You will never see the light until you open your eyes to get out of the darkness

” When Jesus heard they had thrown him out, he found him and said, ” Do you believe in the son of man””?

Jn 9:35

In the Scriptures today, Jesus heals a blind man so he can go forward into the light, to see all that is around him, as he proclaims that, he is the light of the world. We within this broken society of today, are very much like the blind man, except the fact that he was blind and saw nothing but darkness, we of today only chose to see certain things, making us partially blind and never seeing the true light of salvation right in front of our faces. Now I get that we all have our issues, we all struggle at times in our lives from these issues, which then gives us tunnel vision, that will only have us see what we want, as the darkness fills the rest of what we see, so now we wander through the journey, instead of walking confidently and truly seeing all the beauty around, with each step we take.

We all at one point of this journey or another, will get stuck within these comfortable ruts, when in these ruts, we never see clearly of all that is around us, we only will see what we want to see, as now we become like the blind man and look deeply into the abyss of the darkness of Satan along our paths. When in these ruts, we lose faith and belief of not just Jesus Christ, we also lose the faith and the belief in ourselves, which then turns our hearts cold and our vision of what to come, very dark moving forward. Jesus Christ is the light of the World, just as Satan is the darkness, and in this society of good versus evil, and when you truly see of what is around you, you will see the difference, no matter of who you are, those who can, will clearly see, and the blind can truly feel the presence and the love of Jesus deep within their hearts and souls.

Even in the darkness, you will see the light of Jesus Christ, when you truly believe, which will give you the faith to have hope moving forward. With the faith and the belief, you will never have on the blinders of Satan, you will always resist the temptations of Satan, just as Jesus did many times along this fourty day journey of lent. The problem within this society is, there are too many with the blinders on and giving in to the temptations of Satan, which now sucks us all into the darkness even deeper. As we walk through this journey, it will last longer for some, there is no rhyme or reason for this, as no one truly knows when this journey will end, so now you need to trust in the process, trust in Jesus Christ, so while you walk your path of this journey, you can walk confidently, while seeing all the true beauty that is all around you, so you leave no regrets, on an incomplete journey.

When you walk outside and the sun is shining brightly, I get it when you put on the sunglasses to dim the brightness, but at the same time, what you are doing in the subconscious mind is, keeping yourself in the darkness of Satan, because you have lost the true faith and belief in Jesus Christ as well as yourself. Okay maybe there are a small percentage who have become lost, but in this society, and within this agenda ridden world we are currently in, we all get stuck and stop walking toward the light, because we are so afraid to go against the grain, taking that chance of others looking at us as less of. There will always be darkness and there will always be light, this is what fills our days, but when you look even deeper, now you will see that, Satan is the darkness and Jesus is the light, so chose your option wisely, or walk this journey with regret and not truly being of who you truly are.

We within this society are so screwed up, when we see a blind man sitting along the curb, we do not see him for who he is, we look at him as a begger and avoid him like the black plague? This is what’s wrong with us today, we do not see what is true, so we make up totally something that we want to see, we make up anything that will divert the attention of we ourselves, just so we can hide in plain sight, and not be made fun of, like we do the blind man. We are so afraid of what others will see of us, that we never see truly of who we are, and we never see truly of all the beauty that is all around us. When we are in the light, we take steps backwards, because we do not want to be in the limelight, we think that being in the light makes you stand out for all the wrong reasons? This is what’s wrong with this society, and this is how we let this journey become, an incomplete journey. Right now there is a small percent of us who want to be within this ” wokeness”, they want to keep the darkness of Satan before us, just so they can hide in plain sight, and this small percent is speaking the loudest right now, making it very hard for any of us to speak out, plus making it so difficult to speak the truth, that we now fear more to be truly of who we are.

It is very hard to see any beauty anywhere, when you are within the darkness of Satan, this is why we need to step out of comfort zones, step out into the light of salvation, so we can get back into the trust, the belief, and the faith in Jesus Christ, as well as with ourselves, so now we can walk confidently along our paths, to step into the peace and love that this journey is truly about. Jesus didn’t come here just to have us hide in the darkness, he came here to have us step out of the darkness and into the light of salvation, to be truly of who we are, within the peace and the joy, so we can walk this journey with confidence, as when this journey ends, we can be complete of a journey well walked.

” To truly see the light is more than just flipping a switch in the dark, it is opening your eyes out of the dark to see clearly of all the beauty that is around you”

” the dark of the night and the light of the day, are two totally different things, than the darkness of Satan and the light of salvation which is Jesus Christ himself”

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