It’s a Journey well travelled

” Gone are the days of yesteryear, but the memories live on, as we remember the good and fix the bad, so we can keep moving forward, to be better with each step”


The journey stays the same, as it is the different paths that we customize to our likings,

the houses we build so we can turn them into loving homes of our own,

the roads always start out as dirt with many bumps, that we smoothen out with pavement,

we all walk through this journey together, as we customize a path to help us become better.

This journey was never designed by God, for us to make it into all about me,

God even sent his one and only son to us, so we can learn just how to walk this journey correctly,

The pain and the hurt may get in the way sometimes, from the troubles we may face on our paths,

The twists and the turns, along with the stumbles and the falls from the bumpy path,

It then becomes totally on us and how we get up from the falls, to keep moving forward even better.

When we walk this journey together, we will always lend a helping hand as this is who we truly are,

But when we become divided along the journey, then all bets are off as we try to walk our paths correctly,

This journey should never be about power, control, or greed, because when the journey ends we then leave behind all we built,

It is not about trying to be better than others, when all you need is to be better than what you were yesterday.

Never beat yourself up as you then think you are not worthy for what you are, or have become,

In the eyes of Jesus Christ you are always worthy of the path you walk throughout this journey,

Too many have lost the touch and the faith in Jesus Chrst today and why, we are all so distraught today,

We all need Jesus back in our lives today, to get back on the tracks of the train ride of life,

So Jesus can guide us all onto the path of righteousness into the light of salvation.

The light of salvation will never eliminate the darkness, but it will brighten the path to get through the darkness,

So as we get back the faith in Jesus and ourselves, will help smoothen our paths with the pavement of life,

Yes there still dirt roads out there, as they help us appreciate better the paved ones, and all the true beauty out there,

A home is only a home with the love that flows freely throughout the home, anything else is just a house to hang the hat,

We within this broken society today, have lost touch with true reality, only to hide within our true selves.

” This journey through life is the same for each of us, as it is our paths that we carve into what we want them to be, so we all can be better and stronger moving forward”

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