look deeply into how they played and how they lead their teammates with the way they played, if we truly could see the message here, than just maybe we to could see past the greed of the game and get within the love of the game, instead of following the wrong Individuals who show nothing more than, ” i am bigger than the game” mentality, which then drives us all into a deep dark world, that has us all attack one another at every turn, throughout this journey of life.

We all want to achieve the ” STAR” factor of whatever we have chosen to do, but when we choose a path that brings us deeper into the darkness, should be a red flag warning us that, we have chosen the wrong path, we also need to lead by example, showing others that, like Jesus Christ, when you truly follow my lead, then you as well can achieve that star factor within life. We need to change the Philosophy of, reaching the summit of anything is not about me, and it totally is about whoever is around you, so you can achieve any summit you set out to accomplish, or reach any goal you set out to accomplish. Now this may mean we need to get away from the greed part that consumes us now, as this is totally what is wrong with this society, for this has turned us all away from being truly of who we are, as now we are only striving to knock down those around us, as we try to achieve the false summit, without any beauty to see, or anybody around us, to enjoy what we are trying to achieve. We have our role models in front of us, who have come and achieved greatness along their paths, with the biggest role model being Jesus Christ himself, but the problem is, we have not looked at anybody as a role model in a long time, some may say their role model is someone who has them dress or change their image like them, this is where we have screwed up, as a true role model will never ask of you to do this, it is only some ” cult” leader who will do this, as a true role model like, Jesus Christ, your mom and dad, or someone like a Patrice Bergeron, will never get you to be like them, but will lead you into a world of greatness, that helps you achieve any kind of summit you set out to achieve, while putting in the work and never become lazy to do the work either.

Jesus Christ will never leave us, as much as we may think? We are all born into this world by two loving Individuals who have come together as one, and we call our mom and dad’s, then their are the Patrice Bergeron types within the sports we love, these are the ones who we look up to as we grow into this world, these are the true role models as we set out to walk our paths through this journey of life, but, in a lot of ways, we have wandered away from what a true role model is, and have become something, or someone for what we truly are not, we have let the rhetoric and the drama control us into this fake world of greed, which now has us operating and walking in this fake, all about me world, that has us all attack one another, which only further darkens the clouds over our heads, without seeing any true light that, is always right there in front of us, throughout this journey. Gone are the days of just being truly of who you are, gone are the days of looking up to a true role model, as now we walk through the darkness, of this fake world, where we never give a thought to stepping on anothers shine, we never give a thought of attacking another just so we ourselves can shine better of others, gone are the days of doing something you love, just because the greed out shines that love. You want real change? This is the real change we all need, before there is nothing left to change, as we all walk our paths, through this journey of life.

” Let’s get back to who we truly are, a place where the light outshines the darkness, and the love outshines the greed, where we all come together without a thought of attacking anyone”

” This journey is never about a star, the stars are above, within the milky way, with all the other planets, this journey is about all of us being of who we truly are, within the peace and love of Jesus Christ”

” We are all walking this tunnel through a journey, when you do it right, you shall always see the light, no matter of how dark the tunnel may be”

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