First Sunday of Advent, or the coming of Jesus Christ

” In my Father’s house, there are many mansions”

John 14:2

The Hope for today:

Deep down inside we know this world is not as it should be, and neither are we. There is a contstant struggle between the desires of our flesh and the longings of our soul. One day, all will be restored.

Today marks the start of another season of Advent, or another words, the coming of Jesus Christ, true one day we will see him again, but the timing and the when, we have no idea, as only Jesus knows, so it is on us to be ready for that time, and the way we are going in this society, with all the ugliness, the hatred and the corruption, the way we have become someone for who we truly are not, only shows Jesus that we are not ready for him? Or, just maybe some will see him, as other’s simply get stuck within the purgatory of the unknown? None of us are perfect in this world, unlike what we may think? But when we walk our paths correctly, then this journey will be full of happiness and peace. To walk through our paths correctly, we need the faith in ourselves as well as Jesus Christ, so no matter what may come to us along our paths, we will be ready for and have the confidence and the hope to get past anything that might want to trip us up and not allow us to walk our paths correctly. The problem in this society is, too many have lost the faith in Jesus Christ, which now has you lost along the path with no true direction in which to walk. Without the true faith in Jesus Christ, has us so deep within purgatory, that we wander aimlessly along our paths of this journey through life.

We are so screwed up in this society, that we see Christmas as a time that other’s are supposed to buy us gifts, and if they don’t, then we alienate them like they never existed around us ever? Some think that we are supposed to buy the biggest and the best gifts for another? This is who we have become, but this is not truly of who we are. This Holiday of Christmas is of our Savior’s birth, the day that Jesus Christ came to us, to share his love for us, so we would in turn, share that love with one another, but when you have lost the faith in him, then you will never see this, which now has you so lost along your path, that you now have lost sight of true reality all around you. The love of Jesus Christ is always within us, like the empathy and the compassion, but when you don’t acknowledge them, is when all the struggles begin, and when all the sins become so heavy, that now you are too tired to even walk your path, forget about the journey, as now that just flies by with no content. Jesus will always forgive us of our sins, just that we need to acknowledge and keep the faith, or there will never be any hope moving forward.

The season of Advent is suppose to be a season of love, new beginnings, and miricles, but so many of us today have taken so for granted this season, that it has become a lost season, just like this journey has become a lost journey for so many. This season has become so corporatized that, we think we all should flock to the stores, instead of flocking to the house of God? Then those Black Friday deals? If you think that your really getting a deal, then you are so very lost within the path you walk, which is so sad to see. It is the weekend after Thanksgiving that starts the Advent season, but when all the Christmas music and the decorations start popping up within the stores months before, really shows just how lost we are, throughout this journey of life.

The light of Salvation is right there in front of us, but when you are so consumed by the darkness, so consumed by all the ugliness, the hatred and the corruption, you will see zero light of any kind, and the left bias media know’s this, as they keep flooding our paths with their agendas and all the twists, turns and the bumps, that they keep tripping us up along our paths. The media will keep tripping us up to keep us down, so all these so called Leaders of today will look like the Savior’s, instead of Jesus Christ being our true Savior. Jesus Christ will always be there as he is watching over us always, but when you do not acknowledge him, is when you never see the signs he sends us daily, you will never see the true miracles that will come to us, and even worse, you will never feel the warmth of his love flowing through your veins and into your heart. The season of Advent is a special time of year that will warm your heart and soul, and is also a time that, we the people need to carry with us throughout each day of the coming year, so we all can get back on track of the paths we walk, throughout this journey of life.

We all walk our paths of this journey, by using this human body to keep our souls within and warm with the love of Jesus, When this journey comes to an end, and yes this journey will end for us all, just that no one knows just when it will end? For some it may be far shorter than others? only Jesus knows just when the journey will end for each of us, just as Jesus also knows what is ahead for us as this journey comes to a close. We can all say we know what the after life is like, but this is only speculation, because once you die, your body stays here within the ground of purgatory, and your soul gets lifted into the light of salvation, to where it will meet Jesus one day, as judgment day will come and we learn our fate moving forward. This is why the son of man came to us as he did, why he came to us being one of us, so we would see him as one of us, to learn what he was teaching us, truly feel his love for us, as he then sacrificed himself, for the good of each one of us moving forward. If Jesus didn’t love us so, you think he would of come to us the way he did? Jesus came to us so we would see the error of our ways, so we would walk our paths correctly, as then the journey would be full of the peace and love of Jesus Christ always. Unfortunatly, we of this society has let the error of our ways control us, bringing these dark clouds to consume us, as the light of salvation has become so dim, that we can not see any light that is in front of us. That does not mean there is no light, it is always there, just that we need to acknowledge it, plus acknowledge the faith of Jesus Christ, as well as ourselves, so the love of Jesus flows through our veins, warming our hearts and souls, which brightens that light, for us to follow into the path of righteousness, where we all can be within the peace, love and joy of Jesus Christ, and where the hope for us all will always be right there in front of us along our paths through this journey of life.

: The word Advent means ” the coming” where Jesus came to us all, showing us to the path of righteousness and into the light of salvation”

” This season of Advent is a special time of year, that needs to flow throughout the coming year, so we all can truly feel the blood and faith of Jesus Christ that is within us all always”

” Step out of the darkness, step away from those dark clouds around us, step into the light of salvation, to truly be of who you are, and get within the peace and the love of Jesus Christ”

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