Don’t take the Oath, if you can’t make good on the Oath

” Again, you have heard that it was said to your Ancestor’s, do not take a false Oath, but make good to the Lord all that you Vow”

Mt 5:33

This quote from Scripture today, can get spun in so many different ways, especially if you have lost faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, and really if you have lost faith in yourself as well. We within this broken society of today, would take this quote and spin it in a political way, just like in todays world, where everything is political, if you tie your shoes different than others, you then are looked at in a different light and the way you have tied your shoes, becomes a political process, simply because you didn’t follow the ways of others. True, you tied your shoes and they are now snug on your feet, so they don’t come off with each step, but others will look at you in a different light, even as there shoes keep flopping around and hard to keep on their feet with each step they take.

When you take an Oath, no matter what that Oath entails, is exactly like giving your word, or making a solemn promise, to yourself and others, that you will do for all involved and not turn it into something of a personel gain for yourself, then leave others behind, while you move forward into the deep dark unknown, alone, with no one around you. When you go against your word and become known for not keeping a promise, now you get this reputation from others, that you can not be trusted, which is the worst kind of reputation, to try to fix. Trust is a big part of walking this journey correctly, and when trust is not there, now the journey becomes harder to walk, simply because we now are alone, with no where to turn when we need a helping hand, to be better and stronger moving forward. This journey through life has many variables in place for us to follow, so when we do not meet up to these variables, then we do not understand til it is too late, of just what the variables are. Now yes, when we lose the trust, it can be rebuilt and fixed moving forward, just that lost trust now takes some hard work to rebuild, and work that within this broken and lazy society, nobody wants to do, or even attempt, so they then, try to move forward with disrespect and trying to pull down those who have put in the work, to be better and stronger with each step of this journey.

We have all heard this quote before, ” our ancestors are turning in their graves”? But very few actually know the true meaning of this quote. Now I get that we all walk our own paths of this journey, but what is lost within this society of today, is the fact that, when one is walking his path correctly and another is struggling and having a hard time, instead of praising the one for walking correctly, they then try to bring that person down, with attacks and petty words, when if only they used the empathy that is within, they would realize that, now they could understand of the others good will and try to do the same themselves, so they can join him, within the light and not within the darkness of the clouds, making their judgments lost within the clouds. We all today are so quick to judge, and even without knowing what we are judging? Jesus Christ didn’t show or teach us this, when he came here and walked his path of this journey, but somewhere over time, we have wandered away from the faith in Jesus, which has us all with no faith in ourselves, and with zero hope moving forward as well. When we have the faith, there is always hope, no matter what you do, or what path you walk moving forward along this journey, as now, you can walk correctly just as Jesus showed us, to be within the peace and the happiness, that this journey has for us all, no matter of who you are.

Repeat after me, ” so help me God”. These are the words within any Oath you will take, the problem then lies within each of us, as now, where we have no faith to base these words from, we then have no hope in front of us, to accomplish anything we set out to do. Without the faith there will be no hope, as these two go together like peanut butter and jelly, so now without these two, we then try to move forward in other ways, and those ways include, hiding in plain sight of one another, to hide who we truly are, as we will do whatever to look stronger then those around us, and even attack one another either mentally or physically, just so we can ” seem” as if we are better then those around us. We will twist around certain words, just to make them what we want, instead of what they truly mean, we will add certain words, or even add certain catagories, just so we can try to fit in with a certain crowd? There is a very small percent of us that, because they speak without thinking of the ramifications of their actions, and also speak the loudest over all, just to try to change the rest of us, to fit into their narrative, that will force the rest of us into their sick and twisted ways, so they shove their inequities in the face of the rest of us, just to make themselves look as if they are the most powerful of us all.

This world is not perfect, we ourselves are not perfect and never will be, so we all need to get over ourselves, get over the fact that, yes we all will come to struggle at times through this journey, but as we struggle, never lose the faith in Jesus Christ, never lose the faith in ourselves, so we can always have the hope in all we do, to move forward better and stronger with each step of this journey. Trusting ourselves as well as each other, is one of the biggest things we will come to learn through this journey and when the trust is lost, now we all become lost, within the deep dark clouds of our judgments, with no light of salvation anywhere to be seen. Our Ancestor’s were not perfect either, but at least they set the foundation for us all to follow, yes they also had their struggles, but the difference between them and us is, they never gave up, they never lost the faith between Jesus and themselves, as we have done, and even bigger, when they lost the trust in themselves and others, they worked even harder to regain that trust, fix the cracks in the foundation, making it that much harder for us all, yes it can be done, and all we need to do is, glance back at where we went wrong, so we than can move forward better and stronger, as we all walk a path through this journey of life.

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