material product builds things, it’s the material things that destroy

” What will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul”

Mark 8:36

This picture of the old abandoned mills, shows what was and where products were made to build things, the picture of my campsite shows all my material things, that help me enjoy the great outdoors safely. Yes we all have these material things, and also very true that alot of the material things just sit and collect dust, because we are too stubborn to get rid of them, cause we think that one day we will need them? Well what if this journey comes to a close for us, and that one day never comes? Where are our material things now? All my camping gear I have I do use today, without it, I do not get to places far away from this broken civilization, that we live today. So I can clear the dark clouds above me, to heal properly moving forward. Yes, the day will come that it will become hard to get out and explore all the true beauty around us, yes I will miss very much these days of healing properly, to move forward better, but when this journey ends, I can not take these things with me, as I then have to pass them on, to someone or someones, that will get so much as I did, from the true beauty of mother nature.

The Bible does not condemn money or material things, just that God’s quarrel with them, are the material God’s created from them. The Bible teaches us that, preocupation with material possesions is a form of Idolatry, and God hates this, because it poisons every phase of our being, including family life. God says that, the problem is not with the money, but with our love for the money, which then becomes the root of the evil all around us. Never let anything else, take the place of God himself within your heart, or the consequences will be, you lose your soul and who you truly are.

We were created to worship, and when the worship becomes clouded, then our worship will then become corrupted. When we totally praise and have complete faith in God, this is how we keep in perspective all our material things, so we all can walk this journey in the peace and love, that Jesus taught us, when he came and walked this journey with us.

Now if you totally look around you, I mean really look closer and deeply into that Abyss of the horizon in front of you, you will see that nothing stays the same, as much as you do not want to admit to, there is so much change to, not just ourselves, but to everything around us as well. There are so many that simply do not want to adapt to and accept change, that they then will bring all the crazy to us all, as now we become engulfed in such a broken society. So now as so many can not adapt to, or accept change, now you have so many that are floudering to find an identity of who they truly are. Then when you see some who can not even determine of whether they are a man or a woman, only shows just how screwed up and broken this society truly is. God did not create Adam and Adam, it is we the people who have done this, with our warped minds eye, and our lost souls.

There is so much change all around us like, skinny, fat, color of skin, sight, or no sight, hearing or no hearing, and with all stages of our lives throughout this journey, with the biggest change being, to our own bodies, whether internal or external, so if we never embrace and accept these changes, then all of our identies will be lost and the hopes on finding our identies, will decrease, as this journey will never stop, til one day the journey comes to an end, with the world we know today, is gone in a blink within our minds eye, deep within our souls. I get we all want to do, what we all want to do, but when we all do what we want to do, without empathy and compassion for one another, now we have alot of scuffed shoes, from each other stepping on the shines of one another. This journey was never about any of us, gathering all the money, to have all the power and control of each other, this is where we screwed up, and where we need to go back and fix, so we all then, can move forward, better and stronger, with nothing but peace and joy, with each step around every corner, throughout this journey of life.

” Gather some material to build a nice fire within the fire pit, so you can get into a relaxing state away from whatever ails you and weighs you down”

” Material things are like a crutch you use when you recover from a broken leg, they are good for as long as you need them, but sooner or later they serve no purpose at all”

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