Even in the darkness, there will always be light to be seen

” They set out at once and returned to Jerusalem, where they found gathered together the eleven and those with them who were saying, ” the Lord has been raised and has appeared to Simon””

LK 24:33-34

Go out!!! Go out along this journey through life, just as Jesus did and truly be of who you are, while you share your love from within, with all those around you. I dare all of you, instead of wandering through this journey with no true direction, wandering along with no purpose or meaning for what you are doing, I truly dare you to find that purpose that is deep within, so not just you wash away the ugly and the hatred around you, but you then move forward with that purpose, bringing peace, joy and love to all those around you, There will always be the light peeking around any corner through this journey, just that each one of us need to look deeply within, so we can see the light right in front of us, as we wipe away the ugly of the darkest clouds, to give us the strength to keep moving forward with every step through this journey of life.

For those who never watched the TV show NCIS, the main character for many seasons was Gibbs, he was a man with few words, but the words he did say, were always the right words, that motivated and inspired. Jesus Christ was very much the same, he was the son of man, who spoke very little, as what he did speak, would motivated and inspire greatly, to all those who actually took the time to listen. Now I am not saying that Gibbs was Jesus Christ, I am not putting Gibbs up on this pedestal of, perfection, I am simply drawing an analogy, to make it easy for all to see that, it is not about the amount of words you say, as it is totally about using your words wisely, to help heal and inspire all those around you. Now in this society, we have become so Ass backwards, that we think we need to talk anything, even if those words hurt another with real pain. So because we spew words just for the sake of hearing ourselves talk, truly shows just how screwed up we are, with the number one problem being, the mental health of ourselves and all those around us.

I know we all are the same, no matter of who you are, but yet we are all so unique within this society, this does not mean we have the right to attack one another, this comes from a small percentage of us who, are the mental disorder, that we all need to be truly healed from moving forward through this journey of life. This mental disorder we were not born with, this mental disorder didn’t just pop into our minds, bodies, or souls, this mental disorder came from another, who has attacked us, whether mentally, or physically, but with this politically correct society that surrounds us now, we can not call out the ones with the mental defect, so we just try to move forward along our paths, while we now hide in plain sight of one another, which further separates us all within this society of many. We all so desperatly need to not just reread the words of Jesus, but truly understand each and every word, that he spoke for us all.

Jesus came to us, to show us how to truly feel the love within us and share it with one another, he did not come here to bring us any hate or ugliness, this is totally on each one of us within a society, I get we all go through our struggles, we all get hurt real pain in many different ways, and we all will twist around the spoken word, that will have all of us at times, lose the faith and belief in Jesus Christ, which then will have us speak words we do not mean to say, instead of saying fewer words, that will inspire greatly, all those who are around us. With all nthe hatred and the ugliness around us today, he has turned the clouds so dark, that the true light is becoming dimmer and dimmer, the time is now to turn this around, before the true light of salvation, becomes extinguished from existence of us all. ” The light and the darkness is the same for us all”, neither will chose any of us, but we the people will chose them, with how we move forward, with how we let our struggles take hold of us, Jesus came to us all along this journey, he never discriminated any of us no matter of who you are, his love for us all goes deep within us, so if we never acknowledge this love, then we will never experience the true power of this love, that warms our hearts everyday. Yes this love will warm us even through the darkest days, so we all need to truly feel this love, so the light of salvation will become brighter for us all moving forward.

Through the days and nights of this journey, there will be darkness and light, this is what this journey is about, as the spiritual daytime and night time is a whole lot different, that has us truly feel the love of Jesus within us. When we speak true words, instead of spewing anything that does nothing but spread the hurt of real pain among us, then there will be no more pain, as our love then soothes us all moving forward through this journey of life, and as Jesus waves his healing hand over us all, we then truly feel the pain lift away from us, like the clouds giving way to the true light of salvation. May the light always and forever shine all our paths brightly, so we can find our way through the darkness, with as little pain as we can, for now we share the beauty with each other, instead of sharing all the hatred and the ugliness.

I get that there are things that will come to us that we can not control, like diseases and sickness, there are also things we become addicted to that will take control of who we truly are, but when we stay true to who we are, we then will let the strength within us, fight along with ourselves, to over come these short comings and pitfalls that, will totally try to destroy who we truly are. With out inner strength and the love of Jesus within us, there is nothing that will control us and destroy us, only we have to trust and acknowledge this, so now we keep moving forward along our paths, through this journey of life, and not even those who have lost sight of who they are, will come and hurt us with real pain, as Jesus will steer us clear from all those who will try. Look closely at this picture of the moon, the way it moves around the limbs of the tree, looks like a face peaking around the corner, this is how Jesus watches over us, so he can wave his healing hand over us all, as we become better and stronger along our paths, showing empathy of one another, so we become united withinnthe light, instead of separating from one another through the darkness, as we take each step, through this journey of life.

I get the fact that we all want to be successful, but when we are achieving this success for all the wrong reasons, then we are never happy or successful at any point along our paths, which then we will attack one another, just to become famous for all the wrong reasons as well, then as we are attacking one another, we let the strong hold of denial put this fake smile on our faces, making it like we are doing nothing wrong, but in reality, not only are we creating many victims with our actions, we are now losing any sight of the light and all reality, and slip even deeper into the darkness, making us ripe for the pickings of Satan, to control us further and steer us further away from Jesus Christ our savior. May we truly learn from the error of our ways, may we always have the faith and belief in Jesus Christ, May we always see the light even through the darkness, so we all can be at peace, while sharing our love within us with each of us along our paths, as we walk with confidence through this journey of life, so when the journey ends, then the light of salvation, brings us to eternal life forever.

” The darkness will also be as beautiful as the light, when we are true to who we are throughout this journey”

” Never let anyonr or anything steer you or turn you into something you are not, always see through the darkness at the light, that is always there in front of you”

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