Six Gun Shooter and packing the wrong heat

” We need to end these dark gloomy days that are among us, let the rays of the light of salvation shine brightly upon us moving forward, along this journey through life”

*** BowlingChef***

My little buddy needs to make an appearence once again, as this society has become so broken, that it will take each and every one of us, to repair the damages that have been made. Martin Richards was an eight year old boy, who was enjoying a day watching the runners of the Boston Marathon cross the finish line with his family, what troubles me even more is, I saw a video of one of the Bombers placing one of the bombs within a backpack, right at the feet of Martin? Something like this takes planning, it takes knowing of what you are about to do, there had to be some warning signs, only that these signs were ignored and swept under the rug. These two sick deranged Individuals, took it upon themselves to inflict fear, pain and hurt on as many as they could, and also had to be radicilized by someone or someone’s? Is this the society you want to walk through this journey, or even worse, is this the society you want your children to be raised within? We all need to step up to the plate and put and end to this ugliness, before there is nothing left to put an end to.

Right now within this society, we have way too much ugliness, hatred and corruption. We have some that will stop at nothing to achieve all the power, control and greed over all, and we regular folk are simply laying down, letting them walk all over us? Sound familiar? It should, because these are the tatics of a Bully, just that they have evolved greatly, just as this society has evolved, with all the technology and the social media platforms out there. That kid that shot up the supermarket in Buffalo, something or someone drove this kid to do that, there were warning signs that those around him are too afraid to admit to, there are way to much of the pointing of the finger, and to little holding thyself accountable anymore. It is so much easier to love one another, then it is to hate one another, as the love is already within you and the hate is learned from somewhere or someone. I am sorry, but you just do not walk into a supermarket of all places, without an agenda for what you are about to do, it is that simple, and for those around you to say that they didn’t see it coming……. Bull crap. They saw it coming, whether they want to admit to it or not. We are all born into this society in the same way, we all end this journey through society the same as well, what differs is, the way each of us get raised into the society, what we are taught from a young age, then continue the teachings as we grow older. Nobody wants to admit to their faults, and everybody knows more than each other, this is what this society has become and we can not continue like this, without something giving and unfortunatly, that giving is the life of those all around us.

The worst thing that could ever happen in this society, is happening right before our eyes. A shooter walking into an Elementary school full of innocent children, and then opening fire and killing many of them. First of all, who walks into a school and opens fire on innocent children? If you guessed a sick deranged Individual with an agenda, then you have guessed correctly. First things first, if you place a loaded gun on a table, within a crowded room and nobody touches it, will that gun fire? Correct if you said no, but add in the fact that there is a sick deranged Individual with an agenda in the same room, now the chances of it firing, have just increased, because those of us with a conscience, empathy and compassion, will never pick up that gun to begin with, not too mention that if you are not properly trained to handle any gun, then you shouldn’t be touching it all, and the fact that any gun whether loaded or not, should never be ” just hanging around” anywhere or any place. Now as the Police have their theories that they investigate, I to have a theory that could be seriously looked into? These Shooters have been victims at some point in their lives, they were brought great pain deep within that they now are trying to rid themselves of that pain, unfortunatly, at the expense of others, which now are creating many more victims for us all to worry about in the future. Not too mention that these Individuals where probaly victimized the same age of those that they attack now. They lived with the pain of their trauma for so long, til one day something triggered the pain they supressed, as now they relive the pain to which now they are desparately trying to rid themselves of the pain? Plus within this society, you have children growing up with either, one mother, one father, or maybe two father’s, or two mother’s, you get the picture? Now you are bringing up the next generation in a confused state, that will only get worse the older they get and whomever they meet along their path of this journey? There are so many factor’s that we can look at, but the bottom line is, we all screwed up and our children are paying the ultimate price for our screw ups.

Then there is this thing called Social Media. This was suppose to be a tool to help us all stay connected no matter where we are, but unfortunately we are all responsible for the way it has turned out. Parents actually use this and some games on the devices as a baby sitter, to keep the child occupied, as they do what they want in peace? Then they never pay attention to what their children are getting into while on the device, not too mention, what ever platform they have logged into. Unfortunatly there are some who will target the children and without the parents knowing, teach their children sick and twisted things, as they gain the trust of the child, that the parents have denied them. Such a sad society we live today, one that should make us all fill up the rivers with our tears, but unfortunatly we are all within the world of denial, which has us all not truly seeing any reality at all. There are also so many games on these platforms as well, some of these games do nothing but entice the children into devient and sick ways, they have these kids do stupid things even as they walk the streets, remember that game of ” knockout”? this was a game that enticed other’s to knockout a random person as they walked by them, this is some of the sick and twisted things you find on any platform. Well what about a game that brings in kids that were victimized at some point to get payback and then post to social media, for others to out do each other? Could this just be a theory, or is this truly happening right now? The way to stop this, is all of us, especially those raising children, looking out for one another, instead of simply walking your path of this journey, with blinder’s on, and not truly seeing anything and everything, that may be around you.

Martin Richards might of been only eight years old, but in many ways he was smarter than all of us, he was more mature then all of us, and with this sign of, ” no more hurting people, peace”, we will never know what his potential could of been, because of a couple of sick twistd and deranged Individuals, that have taken Martin from this journey. He could of changed the world? Or maybe he could of been a great leader, who would of led us to prosparity, we will never know now, but one thing we can see with any click, and myself, as I keep bringing him forth with my writings, let his words here sink deep within us all, as the love of Jesus Christ is within us as well, so we can get back to truly of who we are, instead of becoming this fake person,. It takes so much more work to keep this fake person going, as it is to keep our true selves going, just like it is so much work to keep this hatred before us all, then it is too spread the love that is already within us. This journey is really not that difficult people, Jesus even came here to show us how to walk through it also, just that we the people have turned this journey into crap, which then it becomes the ” responsibility” of all of us, to fix what we need to fix, so we all can move forward better and stronger, within the peace that Martin Richards shows us, and the faith in ourselves as well as Jesus Christ, giving us the hope for great happiness, throughout this journey of life.

” You know how a mechanic has different tools in his tool box, each tool helps him fix many things easily and correctly, well we all have lost certain tools that have us not fixing anything properly throughout this journey”

” If you are taught correctly, first you never touch anything that is not yours, and second, when it comes to firearms, you never touch them unless you have been properly trained in not just how to fire them, but how to hand them properly to one another”

” I totally understand the concept that nobody will look out for you as you yourself, well how is that working out as we have a society that simply walks over one another without even a flinch or a thought”

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