The ending is really not and ending, it’s just a beginning in disguise

” The ending is really not an ending, it is really a new beginning, we just do not know it at the time”

*** BowlingChef***

One of the biggest parts of this journey we all walk, is the fact that, ones perception will never be the same of another. You can have ten people look at the very same thing and get ten very different descriptions of what they are looking at. Take a trip to an Art gallery sometime and just observe all the differences in perception, as people walk by all exhibits and then try to understand correctly for what they are seeing. The very same concept comes in to play with each of us, as we walk our paths of the daily grind, then try to percieve correctly as to what we are truly seeing. One person may percieve death as the true ending, where life comes to a stop and you lay in peace, six feet deep within the ground, some may believe in an after life and with faith, it will help you moving forward? Yet there are others who actually do not have any kind of belief, and think it is all just a waste of time? But what we all have come to forget, as the dark clouds have thickened and clouded our judgments, This journey is full of change and evolution, whether it is the things around us, or we ourselves, everything evolves and hopefully for the better. It is our perception of what is around us, together with the thick dark clouds, that will have us all, never truly understand, why we are within this broken society today.

Now these pictures are two very different pictures from one another, but they are both from a time of our pasts, that through evolution, have made this journey better for us all. This Silo was used by the Farmer’s of our past time, to help them in the efficient cultivation of there land. Yes you can take an adventure through the rural little towns around, and truly see all the old farms, complete with old Silo’s and barns, that at one time were very busy on the working farm. Back when America was first born, or should I say, was started from the beginning, It was the cultivation of the land, by the Farmer, that helped build this country, into the greatest and strongest country of them all. True America had to start somewhere, but what we do not look at is, what was the ending to give America this start? It was the first Settlers that came from somewhere else, that was looking for change and a different way of life, from where they came from. We will never understand this concept today, simply because, we have become too arrogant to look deeply into what truly happened, as these dark clouds have clouded us from seeing anything, except what we ourselves are doing, and not what is happening around us. Now I get that, with the exception of the Native American, we are all Immigrants of this country, just like new comer’s to any country on this globe, but we are Immigrants who came here the correct way, through proper channels, so we can grow and be better than we are now. I am not against Immigration, but let’s do it the right way, so we all can come together, along our paths of this journey through life. It is the word Illegal that comes before Immigrats, that should flash that red flag, over all our heads, so we can stop what is happening, fix what needs toi be fixed, as now we can move forward better and stronger. When we lose these so called agendas of today, then just maybe we all can walk our paths in peace together throughout this journey.

The guy in the window waving within the other picture, this is Mike Demoulous, the founder of Demoulous supermarkets, this was the very first store, as he set the foundation into the growth of the Demoulous supermarket stores, which today is now called Market Basket. Now some in other areas of this country, as well as other parts of the globe, may not know the history of the Market Basket chain, but in order to truly understand what is a beginning and an ending, you first need to understand the process, of what is needed to become better and stronger moving forward. Nothing just appeared out of thin air, everything started somewhere, just like everything ends at some point, but if we never truly understand the process, if we just keep changing the rules, without making the proper changes, it’s like putting crap onto crap, at the end of the day it is still crap, and nothing good ever evolves from the crap. When you have true stories of success like the Demoulous supermarket……aka Market Basket, these are the times we want to glance back to, as we look deeply into how to fix what we need, to build back stronger moving forward. Because we of this society are too arrogant, to much into ourselves, with thoughts of, ” I am better then you”, then we of this society will never have true change, never know what is the ending or even a beginning, which will keep us all deep within the dark clouds of our judgments, with the true light of salvation that is there for us all, very dim and getting dimmer throughout this journey of life. The Demoulous supermarkets are one of those success stories that get overlooked and over shadowed everyday, we think that we can do it better than Mike Demoulous? Well!!! The Demoulous supermarkets have been around for a long time and still going strong, with new stores popping up all over New England, so to think you can do it better, I then challenge you to do it and do it better than Demoulous. We are way too arrogant today, and way to into ourselves to even try to work with one another, and until this part of us changes, until we all get back to who we truly are, then any kind of a success story, we may never see again, or at least anytime soon.

The whole process of this journey started with God, sending his one and only son to us all, as Jesus walked through his path of this journey through life. It is the arrogance and the all about me attitude, that keeps you from having the true faith in Jesus Christ, which then will keep you from any hope moving forward, and through the arrogance, will put you within the power of denial, that will have you think you are correct, even when you are wrong. It is we the people as Individuals, that is what’s wrong with this society, until we the people fix ourselves correctly, then this society will always be a broken society, with no hope moving forward, to be better and stronger with each step through this journey of life. We the people are what makes up a society, you will never have a society of Individualism, you can try, but you will fail deeply as we all are within this society today. The time is now for us all to go back to who we truly are, before it becomes too late to go back anywhere at all, so we can move forward better and stronger, with each step along our paths, through this journey of life.

” True success does not just happen, you need to work hard for the success, within the change and the evolution all around you”

” To be able to start anew, you first have to end where you are, to step onto a new path then keep moving forward”

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