It is not always sunny and perfect

” Sometimes you have to take the good with the bad, you will have the struggles to get through, but when you keep moving forward, this is how the good will outweighs the bad”

True we all want perfect days, especially when we plan our vacations. Then when we go through not so perfect days when we want most, we then complain and let the bitterness take over who we are. It is totally out of our power for the weather to be perfect when we want most, so then it becomes that much more important for us to, become better at adapting to what this journey will throw at us, instead of letting the bad shine more brightly than the good.

Now, I totally get the fact that when the going gets tough, it then becomes very easy to give up and give in, we forget of the true strength deep within us, and when we feel that strength, we can overcome and keep moving forward with some work on our part. I also see so many out there that have given up and have stopped moving forward, which now leads to, many of us hiding in plain sight of one another, creating this false sense of reality, just so others will view us as strong. True strength is deep within us, so unless you dig deep when need be, you will never keep moving forward with the confidence needed, or will you truly be of who you truly are.

The hatred and the ugliness that we see today, should have you see clearly that, we all need to get back to who we are, dig down deep within, so we can truly feel the strength within us, so we all can get back to the good, to wipe away the bad, as we together keep working, to move forward to be better and stronger. This journey through life was never about we ourselves getting ahead of one another, it was never about each of us bringing any ugliness to each other, this journey was never about we ourselves attacking one another at any chance we get, our true peace is what gives us the strength to move forward, so without the peace, we will never have true strength.

Even mother nature will bring the ugliness, as much as we “think” we can control her? But with her ugliness, she always gives way to the good, as she then brings great beauty for us all to enjoy, wherever we shall go. sometimes we have to take the bad as well as the good, this is what helps us stay true to who we are, so we can always find the strength within us, to keep moving forward throughout this journey of life. Right now we have to many among us bringing the ugliness to us all, which does nothing but keep the dark clouds over head, and keeping the true light of salvation from, bringing any kind of light, that will light up our paths of this journey through life.

The best way I find to help clear the ugly out of me, help clear the clouds of my judgments, is to step out within mother nature no matter what the weather is, so her beauty can bring out the good, wiping away the bad, and be truly of who I am. I get that some may never step out of their comfort zones, but sometimes you need to, as this is how you become better and stronger moving forward, instead of dwelling in the ugly, which then does nothing but bring it to all those around you, then eventually, makes a society ugly, with dark clouds hovering overhead. Life is like a marathon, and if you do not pace yourself correctly, now your out of breathe and dehydrated, which will have you not finishing it, as it should be finished.

God didn’t create us to not walk our paths of this journey as we see fit, he created us to be truly of who we are, while we feel the warmth of his son’s blood flow freely within our hearts and souls, as now we share that warmth with each other. This is the problem today in this broken society, our hearts have turned cold and we feel no warmth of anything within us. We think this journey is a sprint and we struggle greatly trying to get ahead of one another, when we should really treat this journey as a marathon and pace ourselves correctly, dig down deep to keep to who we are, so now we can actually finish this journey, as God wanted us to, when he created us out of his love for each of us, no matter of who you are.

” life is not a sprint, life is a marathon, as we need to pace ourselves to keep moving forward throughout this journey”

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