The Secluded Quiet Calm

” Take a walk on a rocky beach with only you and your thoughts, go hike up a mountain to see as far as the eyes can see and the highway below as the cars seem like just a toy, the true beauty is out there, yes you may need to put in some work to see it, but the reward from the work, makes it all your quiet calm”

With the news yesterday of Tom Brady retiring, as certain ones within the media started this fire storm among all the social media platforms, including the news media themselves biting on this misinformation, not too mention even Tom’s good friend Edlman biting on the news, shows just how much we all have become the sheep of the media, as we all fell victim to the ESPN reporters, reporting that Tom Brady has retired from ther game of football. Now don’t get me wrong, Tom in football years is getting old, but he has not lost a step and yes he still can compete, as well as pick apart a defense, as good as any quarterback in the league. True he may need a good and big offensive line in front of him to protect him, but in todays game, even the young Guns coming into this league, also need a good offensive line, as all the defensive lines out there, have become bigger and faster, so they can get to the Quarterback and disrupt his performence. Scott Zolak who was a back up QB in this league, played for the New England Patriots and backed up Drew Bledsoe, came out on twitter last night saying, ” never believe what you hear, unless you hear it from the horses mouth”, because what he was saying was, Tom did not come out and say anything about retiring, as the Tampa Bay coach and GM, came out saying, ” Tom did not say anything to us of him retiring”. Tom did say a couple years ago, he wanted to play til 45 years old, well that means one more year we can be graced with the presence of the G. O. A. T, on any field within the National Football League. I get the fact that there are some fans that hate Tom Brady, only because he is a winner and wants to win, every time he walks on the field, but that is no reason to start any kind of rumor like the one yesterday, as this did nothing but further prove just how much we all have become a sheep to the lies and corruption of all the media, especially social media.

Love him, like him, or hate him, Tom Brady is the best Quarterback to ever play the game of football, with some of the great Qb’s from the past even coming out and saying it, but to start a rumor like yesterday, goes to show how corrupt the media is. It is actually pretty sad that some will do whatever they can or want, just to write, or should I say, try to write a story, so they can get paid and say they are the ones that predicted the future of any athlete. Within all the wallls of all the medias, it is about the drama, the agendas, the lies and the fake stories, just so they can bleed us further of our money, as they put that money in their pockets. The media wants it all, they want the power, they want the control and most of all, they want the greed, They care nothing for you and I, they care nothing for the ones they write the stories about, they just want you to be their sheep, as you keep falling for their lies and their fake stories they create.

We do not need the media as big as they set their long term forcasts on, we may need certain parts of the media so we can be more informed true, like keeping up with the day to day of what is going on, or even keep up with the weather, so we can plan the good days, to step out within mother nature and see all her true beauty, But the media that is in front of us now? We do not need them as all they are doing is bringing even more drama, to each and every one of us, which will have us crave more drama, and have us become their sheep, while they keep hitting us with their canes, to keep us buying their publications and keeping them living their plush exotic lifestyles, as we get left out in the cold and dependant on them.

There are plenty of places we can go to escape the clutches of the media influence and the hold they have on us, some of these places do take some work on our part, so if your willing to put in the work? The reward from that work, will have you in awe, of all the beauty that is around you. The walks on the rocky beaches, not the sandy beaches where most all others go, the rocky beaches, where it is you, the beauty of mother nature and whatever kind of animal life that may walk that beach with you. The hiking up a mountain and having your breathe taken away from the beauty of the summit, on a good day looking out and seeing as far as you can see, all the beauty from being what seems like on top of the world. Looking down on the road you took to get to where you are and the cars looking like little toys, not too mention, all the quiet calm all around you, that helps you relax in peace, which helps the stress simply melt from your shoulders.

