Step out of the norm, the adventure awaits

” Get out on an adventure, to truly see the true beauty all around you, leave all the drama, leave all the ugliness, as you become one with the adventure, to explore and see what is truly around you”

We of this society are explorers, it is in our DNA to explore, but as we get so consumed with the black clouds of the ugliness, we then forget what is truly out there, we forget that there is a whole other world out there, then we let ourselves get so caught up within the ugliness, that we never see the true beauty that is all around us. Lie, cheat, steal, and step upon anothers shine, this is the basis of this broken society we all live today, but I really see no one today, rising above it all and truly taking the lead, to get us out of this mess? Everything is about an agenda today, the biggest issue with these agendas is, they lead us all down the wrong path. When Jesus came to us and walked this journey with us, he had no agenda, he just showed us all how to love one another, so we could walk in peace moving forward. Now it has become one agenda after another, that fills all our spaces with so much hatred and ugliness, that we all have lost sight of the light, that brings us on to the path of righteousness.

We the people and all our miss communications with each other, our hatred of one another, the way we attack one another and then look at the attacks as, kind of like a game, this is what’s wrong with this society, and we can only blame ourselves for this and nothing more. It is time for each one of us to take a deep long look into the mirror, so we can see who we truly are, as it then becomes we the people, who fix the wrongs of this society, to unbreak this society and get it back on the correct track, for us all to walk our paths of this journey, in the peace, joy and love, that Jesus showed us, with each step of his journey. We are all our own worst enemy, we think we are better than one another, our attitude has become about, ” it’s my way or the highway”, drive down the roads today and everybody is trying to cut one another off, to get in front of them, why? Because they are in a rush to go nowhere is why, we are all so against one another and so far in denial about it, that we see nothing wrong with what we are doing, so unless we all wake up out of this denial, then nothing will ever change, and this society, will always be a broken society, with Jesus watching over us and crying tears, as the rain soaks us all.

Now there are some of us with this day off, because of a man named, Martin Luther King, this was a man who led a crusade through this country of America, with all his words and his quotes, then getting this day named after him, you would think we would get the message he had for us all, but no!!! Instead we only look at it as a day off from our jobs, we never look deeply into anything anymore, and all we do is, think about what can they do for me? This is exactly why we all are living this broken society of today. We are all walking through this society that some call ” Woke”? Well this wokness is killing us all slowly, because of this wokness, you can not truly communicate properly, as now your afraid to offend someone, this is crap, if you can’t look someone in the eye and be totally truthful with them, this is whats leading us further into this broke society, instead of fixing what is wrong, to be at peace with each step of your path. It is time we all wake up out of this wokness, before there is nothing left to wake up from.

There have been many great people in the past, who have walked there paths of this journey through life, but because of a few, who do not want you to remember them, just so they can say that they are the ones you need to remember? But the reality is, these self proclaimed ones who think they are better, are the ones that are trying to bring us all down to their level, so they can seem like they are the power, with all the control, to achieve all the greed, then leave us all in the ditch to be buried, with no way out of all this wokness, and ugliness. There is way more to this journey, then what some think, there is this book called 1984 from the past, well if your fortunate to have an original copy, before some have ripped out some of the chapters, you need to truly read this and comprehend it, so you than can see that, there are a few that are actually throwing in our faces as there words, to try to completly control and take all the power over us all, from the words of this book. These few are not true leaders, as they have to take away the history, so we can’t look back at it, so they can then, throw it back into our faces, in an effort to control us all.

Some of the ones around us, with their sick and twisted agendas, want nothing more than complete control over us all, these are the evil ones that we the people need to get in front of and stop them in their tracks, this also includes some of the leadership around the world, yes, this may seem like a tall task, but yet a task, when we the people all rally and unite together, can and will be much easier than it seems. There is strength in numbers and when all the people of this world and society unite together, will send an even more powerful message, to the few that are bringing all the agendas of hatred, corruption, ugliness and the attacking of our fellow man, is when the light of salvation will shine the brightest to us all, and the dark clouds of evil disappear from above our heads.

Talk is cheap, the time for talk is over, it is time for action and I mean real action, not this cushy woke action, that does nothinng but further all the sick twisted agendas, let’s truly wake up out of this wokness, get back to the true faith in Jesus Christ as well as ourselves, so we can all have the hope in front of us, to always see the light of salvation, as we all move forward in the, love, the peace and the joy, that Jesus Christ brought to us all, with each step of his journey. Time for action is now, there is no room for talk anymore, let’s fix this broken society before it is too late, so we all can move forward together, to be truly who we are, to explore and go out to adventure all the true beauty that is everywhere around us all, no matter where you may be within this world and within this society.

” Time for talk is in the past, time for true action is now, to fix this broken society moving forward within this journey of life”

” It is okay to glance back to move forward better and stronger, but without the history there is nothing to glance back at to be better moving forward”

” Life is full of up’s and down’s, yes you will get knocked down, but if you never pick yourself up correctly, then the down’s will always outweigh the up’s, leaving us all wandering, instead of truly walking this journey”

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