The future is bright when you truly feel it in the soul

” As for man, his days are like grass, as a flower of the field, so he flourishes”

Psalm 103:15

This quote from Scripture reminds us that, our days are like the grass in our yards, for a short time we flourish, but soon we then wither and die. But, our lives are also immortal, as God made us unlike any other creature for a reason, instead we then walk our paths wasting our time, by not truly believing in his son Jesus Christ, giving up on his faith, which leads us to no hope moving forward. We let the clouds of our judgments get in the way of us walking with confidence, which then leads us to hiding in plain sight, for all those around us. When we walk in the darkness of the clouds, we then forget that, our choices have consequences and blessings that, ripple far into the future. All the things we see in front of us are temporary, as the things that truly matter, are all within us, within our hearts and souls.

Now I get the fact that we all need to work our daily grinds, so we can pay the bills, and live a comfortable lifestyle, without being in debt to anyone, or anything. But when we only live for that grind, without truly seeing all the beauty that is around us, now we are doing nothing but wasting our time, til that day comes when the journey ends, and when our blade of grass stops flourishing, and withers away and dies. Alot of us get so caught up in the daily grind, then become unhappy with the grind that we have chosen, so we then look to other oppurntunities? But, will those other oppurntunities help us flourish once again? Sometimes we want to change so bad, that we then bring change to our lives that, then makes our lives in some ways worse than it was, as now we never flourish as God wanted us to when he created us and all the things around us.

This journey was never about any power, control, or the greed, we ourselves have brought this on to ourselves. These are the three things that will stop us in our tracks, bring the dark clouds of doubt above our heads, which will hide the true light of salvation, from guiding us onto the path of rightoueness, so we all can be the blade of grass that flourishes throughout this journey of life. Sometimes we think that changing one grind for another will be easier with less stress? But in a lot of ways, it complicates everything we do to the tune that, we then give up on everything, including having the belief and the faith in Jesus Christ, as well as in ourselves.

With the true faith and belief in Jesus Christ, as he did in his father, this is what brings us to eternal life, when that blade of grass withers and dies, without the true faith and belief, we then stay within our Earthly bodies deep within the grounds of the creation of God. We of this society all have broken this society, and we all when we come together, can fix what we have broken, we just need to change our ways, change the actions we take, and do these changes the right way, without hiding in plain sight of one another. When you ridicule another, or you Bully another to have them do as you want, you are doing nothing, but make the futues of us all very difficult, as we now walk on egg shells bringing pain and hurt, which further breaks this society, for which we all walk. Ronald Reagan who was one of the greatest Presidents of my lifetime said it best, ” We will never be destroyed by anything or anyone, as we will only be destroyed from within”. Right now within this society it is happening before our eyes, and unless we wake up from this ” wokness”, we may never wake up to any kind of beauty that is all around us.

Right now within this broken society, there is way too much lip service, and not enough true actiions, we have become so lazy, we have forgotten what real work can do. Then there are these so called Journalist’s within the walls of the media, that do nothing but bring us these ugly agendas, that only are filled with fake stories and untruths. They have become the Bully’s of this society, bringing great pain and hurt to us all. Then we have these so called leader’s within the walls of Washington DC, that do nothing but give us lip service and only tell us what we want to hear, then never do as they say and never take the right actions, so we all can change for nthe right reasons, as we all flourish like the healthy blade of grass, showing it’s beauty to all those around it.

This journey through life really isn’t that complicated, only we the people have made it out to be complicated, with our actions and our hiding in plain sight of one another, instead of coming together, so we all can take the right actions, to bring the right changes to each other, and as we keep the faith and belief in Jesus Christ, we then can keep the faith and belief in ourselves, so the hope can be part of all our futures, and when we do it correctly, the dark clouds over head now, will become more scarce, giving way to the light of salvation, to help guide us onto the path of righteousness, that brings us all the peace and joy of Jesus Christ our savior.

As these two show in this picture, let the hugs become infectious so we all can experience greatness along this journey”

” throughout this journey of life there will be many changes, it is up to us to weed out the bad changes and keep the good so we all can flourish like the nice green grass before it wither and dies”

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