Gather around the campfire to be healed

” The magic spark of the campfire, just like the the magic of Christmas, they heal us and they are within our soul always”

The best things in life can not be touched, they can not be felt, nor can they be moved, they are there just so we can actually stop what we are doing, focus on the beauty of what we see, to be healed from what ail’s us, moving forward. There are so many moving parts all around us within this society, we never take the time for anything anymore……… Let alone take any time for ourselves anymore. We are so wrapped up in the what if’s, that we never see the what is actually happening anymore. We ourselves have turned what this society has become, making us all a part of the problem, instead of being the solution moving forward.

For those who have read the book 1984, by George Orwell, will totally understand and see exactly what is going on in this society. Unfortunatly, it is very hard today to get an original copy of this great book, simply because, there are some among us, who are ripping out chapters of the book, because they do not want you to know, what they are about to shove down your throats throughout this society. Yes, it is very sad to think that, there are some among us that will do anything they can, just so they can have all the Power, Control and the Greed over us all. This society has become so Ass backwards, that if we do not turn around quickly, to see exactly of where we are going, there will then be nothing to turn around for, and when you really think about it, is the saddest thing about this broken society today.

Everybody today within this society wants to point the finger of blame upon one another, nobody wants to except the fact that, in one way or another, we are all responsible for what is happening to this society, with zero acountibility, and nobody properly healing from what they need to be healed from, has this society spinning out of control, with no true direction for any of us within it. This society is very much the same as the society where Jesus was born into, and walked this journey among us. Jesus taught us many things, but the one thing that we all have forgotten is, the fact of the love we have for one another, this love does not exist anymore, yes it is within us with the blood of Jesus, just that we all have lost the warmth and true feeling of this love. We can get this warmth and feeling back, we just need to truly have the faith and belief in Jesus Christ, as well as with ourselves, so we all can have great hope moving forward, with peace and joy at every turn within this society along the paths we walk, through this journey of life.

It is so true today that, even when the other person is correct, he is wrong, we do not want to admit when others are correct, because, we ourselves want to be the only one that is correct, even when we are wrong. This has going on for a long time within this society, as now it has clouded all our judgments, and has us all spinning out of control, with no true direction for which to go. A society is made up of many people, without the people you have no society, so why then are there some who are trying to wipeout the people, so they can have the Power, the Control and the Greed? Please help me out here, because without people, you have no society at all, and nothing to control, nothing to use the power on, and greed? There is nothing to spend your money on.

We all have that campfire deep within our soul, just unfortunate that for some, the fire has gone out, which now leads them forward, within the cold, dark days, of this society, along this journey through life. Without the fire, without the proper healing, we now are ripe for whatever to come before us, and totally steer us in the wrong direction, a direction that brings us great pain, as we then ignore the pain and keep following the something, only because now we think through the denial, that this is the one and only way, to walk this journey through life. We all walk this journey one time, and when we do not walk it correctly, we are now full of regrets and sorrows, that now we let them take us over, instead of we walking this journey correctly, and being in the peace and joy of Jesus Christ, with every step of our paths, through this journey of life.

Some want to have this big bonfire, yes I get that and how the lights up all around us, but even the small fire, the campfire we light at the campground, when you let the flame truly do what it does, it will lead you into a state of hypnosis, a way to become so focused, that it is like there is nothing else around you. Stare deeply within the red hot coals of the fire, and the fire will transform you deep within your soul and deep within a part of you, that you thought never existed? This is something we all need today within this society, in alot of ways, we are all hiding from one another within this society, we all have been hurt so much, we now are putting forth a piece of ourselves, to keep the hurt from bringing us even more pain. When we stare deeply into the flames of the fire, stare deeply into the red hot coals, the fire will now help you focus away from what troubles you, help you relax into a safe state, as now you can properly look deeply into yourself and truly heal moving forward. Staring into the campfire will help you heal from all your troubles, as it melts away all the stress from your shoulders.

This entire society, needs to gather around the campfire, get back in touch with the true feelings and emotions deep within us all. Let these feelings and emotions, set forth the blood of Jesus Christ to flow within our veins, to warm our hearts and souls with his love, so we then, share that love with one another. as we all move forward within the peace and joy of Jesus Christ, and not just becoming transformed by the campfire, but becoming healed by the campfire, proving that the power of Jesus Christ, really is the most dominate thing we will ever know throughout this journey we all walk together.

” Let’s not just light the logs for a fire, let’s light the logs for us to stare deeply into, as now we let the true power of the campfire take over and heal us from all our troubles moving forward”

” True the gates of Hell is nothing but fire and flame, the pefect example of this is, the difference between the bonfire and the campfire, as the bonfire is wild and out of control, with the campfire very controlled to heal us all”

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