there may be many paths, but there is only one journey through life

” The paths are plentiful and vary from many different things, just that you need to find the right path that best fits you”


We all walk through this journey through life, this journey starts out all the same for us all. We start this journey all the same as we are born into the journey, from two loving Indaviduals that, make a choice to start a family and love that family with all their hearts. This journey will also end the same for us all, as one day we will go into a deep sleep and never again awaken to walk along our paths. With this deep sleep, our bodies get left behind within a casket in the ground, but our souls rise up, to meet Jesus, as he invites us into the light of salvation. It is what’s in the middle of the journey, as now we all will take our own paths to wherever we are going? These two loving Individuals will raise us and guide us with their love, they will teach us many things, just like Jesus when he came and walked this journey with us, They will show us many different directions for which to go, but ultimitly, the direction that we chose must be we ourselves that make the choice of the direction, as we learn that we will be making many choices as we walk this journey of life.

Just like there are many paths and different directions throughout this journey, there to are many choices that will come before us, along the paths of our choosing, no matter what path we chose? These paths will bring many twists, turns and obstacles to us, so if we do not learn properly of how to walk through these paths, and if we do not understand properly of where the path will bring us and how to overcome the obstacles that will knock us down, then when the journey does come to an end we then will have many regrets, that will leave us with a feeling of incomplete, for a journey that we all should feel complete when the journey ends.

We will face many obstacles along the paths we chose, there are no paths that are obstacle free no matter what anybody says, This is what helps us stay true to who we are. The obstacles may vary in the degree that they come to us, some may be from we ourselves, some may come from another, and there are some that are there to test us, and see for what decision we make to get around the obstacle. These obstacles will knock us down, but it is not on how we fall, it is totally of how we pick ourselves from the fall, that brings us the strength to keep moving forward, and not just become lazy and weak, where now we are walking aimlessly with no direction at all. Sometimes we get stuck within the comfortable ruts of the paths, we lose sight of the real direction for where we want to go, we lose sight of the purpose of our existence, these are the times that we need to dig down deep and truly feel the love and faith of Jesus Christ within us, which will help us with the faith in ourselves, that will give us all the hope moving forward along whatever path you chose.

The choices we make along our paths, in a lot of ways are an obstacle. Yes we do make many bad choices and we suffer deeply from those choices, but if we never learn and understand from those bad choices, then we will walk the rest of this journey with many regrets and feel incomplete as this journey comes to a close. True there may be some that will come to us along our paths, that think they will make better choices for us? Just like what the Teacher’s Unions are doing to our children, these Individuals think that our children are their children, and they will make better choices than what we will make for them? Excuse me!!! It is the Parents that will make the better choice, as they are the ones, with their love for each other, who have created that beautiful child. All the Teacher’s Union will do is pollute and distort the mind of the child, with their sick and twisted agendas, of what they “THINK”, is best for that child. True there are good and there are bad Unions out there, the Teacher’s Unions basically is the scum of the unions, and need to all go away, so the parents can do what they do best, with the love they have and the beautiful child they created together.

The one thing that nobody ever talks about, not the far left liberal media, not the party of denial, and definitly not the teachers unions, is the fact that they are creating nothing but Victims with all the children, and turning them into something that are truly not. This victimization needs to stop now, before not just the childs future, but the future of all, ceases to exist, and it won’t even matter of what the climate of the Earth is. It is the victim of anything that will feel a pain so deep inside, that unless they heal properly, they will never move forward along their paths properly, which now leads them to many regrets and a feeling of incomplete, as their journey comes to a close. We all in this society want so bad to get ahead of one another, but really, what is there to get ahead for? when this journey will end the same for us all? We all think that this is a competiton? I have a news flash for you, Life is not a competition, a competition are the games and sports we play, life is a journey, a chance for us all to make the right decisions along our paths, so this journey will be one of, peace, love and joy, that we share with each other as Jesus Christ showed us all. It is all this other crap that we think is the right way, that turns this journey full of, ugliness, hatred and corruption, and we only have ourselves to blame for this, when at the end, we feel incomplete with many regrets.

” A Victim will feel a pain so deep, that they then will hide in plain sight as they become someone for who they truly are not”

” When a victim never gets to heal properly of their victimization, the pain and hurt becomes so strong and unbearable, they then will do anything to relieve from the pain”

” Unless we of this society truly come together, stop creating victims at every turn, then we will have nothing to come together for, as this society will end much like the journey will end”

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