There is no store to heal us properly, as the magic of the Christmas season

” When they saw the star, they rejoiced with exceedingly great joy”

*** Matthew : ***

The Christmas tree for so long, has become a symbol of the Christmas season, as far as we can tell. We set it up, we take it down, we gather around it on Christmas morning and open gifts, and because we buy each other gifts then gather around the tree, we have lost the true meaning of giving, as we are surrounded by the dark clouds of, ” give it to me”, and if you don’t give me anything, then I shall not pay any attention to you. This is the sad reality we all live today, this is the reality that, when Karma comes looking, we all will get slapped in the face so hard, it then will not knock us out, but will knock us all out of the darkness and into the light of salvation. We are living a very screwed up time today, we have a younger generation, that won’t let their children believe in Santa Claus, let alone whether he is real or not? They claim that he gives false hope? This society is so screwed up today, and it is not the fault of one Individual, it is 100% the fault of each and every one of us, who walk a path, through this journey of life.

Just like there are many paths for us to walk, there are just as many tree’s that would symbolize Christmas in the perfect way. The tree’s are also living and breathing in this world like you and me, just that we of today have lost total sight of this, as well as we ourselves. We are so out of focus on what is real in this society, that we now are trying to make up this fake reality, which now has us all confused and in disarray. I get we all want to try to put our own stamp within this society, but as we do this, we now are bringing so much drama and corruption to the rest of us all around this planet, we walk our paths on. Now if we only get back to who we truly are, get back to feeling the love of Jesus Christ flowing through our veins and into our hearts, we then will get back into focus, as we will see the light right in front of us along this journey we all walk together.

Christmas is about the celebration of Jesus Christ, as he is born into this world just as all of us were, Christmas was never about what are you going to get me? Christmas is about giving yourself and your love to all those around you. There is no better feeling in this world, then the feeling of the empathy and the compassion, that we share with one another, as we can see that in this society, we do not do this enough………. Hence, all the hatred, the ugliness and the corruption all around us. The true Christmas magic comes when we truly feel this empathy and compassion within each of us. Right now within this society we are so focused on getting ahead of one another and stepping on each other’s shine, that we now are stepping on our own empathy and compassion and pushing it so deep within, that it is becoming nonexistant within this society of many. What we are turning this society into, should bring a tear to your eyes, but with no feeling of empathy or compassion, there are no tears to wipe from your eyes. What a sad world we live today, and there is no one to blame but for we ourselves, as we are all letting this happen, with our lazy and premadonna attitudes.

Oh Christmas tree……….. Oh Christmas tree, I am so sorry for making you weep on so many below? You live and breathe everywhere around us, but yet we are so out of focus, we can not truly see you or anything that is around us. Just like in these pictures, the perfect tree is all around us, from the highest peaks, to the land far and away from the touch of man, we all want that perfect tree to chop down, so our homes will be dressed up the best we can, then discard that tree at the end of the season with the weekly garbage? This truly shows just how out of touch we all are, not just from one another, but so out of touch with our true selves as well. Each and every Christmas we are suppose to truly feel the magic of Christmas, and yes we do for a short time, but once the season passes, so does the true feeling of this magic as well. Just like everything else in this society, the true magic of Christmas gets replaced with the next biggest thing that will cross our paths, through this journey of life, and this is the sadest part, of this journey we walk together, throughout the existence of us all.

Now I get that some of us will suffer a loss at one time or another as we walk our paths, this loss will take a big piece of us away as well, this is why we need not ever, lose the faith or belief in Jesus Christ, this is why we need to keep alive the true meaning of Christmas, because when we do, then the true magic comes when, Jesus heals us of, not just our sins, but from whatever the loss we have faced and turned us into something/someone for who we truly are not. I get that there will be many obstacles that will trip us up along our paths, but to get up from the falls with confidence moving forward, we need the faith and the belief in Jesus Christ, to keep alive all the hope, for us all to keep moving forward better and stronger. Jesus Christ is the magic of Christmas, and when we have lost the faith and the belief, we also will never see any true magic come before us anywhere. Now as we take to the stores and buy gifts for those around us, we are surrounded by music of the season, specials and sales, the decorations…………. These are not what Christmas is about, but these stores want you to believe this, as you pad their pockets with your hard earned cash, this is what this society has become and why, all the ugliness, the hatred and the corruption are around every corner of our paths, through this journey of life.

The true magic of the Christmas season comes from the blood of Jesus flowing through our veins, and warming our hearts and souls with his love, so we than can share this love with one another. No matter of what is the loss you suffered, no matter of what comes and trips you up along your path, with the faith and the belief in Jesus Christ, there will always be great hope for us all moving forward throughout this journey. Life does not have to be this complicated as we have made it, this is the sticky web we have weaved, as now we have to break free of this web, to truly walk our paths in confidence, throughout this journey of life, just as Jesus showed us, when he came and walked this journey here with us.

” The magic of Christmas is within us all, it is just suppressed deep within us, and we need to dig down within to truly release the power of this magic”

” Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree, Holy night, and Ave Maria, the three songs of the true spirit of Christmas and the true power of the magic of Christmas to help us truly feel the love of Jesus within us, get back to truly of who we are, and share this love with one another”

” we are all born into this world, just as Jesus was born into this world, and every year just like Christmas day being the birthday of Jesus Christ, we to celebrate a birthday not just for a reason to party and become intoxicated, but to celebrate the birth of a beautiful life lived to this point, to make it even better moving forward”

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