There is nothing to fear but fear itself

” Do not be afraid”

Matthew 28:10

With fear comes uncertainty, and right now there is so much uncertainty in this world, we all have so much fear that we are too afraid to do anything. The so called media leads the way, when it comes to all the fear around us today. They bring us these stories of half truths and only tell us what they want to tell us, they make up these fake stories so they can keep together all the lies and the half truths, they brainwash the ones they employ, as they keep bringing us these half baked stories, just to keep selling us all the fear that is around us today. Gone are the days of the real, true Journalists, cause within all the media groups, it’s all about an agenda, to keep the Executives happy and filling their pockets with all our hard earned money. When the fear encompasses us all, then the dark clouds of Satan seem like it is the only thing before us, this is why we all need Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the one that can lead us all into the light of salvation, and all we need to do is, truly feel his blood flowing through our veins and into our hearts, so we can keep his faith within us, for all hope moving forward.

The other ones who want to keep us in the uncertainty of fear are, all the so called leader’s of this world, and not just so called, but all the fake and the weak leader’s before us today. They start all the conflicts we see around us, because not one of them have a clue on how to lead, plus the fact, it tries to show us they are strong, when in reality, they are weak, because they would rather send another to fight the battles, instead of sitting down with another leader, to come together in true strength. You would think a so called super power like Russia would be able to handle Ukraine? But the people of Ukraine are standing tall and showing Russia that your not as powerful as you think. Yes there are a lot of innocent people losing their lives because of weak leadership, but when we the people stand tall, then the weak leader’s will have no choice, but to take notice and change their evil ways, simply because, Good will always prevail over evil.

Right now the darkness reigns over us all, only because of the fear that is brought to us, by all the media and the weak leaders. In a lot of ways, the society that was lucky enough to walk this journey with Jesus Christ, not just saw first hand of just how to act and walk, so the light of salvation will be front and center before you always, they were also very similiar within the darkness as well. they may not have had the technology we have, but they had the corruption, the ugliness, and the power struggle like we have today. Jesus Christ came and showed us all, of just how to walk with love, walk with confidence, keeping the fear at bay, so we can focus on what we needed, to be better and stronger with each step of this journey. In a lot of ways the technology has brought us into the darkness, as now we hide behind a device without any face to face interaction. This technology was suppose to help us and make this journey easier for us all, but in a lot of ways, just like all we humans touch, we have turned it into something we fear, like walking through a dark forest with zero light to guide us along the way.

War is never the answer to anything. It destroys everything around us, even we the people who walk through this journey. It then falls on all the so called and weak leader’s who, because of their weakness and inability to lead, bring us all down this deep dark adventure, that does nothing but, bring even more fear to us all. With their inability to lead, they think they can make fear their biggest weapon against us all? This is where we the people need to be at our strongest, this is where we need to keep the faith of Jesus Christ within us, as we then keep the faith of ourselves moving forward. When the blood of Jesus Christ flows through our veins, and warms our hearts with his love, this is the recipe we all need, to escape the darkness and truly see the light of salvation in front of us moving forward, so the hope and the peace will come to us all, as we walk through this journey of life.

Just as the media groups agenda is to, bring us the half truths and the fake stories, so they can keep us in the darkness, so is the agenda of the so called leader’s, to tell us what we want to hear, so we keep voting them in, as they keep together all the lies and the corruption, that will expose them for what they truly are, ” Incompetant and fake leader’s”. Real leaders will never seek fame and glory as these so called leaders are doing, a real leader will lead quietly and bring us all into prosparity, as they keep the limelight away from them. A real leader will lead from example and will never ask of someone, for something they will never do themselves. Jesus Christ was a great leader and led many away from the corruption and into the light of salvation, so we all can prosper in the peace and love of this journey through life. We of this society have distorted in so many ways of what this journey should be, but the biggest thing we have distorted is, our faith and belief in Jesus Christ, because we are letting all the power, the control, and the greed guide us deeper into the darkness that the clouds of our judgments have brought, and is what all these so called leaders want as well.

The time is now to stand tall, the time is now to bring back Jesus Christ within all our lives, so his blood can flow freely within our veins and heart, to warm us with his love, and as we take this love to one another, so we all can walk this journey within the light of salvation and the peace and joy we all so need right now, without all the ugliness around us now. Very true it is a small percentage among us speaking loudly right now of all this ugliness and hatred around us, it’s time we shut up this small percentage and start speaking louder than they, so the peace and the joy of Jesus Christ can come to us all once again, just like the society that was lucky enough, to actually walk with him for real, throughout their journey. Yes change can be hard, but when change is done correctly, can and will be the most beautiful thing that we will ever see, as we walk our paths through this journey of life.

” Yes change can be hard, but when change is done correctly, can and will be the most beautiful thing that we will ever see, as we walk our paths through this journey of life”

” In a lot of ways the technology has brought us into the darkness, as now we hide behind a device without any face to face interaction”

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