Let’s all Rejoice and be happy

” Blessed are they who are persecuted for the sake of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are you when they insult you and persecute you and utter every kind of evil against you falsely because of me, rejoice and be glad, for your reward will be great in heaven”

MT 5:10-12a

My little buddy Martin Richards, will always keep coming back here, as his quote on his sign needs to go viral throughout this society, to the point that we do not think about it, we just let it flow out of us without even trying.

This quote from scripture, is one we truly need to think about, it is one that, if you do not truly understand, then it is a quote that can get mixed up easily, as we all try to move forward throughout this journey. It is very easy to take a quote such as this one, and either, mix up or change some words around, to get what ” you” want out of these true words. This is exactly what is happening today, we tweak the spoken words, just to make them what we ourselves want, instead of what the true meaning of these words are.

We the people today persucute each other daily and then laugh at the ones who we think are different, if someone who is above us, gives us an order, even if we do not agree with that order is, we do that order, just so we can protect ourselves from the backlash and the shame that will come to us, from the one who is suppose to be our leader? People of today have become so two faced, that they now think it is okay to say one thing to your face, then stab you in the back, the second you turn around. We the people are exactly what is wrong with this society, and it is we the people that can fix it as well.

Because of the fact that Satan is before us, and through all the dark clouds above us, has made it very difficult for us to see any kind of light in front of us, especially the light of salvation, that is the light of Jesus Christ, who leads us away from temptation, so we all can move forward in the peace and the happiness that he showed us, when he walked this journey here with us. We are so afraid of the shame and the hatred that may come to us, that we will walk away from the house of the Lord, just because we think some may ridicule and shame us, as they laugh at our pain and hurt. The ones that are creating the victims, and the ones that are doing the shaming, are the ones that are hurting way more than they lead on, these are the ones that simply walk away from the house of the Lord, because they have lost all faith and belief in not just Jesus Christ, but they themselves as well. These ones are truly the troubled, as they think nothing to attack and make fun of another, just so they can hide in plain sight among us all, as they think that they are better than the rest of us.

It is one thing to insult and persecute each other, but when you treat each other with love and respect, no matter of what may come back to you, this will make you an even bigger man within the eyes of Jesus Christ, which will give you even a bigger reward, when you get to the Kingdom of Heaven and meet Jesus himself face to face. This journey through life is never about insulting one another, it is never about persecuting each other, this is where the hatred we see today comes from, so if you want to end the hate, then end the persecutions of each other, stop insulting one another, and start treating each other with the love and respect that we all crave and need, Then, step back into the the house of the Lord, so we can pray and ask God for his forgivness properly, as now we all can get back on track correctly along our paths, throughout this journey of life.

Jesus Christ never showed us to insult and persecute one another, this is all on each of us, as we have become too afraid to step out of our comfort zones, for the fear of shame from those around us, but if you step out for the right reasons, on the right track, then the only shame will then be cast upon the ones who are trying to shame you, as they wither away, like the true snake for who they are. This journey through life really is not that hard when we walk it correctly, but since Eve was tempted to take that bite of the apple, now we all have to learn how to resist all temptations as well, or become a victim of our circumstances, and a product of our shame, that brings great pain and hurt everyday, as we walk our paths of this journey.

That thing you hold in the palm of your hand, Ya that thing that is suppose to be a phone, now I get that it is suppose to make our lives easier, it is supposed to help us all moving forward, but in alot of ways, it has become the biggest problem for us all. This thing is so much more than a phone, that now we can not even make a simple call anymore, then we hide behind this device, while we persecute each other from it, while we shame each other from it, then leave each other with great pain and hurt, just to try to step all over one another. Then we put on these phones all the social media apps, and then hide further from one another, instead of true face to face contact, every single day we shame each other through these apps, even as much as we want to admit to. Do you really know who you are following, or are you just following, to make it look like your bigger than all others around you? This is a question we all need to look in the mirror and ask of ourselves, it is one thing to follow friends and family members, but to follow someone you do not know, just to increase your so called friends list? This is not the way to make friends, this will only bring the wrong ones closer to you, who will stop at nothing to shame and hurt you even further. Nobody will ever admit to the shame, so instead, they will go deeper in hiding, while they put forth this fake self , so nobody will ever see them as weak, if we all keep hiding our true selves from one another, then eventually we will all be part of this, fake and broken society, that is full of pain and hurt at every turn, throughout this journey of life.

