Divine Mercy/Trust in his Mercy

As I went into Church this morning, I saw these prayer cards and discovered they were a prayer for Ukraine, so let me share this prayer with all you, so together we can pray for a stop of Russian troops invading Ukraine, to let the people heal properly, fix what is needed, to return to their lives as they once knew.

God of love,

our world is wrought with war and violence, as brother turns on brother,

and the innocent awake to gunfire and bombs, may your compassion and healing move hearts,

and bring a new day to Ukraine, fortify your children to resist aggression,

and instead become instruments of peace. We ask this in the name of the one who is,

The Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ.

We all come to this journey in the same way, we are born and raised from two loving Individuals, who made a choice to join together in the sacriment of marrige, as their love for each other grew and became stronger, they had a child or children, so they can bring them up sharing that same love with them. Then through the generations, the love grew and bonded into a strong foundation, Then as these children grew and set out to walk their own paths, and as they met others who gave into temptation, now the feeling of doubt enters within them as they now rebel against what was, to try to move forward into what is to become. It is okay to rebel and find who you truly are, but, when you rebel and bring great pain and hurt towards one another, this is where our society has gone wrong, for now we all need to fix this, before there is nothing left to fix. This ugliness and hatred among us, have been going on for way too long, it is totally on each one of us as people, who are walking their paths through this journey, regardless of who brought all this, it is still our responsibility to fix the wrongs, so we can walk in peace, as Jesus Christ showed when he came to us and walked his path as well.

Jesus Christ came to us in very much the same way as we started out this journey, the difference between he and us is, he never lost faith in his Father and followed his lead, to bring each of us into the light of salvation, through peace, love, happiness and joy, instead of the dark clouds of Satan, which has us within the hatred, the ugliness and the darkness of evil, which is what Satan is all about. While within the darkness of Satan, you don’t think, you just follow what Satan does, You become so lost within the darkness, that you see zero light, which has you dependant on someone or something, that you may never truly understand. Satan may offer you the world, so you give into his temptation and come over to the dark side, but what is learned while deeply into the darkside, very few make it out of there as they once were, some will come out of the dark with issues and struggle with them throughout their journey, some with much hard work, rise above the issues and struggles, come through the pain and hurt, so they now can be at peace, while they share the love of Jesus with all those around them.

There is one way to enter into this journey, as there is only one way to exit this journey, but it is the middle that has us all so complexed? there are so many paths to walk within the middle part of this journey, that it has the smartest minds complexed as well, then those same smart ones, get you to follow them on their path, as the dark clouds become even darker. The whole middle part of the journey for everybody, is the part that if you get it wrong and struggle, then the rest of the journey is wrong and you will struggle, Now just because you have waivered off the beaten path and wandered down a path less traveled does not have too mean you are doomed? Cause now you have to put in the work, to get back to the light of salvation, escape out of the darkness, so you can heal from the pain and the hurt, heal from all the wrongs, so as the journey continues, you can do so in the peace and joy of Jesus Christ, while his blood warms your heart once again with his love, so you now can share that love with each other.

Then there is the end of this journey, or is there really an ending? Yes the journey here will end, but the biggest fear is, so many greatly fear death, that they then stop walking their path througth this journey of life. They put so much emphasis on the fear of the ending, that now they can’t heal properly, they can’t fix what is needed, simply because they do not know what to fix? They let Satan have all the power, control and the greed, that now they are totally dependant one another, to get them through this journey. With everything that gets thrown at you in the middle of the journey, and with the fear of death now stearing at you, this brings the chaos and how we become very divided from each other. Through the big divide, we become so a part from one another, that we forget to bond and unite, so we can move forward better and strionger, even if this journey is coming to a close, quicker than we really think it is. When we never lose faith in Jesus Christ, he will always bless us with eternal life, as one day we all will meet him at the Perly Gates, which is why we all need to walk correctly this journey, to be better and stronger with each step. There is so much change that will come to us and all those around us, true it can be very overwhelming, which is why now, trust will enter into the mix, cause without it, we will never trust anything nor anyone, and now we become further divided, becoming the lonely full of cold within the heart, burying our true feelings and emotions deep within. There are many endings all around us, some may be no big deal, some will bring a smile, while others bring tears, but the one ending that we fear most, and the ones close to us as well, is the ending of this journey, that stops us in our tracks, no matter where you are and if you are not ready, Oh!!! Well, cause now you lay in purgatory, til the issues get resolved from Jesus, and then you can be within the peace, love and happiness, always and within the love of Jesus Christ, because he is like a Marine, and will leave no one behind, for Satan to bring within the dark clouds, keeping them lost forever.

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