The true life of this journey, goes way beyond any human flesh that holds your heart and soul

” Jesus told her, ” I am the resurrection and the life”, whoever believes in me, even if he dies, will live”

Jn 11:25

There are so many of these ” experts” out there today, so really, who is the expert, and who is just trying to string you along for the ride? All the Scientists, the Theologians, do they truly know what happens after the journey for us comes to an end? There is only one who truly knows, and his name is Jesus Christ. Now some of those may come close, they may understand somewhat, but nobody truly knows, til the day comes when we all will meet our maker, as he then welcomes us with open arms, or he has us lay in state, until we have met his needs for us.

We of today walk this journey like we are the only ones, we walk our paths as if, no one around us matters, but we ourselves? There are quite a lot among us, who have zero faith and belief in Jesus Christ, who then think that they themselves are better than Jesus? Jesus has a plan for each of us, but without the faith and belief in him, then we get left out of the plan.
Now I get that it is hard to believe, or have faith in something or someone you have never seen or touched, but that is the irony of it, we all have been touched by him many times, just that none of us, acknowledge him enough, to keep the faith, the belief, or the trust. Trust is the keyword that is lost among this broken society, so you want to heal yourself and this society, then heal the trust of yourself, Jesus Christ, and among each of us within this society.

Do we truly know of where we came from? Did we come from one of the other planets and as that planet became exhausted, then our erternal life was on another planet? No one truly knows, and even some of the smartest Scientists don’t truly know, they can unsderstand somewhat with all their experiments and research, but the only one that truly knows this answer is, Jesus Christ himself. The Gospell talks about believing with faith in Jesus and you will have eternal life, but where is this life? And do we just walk another journey along another planet within the milky way? There are so many questions, and the only one who has the answers to these questions is, Jesus Christ himself, as all we can do is have the faith and belief in him, so we can trust in the process he has laid out for us all. Jesus Christ will always treat us all with respect and he will never look away from anybody, no matter of who you are, he loves us all no matter of your color of skin, it is we among this society that does this to each other, as we think we ourselves are better than each other.

Within the world of Jesus Christ, there is no ugliness, no hatred, or even no distrust anywhere to be had, within the world of Jesus Christ is plenty of, Love, joy, and peace. Some within this society may think that is boring, only because they have zero empathy to even try this kind of reality, so they then keep walking within the dark clouds that hang over their heads currently. The only way that this journey through life can become boring, is when we never step out of our comfort zones, and keep doing the same thing, without trying anything new, like going out and hiking a mountain to find the peace we need, to heal properly from what ails us. maybe you can’t hike a mountain because of your capabilities? then step out along a nature trail and truly see all the beauty around you. When you step out within nature, you never know what you will see or find, Jesus will send you signs to see, so you can keep moving forward without going back, sometimes it could be as simple as some limbs from a tree that have fallen, in the shape of the head of Jesus wearing the crown of thorns? It is we that have to see these signs, not just with our eyes, but feel this signs deep within our hearts and souls, as Jesus then guides us all along this journey, step by step.

Jesus Christ will never leave us at anytime along this journey, it is we who walk away from him, in disbelief and lack of faith. Without the faith and belief in Jesus Christ, this is where the society goes wrong in many different directions, leaving us all within this broken society, with no direction of where to go. We all want the fancy house and the flashy cars, but this is not on how this journey goes for any of us, this is just an interpretation of how we think this journey will go? When Jesus came here with us, he had just the clothes on his back and had no desire for all the riches to fill his pockets, he showed us with the faith in his father, he would provide and guide us along this journey. With all the ugliness and disarray within this society, is another way for us to see, of just how much we have lost the faith and the belief in Jesus, leaving us all within the dark clouds of Satan. If we only were to regain the faith and the belief, then the skies will show a crack in the clouds, so the light of salvation, will guide us to the promise land and the path of righteousness forn us all.

Every year we Catholics do this 40 day journey, but how many truly do this journey, and yet how many actually finish the journey with no interruptions? A lot get side tracked and fall of the rails of the journey, some will pick themselves up and get back onto the rails of the journey, but so many get caught within the ditches of life, and then lose their way of what the journey should be, This is where we lose the faith and the belief in anything, cause we become too busy on trying to dust ourselves off, or worse, we become too busy to recognize properly what we need to fix, so we can heal properly from the fall, to keep moving forward better and stronger. Jesus Christ is always there to forgive us, to heal us, and to guide us, but when we never recognize him, or truly feel the warmth of his blood warming our hearts and souls, now not just our hearts go cold, but the dark clouds sweep over us, covering up any light that we may need, to see clearly, as we walk our paths through this journey of life.

” The journey of lent is only 40 days, it is this time we renew our faith and belief in Jesus Christ, so we all can get back to the peace and the joy that the journey holds for us all”

” We all in this society have fallen off the rails of this journey, time to trust the process of Jesus Christ to get back on the rails and keep moving forward”

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