Tread lightly, tread with confidence, tread with faith always

” Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me”

Psalm 23:4

” God is spirit, and those who worship him must worship in spirit and truth”

John 4:24

We within this broken society are in need of Jesus Christ, we need each one of us to become reborn once again, so now we can truly feel his warmth, deep within our hearts and souls. The blood of Jesus runs through our veins, it warms our hearts with his love, so we then take that love and share it with all those around us. The problem right now is, too many in this society have lost the love of Jesus, which has their hearts turn so cold, that they simply can not feel anything anymore. When our hearts turn cold, we now can’t even have faith in ourselves and without faith in ourselves, then this journey becomes clouded with the dark clouds of Saten, as well as well as the thicks clouds of our judgments.

There is change everywhere, the change comes to all living things, and when you do not accept, or adapt to the change, then any kind of change can bring great pain and hurt, to each one of us, as we walk our paths through this journey of life. Some may call it climate change, or Global warming? But the reality of it is, this planet we all walk a path upon, is always revolving and turning beneath our feet and even if we do not feel the turn? As this planet turns and revolves, it moves either further or closer to the sun, and all the other planet’s and star’s, that are out there within the vast milky way we call space. With the movements of this planet, it brings many changes, like within all four seasons within our calendar year, but do you really think that, mother Nature follows our calendar? If you do, then I geuss you are a bigger fool then you look? Mother Nature follows no one and there is nothing we can do to change that. Now you can have all these so called Leader’s today think they have the answer’s to all the change that mother nature brings, then they come out saying that the Earth will end in a certain time frame, Seriously!!! Sometimes the things these leaders say, just boggles the mind, then they try to make “their” changes to bring to us, but these changes are not only the wrong changes, they simply pad their pockets with all the greed, while you and I grow poorer and poorer. While this planet revolves around the universe, this is what brings many changes to us all, it will bring the cold of winter, and the warmth of Summer, with the ending of fall and the beginning of spring.

Just as the Earth and all within it changes, this includes we the people, who walk a path within this journey of life. Ultimitly it is us who determines our fate along our paths, with our actions, as we walk through our lives, and with the way that most use this thing called social media, to target and attack one another, no wonder so many are hiding in plain sight, with great pain and hurt. No wonder why there is so much hate and ugliness all around us, simply because we have let a thing change us in the wrong way, instead of we the people using it, to help change us for the better, to be stronger, moving forward throughout this journey. We have let a thing like our devices take control of us, instead of we ourselves being truly of who we are. When we hide in plain sight, we then bury deeply our true feelings and emotions, as now we let anything and everything control our destiny, instead of we ourselves taking control of our own destiny’s. When we lose control, this is where we then come up with these twisted ideologies, then force them down the throats of other’s, as we try to be superior to all those around us, instead of coming together in unity, to be truly better and stronger moving forward.

This picture shows some of the changes within mother nature, with the healthy plant life, and te ones that are dead. With the healthy plants you see bright colors and vibrancy, then there are the dull looking plants, with no life or growth among them. So when you look deeper into we the people, you can clearly see all the healthy and vibrant ones, and all the ones in their Golden years, but even in their golden years you can still move around as free as you once did, just that some chose not to, as the decline now becomes more noticeable, than the ones who stay active with vigor. There is so much change all around us, and so much that, can either help us or hurt us, that if we do not accept ot adapt to it, then we will never change properly, so we all can walk properly along our paths, through this journey of life.

You do not have to go far in order to see all the beauty around you, but you do need to truly accept and adapt to the change, so you than can see all the beauty, not just around you, but deep within your heart and soul. True beauty goes so much deeper than what is on any surface, the beauty within your heart and soul, is the son of Man, Jesus Christ, who with our faith and belief, will never leave us, and will lead us onto the path of righteousness, so we all can prosper together, so we all can walk this journey through life in faith with great hope always in front of us, with the light of salvation being so bright, that it makes the dark clouds seem like they are not even there. Yes, the clouds will always be there, as will good and evil, this is what keeps the true faith in Jesus within us, so we can always have faith in ourselves, to keep moving forward better and stronger, with each step along this journey of life.

” There is so much change that will come to us all, that if we never adapt or accept it, we then we will never see any beauty that may be around us”

” Some Scientists may become silenced by the so called powers to be, as they then try to bring forward their own sick and twisted ideologies and try to control us all”

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