Fear not what is around you, let your minds eye be your guide.

” Only fear the Lord, and serve him in truth with all your heart; for consider what great things he has done for you”

1 samuel 12:24

” Let this mind be in you which was also in Jesus Christ”

Philippians 2:5

” Your throne, Oh God, is forever and ever”

Psalms 45:6

This society today is so screwed up and it is not even a funny thought. This society is ripe for the picking, for Satan himself. There are some among us, who have lost the faith and belief in Jesus Christ, so they then try to sway us all into their beliefs of the darkside, further taking us all deep within the soul of Satan, instead of truly being of who we are, and follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ. This journey of life is not really about, the good or the bad, it is not about who is winning, or who is losing? Simply because, the true love of Jesus Christ will always be within us all, so we than can share that love with each other, as now, we all can be within the peace that this journey is truly about.

In a world full of distrust at every turn, no wonder why so many have turned the cheek on one another, we have become so consumed into our daily grinds, just so we do not have to face the realities that are around us. The lack of trust in this society has us all spinning out of control, and losing touch with who we truly are. Without trust we are on a crash course into a place, that even Satan will refuse to go, because even he knows that this place, is the total demise of anything and everything, with zero survivors to be seen anywhere. Jesus Christ had nothing but love and trust for us all, and he proved that, when he was crucified and died for each and every one of us, no matter of who you were. This society has lost so much trust, and it shows in the way we treat one another, as we move forward through this journey. The clouds have clouded our judgments, only to leave us further into the darkness, away from the light of salvation.

This world has become so envolved within Bullying, but those who Bully will never admit to their actions, only to point the finger of blame somewhere else. The Bullying of today has evolved greatly, gone are the days that a Bully was someone who forced you to to an act, that was out of your comfort zone, or having you fear everything around you, just so they can look as powerful as they can? I mean there are alot of similarities to a Bully of yesteryear and one from today, just that the Bully of today, has brought it to a whole new level, that just not affects those of who they make their victims, but now goes a bit deeper and affects each and every one of us, no matter whether you are the targeted one or not. This journey through life was definitly not created, just so some can create as many victims as they can, this journey definitly does not revolve around any certain one of us, this is a concept that we let Satan put into our minds eye, simply because we have let our minds eye become so out of focus, we now have suppressed it so deep, like it does not exist anymore.

We have let fear, control every fiber of our existence. We have become afraid to turn any corner along our path, only because we fear more of what might be around that corner. Instead we should tread lightly with each step around the corner, as now we let our confidence take over and away from the darkness of the fear. “A society that has become engulfed with fear, is a society that has become broken and stopped from moving forward”. True fear goes alot deeper then not jumping on that carnivale ride, simply because you do not like a certain part of the ride, true fear will bring so much pain and hurt, that now we will do anything to avoid all the pain and the hurt. We become someone for who we truly are not, just so we can escape the fear and the pain, then if we do not acknowledge the fear or the pain, we simply sweep it under the rug, as if there is nothing there to fix at all. If we only stood up to the Bully and put the fear they inflict on us, right back at them from the beginning, then just maybe we would not have the evolving of the Bully, we have today. Sometimes we Bully ourselves, just to keep other Bullies away from us, this is totally natural and a defense tatic to keep away other riff raff, but when we do it and stop moving forward, now we are letting Satan come into our lives and tempt us into the darkness and away from the light of salvation.

Just as the campfire needs certain things, so it can thrive and bring plenty of heat, to those who gather around. We to of this society need certain things to strive and move forward in the peace and love of Jesus Christ. Without these things, we are incomplete and never truly walking our paths. Now I get we do not want to admit to our faults, just like we do not want to admit that we have let others scorn us, as this makes us look weak to those around us, but if we only get over ourselves, get over the issues that “will” come, no matter of who you are, and totally keep the faith and the belief in Jesus Christ. Now we keep to a minimum, being bullied, which will help keep us from feeling the affects of the bully, which makes it easier for us to stand up to the bully, and putting their fear right back onto them, instead of becoming their victim, full of pain and hurt at every turn along our path.

Now in this society where the darkness seems so dark with no light, this is only possible because, we have let this go on for way too long. We have let some around us, get a hold of all the power, the control and the greed, and now these certain ones, don’t want to let it go, so they will stop at nothing to push us all back, to keep us from taking their reign away from them. Once you become Addicted to all the power, control and the greed, it is just like any addiction, nothing else matters, except the addiction itself, which makes it very difficult to overcome and break what has come, to make the future of what is to come, be better moving forward. When within the addiction, nothing else matters, not even Jesus Christ, even though he is always there and never leaves us alone. It is we who leave ourselves alone, it is we who become a victim of our own mind, instead of letting Jesus within our minds eye guide us, away from the darkness of our troubles, and into the light of salvation, deep within the peace and the love of Jesus Christ, so we all can walk this journey as this journey was designed.

” Campfire time, time to breathe in the good and exhale the bad, so we all can heal properly from our troubles moving forward”

” When the dark clouds seem thick and dark, this is when our faith and belief in Jesus Christ, should never fail us, for the minds eye to work properly for us all”

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