Don’t get lost in the Identity, be found within your soul

” The animals within the wilderness know their role and who they are, it is we the people who struggle with an identity, only because we have lost who we are deep within our soul”

The biggest problem in this society today is, the fact that we have let ” being political correct”, not just control who we are, but, have us fear even more, to speak out on things that will have us lose sight of who we truly are. When we are born into this world, and yes we are all born, very true that no one actually knows what they want to do, or even what they are destined to do? this is part of this journey to find your purpose, as you find which path you want to walk, throughout this journey of life. So what then is this ” identity crises”, they talk about within the so called journalists of the media? Now I get the fact that we all will go through many struggles, and some will come to us and bring much pain and hurt to us, then we ourselves bury deep within our true selves, just to try to keep moving forward, but without realizing of what we are doing, before we know it, we now are someone that we ourselves do not even know, let alone those around us, as we hide so deep within, that we are forced to portray this fake self, just so others won’t see us as weak.

Through all this so called identity crises in this society, and even worse has Jesus himself shaking his head in disbelief, the fact that we have lost the ability to simply determine if we are a male, or a female? That’s right you heard this right, you have a younger generation that wants to leave the gender of their child up to that child when they become old enough? You have a man becoming a woman and vice versa? I mean seriously!!!!! You either have the stick or the hole, and there is no debate further. Political Correction has screwed us so much, that now we don’t know who we are, and are totally afraid to speak against this, by calling a spade a spade.

I get the fact that, during the birthing process there may be some genes that get crossed and mixed up, and scientists have spoken of this, or so they say and not because this is what they are told to say by their Boss? You really do not know what to believe anymore with all the misinformation out there, but the one fact is, what I said earlier, you either have the stick, or you have the hole, and if your still confused, then maybe your the one who needs to be placed in the insane assylum.

Nobody speaks their true feelings anymore, only because they fear more of a reaction to them, then what a true reaction will do for the better of us all. They are letting a small 1% of the population dictate to them, of what they should be doing as they walk their paths of this journey, this 1% does not even know themselves on how to walk through this journey correctly, let alone them trying to dictate to you and I. You want to know the truth of all this, and I am probally pretty close to 100% on this, The Gender issue and the identity issue that plagues us all, is nothing more of an agenda issue, so the 1% can seem to themselves anyway, as the most powerful of us all. Right now the 1% is shoving all this Rhetoric down the throats of the other 99% of the rest of us, it’s time the roles get reversed, so this 1% can wither away, like the snake they truly are.

When you have a man becoming a woman, so they can compete in woman’s sports, you have a huge problem there. Not just a problem attacking woman, but a problem that over time, will attack us all moving forward through this journey. What most do not see of this is, the fact that we start out by making victims of the woman in sports, then eventually, we make victims of each other, with our actions, through this journey of life. The underlying issue that no one is looking at, or are too afraid to look at is, the man that now wants to be a woman to compete in a woman’s sport, is nothing but a coward and a loser, simply because, they know they can’t compete against one of their own, so now they identify of someone they are not, as now they can raise their hands as a champion? Yes I put a question mark after champion because, this is wrong on all accounts. If you can not compete with those areound you and who are equal to you, then maybe you should not be competing at all. This is nothing more than what a Bully is, who is someone that wants to control so bad of everything around them, while making a victim of as many as they can all around them, kind of like, the sheep that follow the shepard all around the pen, It is time to rise up against the shepard, rise up against the Bully, jump over the fence that keeps you confined, and just maybe all the rest will see you, as now they all jump the fence into freedom, to truly be of who they are.

The one thing nobody talks about through this society of ” lost identity” is, the amount of victims being created everyday through this journey. If we only truly knew the victims, then this behavior would stop, if we only would truly find of who we are, this whole creating a victim in this gender identity thing, would not be an issue to any of us. Plus, when we are true to who we are, we would never lose touch with our true feelings, like empathy and compassion, which is deep within our souls always. So as we all walk a path through this journey of life, let’s stop being divided by this small 1%, as right now their voices are the loudest, and let’s start making the voices of the other 99% so loud, that no one cares for, or hears anything the 1% is saying, as now, we all can get back to moving forward along our paths, while we walk this journey, in the peace and love that God created for us all, and not what we people have been creating…………….” VICTIMS”.

” When you have created a victim or victims around you, this is not showing of how strong you are, it only shows how weak you are, and how much of a coward you truly are”

” We the people are nothing more than the animal kingdom around us, just that we ourselves have taken that word of animal to an all new meaning, with our sick and twisted actions of each other”

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