Power, Control and Greed

” You can’t have the power without gaining the control, and without the greed you have none of the previous two’

” It is true that greed is the root to all evil, cause then you will not stop with just the greed, as know you want it all, including the power and control over all”

Now I gety the fact that we need money to pay for what we need to survive like, rent/mortgage payments, a vehicle to get back and forth to our jobs, the cable company so we can have TV or internet, etc…. The list goes on, but thats the problem here, we are paying out so much just to survive, that now we become so dependant on material things, we have foregotten of what this journey is truly about. The money will never bring true happiness, it will only bring more pain and hurt, unless you have so much of it, that now you isolate yourself forn fear of others trying to come and strip you from it, hence…… The fact that now you are in a state of loneliness and depression, which turns you into someone for who you truly are not. I get everybody wants to be rich and famous, and with social media, with all the ways you now can get your five min. of fame sort of speak, we have turned a corner along our paths, that will have us all down this road of destruction, if we do not change our direction in a hurry.

Most of the problem here in this society is, ” we the people”. It is we the people that have started all this crap we all are going through right now, and it is we the people that can end all this as well. We have been so consumed with ” what is good for me”, that we have lost everything about feeling empathy for one another. What is true Empathy you ask? Basically it is a true feeling that is within each of us, so we can actually put ourselves in another’s shoes and feel their pain, when we do this, now not only are we helping one another, but we are helping ourselves to be better and stronger with each step along our paths through this journey of life. We have these things within us known as feelings and emotions, the problem right now is that, there are far too many today that have suppressed these feelings and emotions so deep within, that now they feel nothing, leaving thyem with, a heart that has become so cold, that they don’t care for anything or anybody but themselves.

There is an old school rock group by the name of Kansas, they have a song called, ” dust in the wind”, if you haven’t heard it, you need to hear it, I am saying really listen to the words of this song and as you listen, then really listen with some empathy, while putting we the people at the center of the song. We all may walk our own paths of this journey, but yes this journey is the same no matter of who you are. we come to this world in the same way and we end this world the same, it is the middle of this journey that will be different, simply because we all walk our own oaths. While walking these paths there will be many different people or things that will influence us along the way, these influences will be either good or bad, it then comes down to each of us to make the choice to continue as we are influenced, or maybe be the trailblazer and follow our hearts away from the bad, so we can continue moving forward in peace and true happiness. Sometimes as we walk our paths we make bad choices, but the biggest problem with this is, when we feel backed into the corner and make further bad choices that at the time seem better, just so we can get out of the corner? It are these bad choices, that when compounded, make not just our own paths difficult, but now make the paths of others difficult as well, and when you have a broken society such as this one, now you have so much ugliness and chaos around you, that it becomes very difficult to make any kind od a good choice moving forward.

Like that song ” dust in the wind”, so to are we just dust in the wind, as when this journey comes to an end for us all, we to will be like the dust as the wind just blows us wherever it ma, and when that happens, we then realize that all the power, control and the greed mean absolutly nothing. I get the fact that we want to leave a legacy, especially leave a legacy to our loved ones, when we leave what we have built and worked hard for along oour paths, when we leave and have built such a great legacy, so the ones we leave here are in a good space, and they then become guided and misled in the wrong ways, then how true was that legacy that you have left? We all want our children to be better then we ourselves had along our paths, but if you are misleading them in the wrong direction, then are their futures really going to be better when you are gone from this journey? Nobody ever wants to admit to the error of their ways, we all want to look to others as perfect, there is nobody here on this journey that is perfect, the only one that is perfect, is our creator, God himsrlf and he sent his one and only son Jesus Christ here to walk with us, showing us all, teaching us all on how to walk our paths through this journey of life, the problem now is, there are far too many that have lost all faith in Jesus Christ, which now has you losing all faith in yourself as well. Without the faith there is no hope, without hope all our futures are bleak, as now we are just like the dust that is being blown around in the wind, like the tumbleweeds in an abandoned Ghost town from our past societies.

Three words: , power, control and greed, this is what our society is all about, these are the words that have us all stopped dead in our tracks along our paths, with only a certain few who are prospering and I am sure you can figure it out, without me getting too deep into it, Yes the times may seem bleak for us all right now, but it is never too late to change our ways, change back to being truly of who we are, get back to having complete faith in Jesus Christ, so we than can have complete faith in ourselves to keep alive the hope and in front of us, so the real change will help us get back in touch with our true feelings and emotions, and the feeling of empathy will help us not only stay on the right path, but help us truly guide one another along our way into the path of righteousness, as now we all can see what true freedom is, truly see what God saw when he created us all, so we now can walk our paths with a purpose, without getting caught up in all the power, control and the greed, which will do nothing but lead us into evil ways of the bad, keeping us from all the good. It is all right there in front of us, we the people just need to look deeply into what we see, truly change our actions from what we are doiung, stop attacking one another, stop bullying and trying to control one another, get back in touch with the empathy deep within, so as we do this, then we all become rich on walking our paths better and stronger moving forward, while we enjoy peacefully with happiness, everything within this journey of life.

” Power, control and greed is a recipe for diseaster, as love, empathy and being truly of who you are, is the recipe for true success and true happinness within this journey of life”

” Dust in the wind gets blown around and never knows where it lands, with much turmoil all around”

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