The ” Change” of it all

” Change is that thing we all take for granted and we then don’t except the change moving forward, which then has us all feeling the pain from the change gone by, as now the journey goes flying by us all, for we now regret anything and everyone all around us.


Change is one of those things that, if you do not look deeply into what you see, if you can not see truly of what is around you, then you will never let any kind of change that may come to you, help heal you in ways that you will never heal properly, without the right change at the right time. Change is that thing that is everywhere as we walk our paths of this journey, you can not get away from the change, there is big change and there is small change, and depending on what change that may come to you, some you will not even notice, as other kinds of change will slap your face so hard, the pain and hurt is very hard to ignore. I get the fact that we get so comfortable in what we are doing, that we want nothing to interrupt our little worlds, we feel safe when we are in our own little comfortable ruts, and we want nothing to bring us any kind of pain and hurt, that may disrupt our calmness, but without the right change coming to us and having us accept that change, then we will never see anything else that may come to us, that may be very helpful, to bring us even further into the light of salvation, and away from the darkness of the clouds that are surrounding us now.

Both of these pictures I have here, show things from a time gone by, that now have been replaced by change that has come to us all. The horse and buggy days, that was a time before automobiles, then the old automobile that has changed throughout the years, with all the modern day automobiles. We at one time before automobiles, would travel across this great land, on horse back and when we wanted to move to a new location, then we would have the horse tow a buggy behind him, with all our belongings, yes trips that we now drive in our automobiles, that would take a day or two, would take much longer by horse and buggy, but this is one of the changes that have come to each of us, that was for the better, to help us all be stronger and better moving forward. Then as the automobile changes throughout time and from what the very first one was like, makes for a nice smooth ride, for the trips that we may take, and as the buggy part has changed, we now have trailers that we tow behind our automobiles, which in some cases, the trailers can be a second home that we now tow behind our auto’s, that we can bring the comforts of home, anywhere that we may go. Plus now, we have cell phones, as I remember the times before this technology came to light, so as we drive our trips, with the comforts of home behind us in the trailer, we can also make calls, or recieve calls, from anyone and can be reached anywhere we go, this is another change that has come to us all, and also in some ways, it has been a great thing, and also in other ways, it has brought even more complications and drama’s to our paths throughout this journey.

Change is not limited to just us as we walk our paths of this journey, it is also within the plant life and the animal life that is all around us, these two areas we also take for granted, as we then will build more buildings, anywhere and everywhere we may, just so some can make money and profit from whatever they build, but they never think of the plant life, or the animal life that they disrupt as they build. When you clear a lot to build on, look a little closer of the lot you clear, what kind of animals are you forcing out of their homes? What kind of plant life are you now destroying, just so you can profit off of your build? In today’s world it is all about power, control and greed, as we think nothing of what we are truly doing, we think nothing for the ramifications of our actions, as now we lose touch of the empathy that is within us, just so we can move forward for our own good and forget about all those who may be around us, which then has not even paying attention to any kind of real change that may come to us for the better.

The green grass in your yard many also take for granted, some may never take care of it properly, and then complain why their grass looks like crap, then they look at those around who take care of their grass and then get angry that theirs look better then their own? Grass is like we ourselves, you want it to be full with a deep dark green color, you have to take proper maintenence of it, feed it, fertilize it, nuture it as well as groom it, if you do nothing, then now your grass turns to weeds and crab grass, which makes for a not so good look to your yard. Nuturing your grass in your yard, is just like nuturing yourself, so you can be better and stronger moving forward. When things do not go as planned along your path, then maybe you need to look at the changes that have come to you, maybe some of the changes were not a good fit for you? There are many changes all around you and not all the changes are a good fit for you, this is why you need to look deeper into what you see, so you can see through all the changes, and then maybe some of the pain and hurt can be avoided, now we must have some of the pain and hurt that comes with change, simply because, that is what makes us better and stronger moving forward, throughout this journey of life. They say the grass is never greener in another spot, I say then nuture it, take care of it, fix what needs to be fixed, so now wherever you may go, the grass as well as yourself, can flourish, no matter what change that may come to you.

We of this society have become so comfortable in our own little worlds, that we have let anyone or anything, walk all nover us at every turn of our paths, we have let this thing called ” political correction”, take complete control of who we truly are, as now we have become so afraid of offending anyone? Because of this, we have no clue of what constructive criticism is anymore, when some try to help us by providing this constructive criticism, we then push them away and retract into ourselves, which does nothing but make the situation worse and make ourselves afraid of anything and everything around us. No one wants to grow old, but this is the one change that we can not change, so we need to accept this, so we can move forward along our paths of this journey, the problem is that, there are many that will try to alter the aging process in many ways, which does nothing but bring much pain and hurt, especially if these processes are done wrong and by hacks, that are only in it to take even more of your money? So the grass is never greener anywhere else, unless you nuture it, take care of it and fix what needs to be fixed, so now you can move forward within the correct change, which will bring less pain and hurt to ourselves and those around us.

Change is something we should never take for granted, change can help us when we accept it and move forward within it, yes change can bring pain and hurt, but if we handle the change correctly, then the pain and hurt will be less of, as it will help us move forward better and stronger. Sometimes there are some that may say they are the change we need? Maybe so? But most of the time, this kind of change is never good, as you can clearly see, from what we of this society are going through now. The time is now, for each one of us with a brain, look deeper into what is around us, come together in unity, as we can now attack this so called change, to bring real change to us all, so we all can walk our paths in the peace and joy of Jesus Christ, throughout this journey of life, keeping the pain and hurt to a managable scale, as we all become better and stronger moving forward.

” Change is all around us, there are many kinds of change that will come to us, which makes it that much more important to look deeper into the change, as well as accept the change moving forward”

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