Come to me and be a Fisher of men

” Come after me, and I will make you fisher’s of men”

MK 4:19

When Jesus came to us and walked his path of this journey, things back then were in such disarray, with corruption and hatred, as some wanted all the power to control everything around them. Sound familiar? That time back then, compared to the time of now, yes, may be two totally different times, with different players, but none the less, both times are so very similiar, showing of just how far we have strayed away from Jesus, as we try to move forward with no one to turn to, as a true leader or, a fisher of men to guide us along the way.

Everybody today wants to be a leader, everybody wants all the power they think a leader has? But in reality, a true leader does not have any power and if they do it correctly, they very quietly become Fisher of men, that will guide others to the promise land, and never once do they seek any kind of praise or mention, but without knowing it, will have big respect, of all those around them. To be a true leader today, you need not friend everybody around you, just to try to get them to do the job, as you lead by example, then before you know it, everybody will stop being lazy and do as you, for as the respect grows, the loyalty grows, which has us all looking out for one another, without attacking one another, for personal gain. Being a leader has nothing to do with having power, or having any control, being a true leader as Jesus Christ showed us, will have you prosper in ways you have never dreamed, then others will follow your lead, into the prosparity of the promise land.

Power, control, or greed, is no way to walk this journey correctly. Love respect and dignity, are what we really need, in order to walk our paths correctly through this journey of life. There are some among us that have this leadership thing all wrong, they are so backwards, that they have zero clue on how to walk the straight and narrow, then they think the more friends they make, then they become stronger as a leader and more powerful? ” A true leader will never ask for your friendship, as they earn your respect with their actions”.

Jesus asked certain ones to come to him and he would make them fisher of men, he asked the twelve followers to become the Disciples, as with his actions, he earned their respect, so they can be better and stronger moving forward. A leader will never demand that anybody do something, then go sit in a chair and watch , as they fire Ill words at others, that does nothing but create great hate, through the ranks of this society. Hate was never a thing in any society, it is the love that is within us all, which brings us all closer together, Jesus showed us this along his journey, but it is the people of this society, who have walked away from the church, that bring this hatred to us all, only because, we all have become so ass backwards, we really have zero direction, of which way to go, as we walk our paths through this journey of life.

Hate is this word that you hear alot from many in this society, but it is also a word that really does not exist. We the people only make it a word with our actions toward one another. Racist is a word also that does not exist, as we all yes, may look different, but in reality are, very unique to one another and when we realize that, then we all can move forward better and stronger with each step along the path. Hate is also learned from someone or something around us, it will bring this craziness to our lives, but love is deep within us all, and when we truly feel this love, then peace and joy will come to us all, as this this hate and the racist words, disappear, to never return to us again.

To be a Fisher of men, is very different than being a Fishermen. A fisherman will walk on board the boat, for a journey into the ocean, with a goal to bring as many fish back to shore as they can, then bring to the market for others to buy, so they can eat and fill their tummies with good protein. But to be a fisher of men, is someone who leads others along their path, so with each step, they get to the path of righteousness, which brings great peace and joy, to all those who lead and follow correctly. You can have some who think and say they are great leaders, but when their actions are wrong, and full of hate or evil thoughts, now you have a leader for all the wrong intentions, that lead us all deep within the dark clouds of Satan, with hatred at every turn. To be a true Fisher of men, your actions will always be for the good of those around you, you never ever, let any kind of bad thoughts enter into your mind, When the bad seems to be so overwhelming like in todays society, you still move forward in the good, like the bad isn’t even there. Very true there are many fisher of men all around today, just that some have made it their mission to hide them from us, so they can promote their agendas of hatred and ugliness, as they think they are the fisher of men, but in reality, they are nothing, they are only bringing forth the dark clouds that hover over us all, so it seems like, in order to escape the darkness, we need to follow them?

This journey through life is how you make it, when you make it hard with your bad actions, then the journey will bring you nothing but ugliness, that promotes all the hatred we see now. When you walk this journey correctly, with good actions, then it will reward you with love and beauty at every turn. Plus with the faith and belief in Jesus Christ, as well as in yourself, then no matter what your path throws at you, the journey will respond with goodness and kindness at every turn, this is the power of Jesus Christ, as he truly shows us, just how to be a true fisher of men, and when our actions are in line with the actions of Jesus Christ, Oh!!! what a beautiful journey this would be for us all, with love, kindness, peace and joy, at every turn throughout this journey of life.

” There may be some true fisher of men around us today, but they are over shadowed by all the deep dark clouds of Satan, that hides them so we can not truly see them”

” A fisher of men will never jump on any soap box, they never seek a fake friendship, they only earn respect with their actions, as they lead us all into the light of salvation, within the peace and joy of Jesus Christ”

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