To be thankful is giving

” Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord of hosts, the whole Earth is full of his glory”

Isaiah 6:3

” Sing and make music in your heart to the Lord, always giving thanks to God the father for everything, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ”

Ephesians 5:19-20 niv

Here we are on the Eve of yet another Thanksgiving, a day when we all should be thankful for what we have, and thankful for who we are. I get that there are alot of factors that will come to us as we walk our paths through this journey of life, many things and many someones will come and try to disrupt us, to try to get us to fall off the rails sort of speak. When we think everything is going well, then suddenly, these life events bring us to a painful time, that keeps us from moving forward. these times will stop us in our tracks with great pain, while we try to become someone for who we are not, just to try to escape the pains from these times. It is not the journey that tries to trip us up, it is the paths we walk, especially when these paths are full of pitfalls and ditches to trip us up, full of many obstacles that force us to get lost off of the path, especially whern we get to a cross road. We are so focused on trying to avoid all the pain and hurt that our paths bring, that we then forget about the bigger picture, the fact that this journey is so much bigger than our paths and the fact that Jesus Christ is always right there, to guide us and show us the way, so the obstacles will never be too much to handle, as we walk through this journey in the peace and joy that Jesus wants for us always.

We first need the faith in Jesus Christ as well as in ourselves, so there will always be hope moving forward. Jesus gave thanks everyday as he walked this journey here with us, he prayed deeply to his father, to give him the strength to help us all in any way he can, whether it was feeding the hungry, or healing the sick, Jesus never looked at anyone the wrong way, never would he judge anyone, let alone, discriminate in any way shape or form, this type of ugliness came from we the people, as we have stopped believing and having faith in Jesus Christ. We the people are what is wrong here in this society, just like that society back in the time of Jesus Christ were what was wrong of that time, so if you want to change and heal what is wrong within this society, then truly look deep[ly into the mirror, any mirror, just look deeply into your soul, and with the belief and faith in Jesus Christ, he will help us all see ourselves truly of who we are, as we then will love ourselves very deeply, and then, love one another, as the bitterness and the ugliness disappears from us all.

Being thankful for what you have, or who is around you, is never a sign of weakness, as truly being thankful for who you are and for what is around you, shows nothing but strength, love and compassion, which are the big three staples, that Jesus Christ brought to us all, with each step on the paths we walk, throughout this journey.

I get that over the last three years , with the viruses, the shutdowns and the lockdowns, would totally disrupt any kind of good momentum you may have had, as you were moving forward on your psth, but now, and no matter who you were, the last three years have affected us all in some way. The only way to get yourself back on the tracks, is deep within you, not waiting for something/someone that may never come, as you are the one, and with hard work, will find the way, find the way back into the light and out of the darkness. We all have worked very hard to get to where we are today, but when you never give thanks to any of it, never give thanks for how you have walked to where you are, or given thanks for what you have become, then you are walking a troubled journey, with many hurdles yet to overcome. Yes we need the hurdles on our paths, as these hurdles keeps us in touch with the faith in Jesus Christ as well as ourselves, so all of us can be better and stronger with each step of our paths, throughout this journey of life. Through being thankful, we are always giving and most of the time we do not even know, as this comes naturally for us all. Just like faith and hope go together, being thankful and giving go togather as well, hence the word for our Holiday of, ” Thanksgiving”. Being truly thankful for anything, is what warms your heart very deeply with the love of Jesus, and when you are giving, it to will warm your heart with the love of Jesus as well. The reason why this society has gone so cold, is because too many of us have lost that feeling of warmth, which now we will not let Jesus into our hearts at all. It is never too late to get that true warm feeling back in the eyes of Jesus, it just starts with each of us and truly looking deeply into that mirror, to get back to who we truly are. This is when all the ugliness and the hatred disappear, this is when Jesus tells Satan to leave us all alone, this is when we all simply get back to walking our paths in the peace and love of Jesus Christ, so now the journey gives us all the happiness, that we have been striving so long for.

” To be thankful totally shows how greatful, to have the faith will always bring great hope always and forever”

” With the family gathering around the table, may we all feel the warmth of Jesus Christ within our hearts, who has brought us all together, so we all can get back to who we truly are”

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