The true miracle is within us

” There was a wedding at Cana in Galilee, and the mother of Jesus was there, Jesus and the Disciples were invited to the wedding. When the wine ran short, the mother of Jesus said to him, ” They have no wine ” “.

JN 2:1-3

As yet another Christmas is in our rear view mirror, let us never forget the one gift that is always within us, no matter what time of year it is, and that is the love of Jesus that warms our hearts, so we can walk in his peace and joy along our paths of this journey through life. One of the first miracles Jesus brought forth, was when the Servers filled the containers with water and he turned the water to wine, so all could celebrate of the two coming together as one. Weddings today clearly, does not mean the same as they once did, the vows that a bride and groom say to one another, simply are not what they once were, as they do not take the vows as being sacred anymore. A marrige is between a man and a woman, but in todays society, all bets are off to who is actually the bride and who is the groom? Not too mention the fact that some do not know if they are a man or a woman, but let’s not get too deep into this one just yet. I get the fact that maybe some actually like others of the same, but let’s be real here, what you do behind a closed door, or in private from others, is for you and whoever you are with, it is when you force it upon others, where the problem within this society then lies. Then when that man and woman have children from the product of their love for one another, this is how this world continues from one society to another, the fact that more of the same are coming together and leaving the children out of it, only burdens the world from moving forward better and stronger in the future. Jesus showed us many miracles as he walked his path here with us, but without his faith, or the faith in yourself, you will never see any miracle, no matter what path you take through this journey of life.

The true miracles of this journey will come to each of us, but first we need the faith in ourselves as well as in Jesus Christ, which will give us great hope, for whatever the miracle is, that will come before us. There are many different miracles, but without the faith, we will never see any miracles at all, Jesus cured the sick, fed the hungry, all with only the clothes on his back and the faith in his father, the God of us all, he showed us that with the faith, then there is no miracle that will ever pass us by, as they give us much hope moving forward. Jesus turned the water at the wedding into wine, he also turned a body of water into blood, showing that as the water flows around us, so does his love flow within us and warm our hearts with his love, so now we can share that love with each other. But if we do not take sacred the vows, then everything around us will crumble, as our hearts go cold, with everything around becoming a wastland of, what if’s and no action.

While you are looking at the stream, don’t just look with the eyes of, disbelief and no faith, because the stream keeps flowing for all the other living things that depend on it. The stream is not selfish and the stream is always there for whatever is around it, it is we the people that become selfish and lose the faith in our empathy for one another, leaving us all deep within the dark clouds of Satan. While the dark clouds hover over us all, there is no love, and when we do use this word, we throw it around like, giving out candy at Halloween. The love of Jesus is as sacred as the vows at the wedding, and without it, leaves us all in disarray, with zero respect of one another, and our integrity gets left out in the cold. We need to bring back what the wedding once was, cause without it, we then walk our paths with no purpose, and with no vows to guide us in the new life, we then become so much in disarray, that now we lose the direction of where we are going and away from the path of righteousness, which has us even deeper in the darkness, away from the light of salvation.

The stream never loses it’s faith, as it flows freely around all the obstacles, and with that faith, it will always have the hope of reaching it’s goal of, being one with the body of water that is below. This is what the sacred words of the vows at the wedding will do for us as well, it will bond us together as one, so now we can be better and stronger, as we walk this journey together, no matter what path you chose. We become bonded together from the love of Jesus within our hearts, and as we feel the warmth of the love within us, we now are blessed with the fruits of that love, as we bring up our children, from that love. There are so many broken homes today, homes where the vows have been broken, leaving the children with all the pain and hurt? When a man and a woman break their vows and go their separate ways, very seldom do they think of the children, and only think of themselves and who will get the house? They also keep moving the children around from place to place between them, and never let the children then set their roots properly to move forward better and stronger, plus we all have a child deep within us, and when that child isn’t nourished properly, it then will not grow properly, leaving the child on the outside not growing properly as well, and with a society full of childish children, now you have a broken society, deep within the dark clouds, full of ugliness and chaos.

Truly believing in the miracle, is having the faith in yourself as well as Jesus Christ, so now, you keep alive the hope, which is also the miracle that will come at no particular time. I get that we all want to put away the Christmas decorations? But way too much as we put away the decorations, we then put away the true meaning of Christmas, as we go the rest of the year without it, til Christmas seasons comes back once again. We have let Christmas become so commercialized, that now we become deep in stress, when we can’t get that perfect gift? We lose that true meaning and the true feeling that Christmas is, we will never walk this journey as Jesus did, if we can not truly feel the warmth of his love, which is the true meaning of Christmas, and without the true meaning, we will never know how to truly feel his warmth,, as we never feel the warmth of his love, it then leaves us all with no faith as the hope then goes away from being in front of us, no matter what direction you walk? When our hearts go cold, the dark clouds get thicker, just as when the clouds thin out, then the light of salvation clears the paths, so we can look deeply into what we see. Jesus came to us, showing us how to walk our paths of this journey, he taught us many things, as he brought the power of the miracles, to prove to us all that, with the true faith and belief, then there will always be hope, for the real miracle that may come to us all. It’s the miracles that keep us going as we move forward, as we truly stay to who we are, feeling the warmth of the love of Jesus within us, so we can always move forward to be better and stronger, while we walk our paths, throughout this journey of life.

” When we look deeply into all the bodies of water, then we will see all the miracles that we then believe with faith, for the hope as we move forward along the journey”

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