Jesus Christ came here to walk a path among us, to show us the way to the path of righteousness. He did not come here to show us the way of evil and to shame one another, this is on each of us, with our actions toward one another. When Eve was tempted by the apple and took that bite, this is what started the down fall of us all, now we the people have taken that to the next level, as we now have become someone that we truly are not. We have lost the faith and belief in Jesus Christ, so even worse, this has led us into losing the faith and the belief in ourselves as well. We will all follow all the wrong ones, because all we want is for others to see us as strong, this journey is not about the quanity of the followers we have, it is more of the quality of the follower, and can they help us in our time of need, without shaming us further, which then has us hide further among one another. We have become quick to judge one another, without truly knowing of what we are judging? We could judge someone from the way others have judged, only to find out that, they have judged all for the same reason, which has the snowball effect deepen even further among us. No one ever wants to admit to their faults as it may seem to others that you are weak? But in reality, it only makes you stronger moving forward. Everybody in this society walks their paths so ass backwards, that in reality, not only have they lost the faith and belief in Jesus Christ, they also have lost the faith and belief in themselves, so they then, try to move forward in the opinions others have of themselves. ” The more faith we put into our devices, the more faith we lose of ourselves”. May we all come together in unity, to stop all the hurt, find that inner peace within ourselves, so now we can bring that peace into this society for the better of us all.

Let the persecutions and the insults reign, because when you stay true to yourself, and when you keep the faith in yourself and Jesus Christ, then the persecutions and the insults mean nothing, so when the ones bringing forth realize it doesn’t affect you, then they with their hate will disappear from your path, which now grooms your path better, as you become better for it moving forward. This journey is not about being in a competition with each other, it’s all about us coming together to help one another, regardless of any kind of an agenda that some may shove down our throats. This journey is not made up of agendas, it made up of all of us, coming together in unity, to help one another instead of attacking one another when it suits us, so we all can be truly of who we are, instead of hiding in plain sight of one another and on our devices. I think we all should put down the devices, til we learn how to properly use the devices, and not let these devices control who we truly are. This journey was never about the quanity of anything, it is more of the quality and the way we walk our paths properly. Until we totally stop the hurting, stop being so backwards and start moving forward, then we will never stop being a victim of one another, which only furthers our shame of one another and keeps us from moving forward at all.

These commercials that have consumed so much of the air waves on our televisions, have become so ridicoulous, that now we let them as well as the ones who are selling the product, control everything around us. Everything today comes with a price tag, and in some cases, that tag is a very high price, even though the product is made as cheaply as cheap can be. Well, the same concept can be put into the walls of Washington DC and those who are “suppose” to be leading us? These Individuals with their backroom deals, will sell us all to the highest bidder, as they walk away with great amounts in their pockets, and the ones who feel the real pain and hurt from this are we the people. Then you throw in the ” Fake news Media”, now the pain and hurt worsens, as their agendas are shoved down our throats and made to be real. You want change? This is the first thing that needs to change, so we all can get back to who we truly are, get back to the house of the Lord, ask for his forgivness, and truly get back to the faith and belief in Jesus Christ, as well as ourselves, so we all can get back to the peace and joy of this journey moving forward. Until we do this, the pain and the hurt will only get worse, the shame will keep us hiding from one another in plain sight. So let’s stop all the backroom deals, let’s stop all the agendas, let’s get back to who we truly are, let the love of Jesus Christ warm our hearts once again, so we can share that love with each other, let’s stop hiding behind our devices and actually use them for the better, as they were designed to do. Until we do this, then real change will never come, and all of us will forever be the sheep of a few, which keep the hurt and the shame upon us all, wandering in a circle and not truly walking this journey through life.

” No more hurting people……………Peace, by the late Martin Richards, who was taken from us too soon at the bombings of the Boston marathon, he was just eight years old”

” This journey through life really is not that hard, it is we the people and our actions that make it harder than it needs to be”

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