We of this society need to get out of the sheep clothes, get into a more comfortable fitting wardrobe, so we can get back to who we are, get back to truly feeling our true feelings and emotions, stop being controlled by all the ugliness and the misinformation out there, so we can walk our paths with confidence through this journey of life. We all will be controlled by something or someone along our paths, as we are being controlled we will bury deep within the pain and hurt from it, leaving us becoming someone for who we are not, just to try to keep moving forward? While we bury the pain and hurt, it will leak out to those around us, even if we do not realize of the leaking, as now others will feel and see the pain and hurt, with all the pain and hurt all around us, clearly you can see that nothing you may see, will have any beauty attached to it, and then makes for those within the media to control us further, as their ugly grasp on us, becomes hard to escape from. This journey is not for them with their control, this journey is for us to walk our paths, better and stronger moving forward, just as Jesus walked his journey here with us and showing us, that when we do it correctly, we can get to that path of righteousness full of the quiet calm all around us, we just need to stop being controlled, stop being the sheep of the journey, and step out to see the real journey, as Jesus did while he was here with us. It is true that good things come to those who wait, but in this fast paced society, nobody wants to wait anymore, so no matter of their pain and hurt, they just suppress it deep inside, as they try to keep moving forward along their paths, through this journey of life. When you keep suppressing the pain and the hurt, eventually it does leak out even without you knowing it, as now you get within the strong grab of denial, which now has us falling even deeper into a world of pain and hurt, and the way we all are right now, and the way we treat each other right now, proves further that, there is so much pain and hurt out there, we will do anything and yes we will become a sheep for whomever or whatever, that wants to take us over and control us in any way that they can.

The pain and hurt will never go away, until each one of us take the necessary steps, to heal properly heal from our pain and hurt, properly heal so we can truly be better and stronger moving forward, as a big part of that healing comes from, having complete faith in ourselves as well as Jesus Christ, as the hope will always be there right in front of us moving forward. Healing properly is part of all the different paths out there, the problem is, through all the Power, control and the greed, no one then heals properly, instead they hide in plain sight of each other, just to blend in like the sheep, without being a stand out, like the Shepard who controls all the sheep and the direction they go. Now I get not all of us can be a chief, and we do need the Indians, so some can put in the work to keep us all moving forward, not all of us can be a Shepard, as now there will be no sheep to lead, I get not all of us will be a leader, but we all have these qualities within us, just that through all the pain and the hurt, there are way too many of us that never even try, to become the true leader that we all are, which then, the wrong ones become the leader and lead us into all the temptations, that further all the pain and hurt around us, making it harder to resist the temptations and just simply, being of truly who we are, like Jesus showed us, while he walked his path here with us, throughout this journey of life.

” Walking the rocky beach may be tough on our feet, it may further the pain and hurt, yes the sandy beach will be easier on our feet, but we all need the rocky beach from time to time, to truly heal us from all that hurts us so”

” We need to stop being so Gullable and easy to control, so we all can be better and stronger along our paths, through this journey of life”

” Gone are the days of yesteryear, which is why we all need to step out of our comfort zones and to move forward better and stronger always”

Power, Control and Greed

” You can’t have the power without gaining the control, and without the greed you have none of the previous two’

” It is true that greed is the root to all evil, cause then you will not stop with just the greed, as know you want it all, including the power and control over all”

Now I gety the fact that we need money to pay for what we need to survive like, rent/mortgage payments, a vehicle to get back and forth to our jobs, the cable company so we can have TV or internet, etc…. The list goes on, but thats the problem here, we are paying out so much just to survive, that now we become so dependant on material things, we have foregotten of what this journey is truly about. The money will never bring true happiness, it will only bring more pain and hurt, unless you have so much of it, that now you isolate yourself forn fear of others trying to come and strip you from it, hence…… The fact that now you are in a state of loneliness and depression, which turns you into someone for who you truly are not. I get everybody wants to be rich and famous, and with social media, with all the ways you now can get your five min. of fame sort of speak, we have turned a corner along our paths, that will have us all down this road of destruction, if we do not change our direction in a hurry.

Most of the problem here in this society is, ” we the people”. It is we the people that have started all this crap we all are going through right now, and it is we the people that can end all this as well. We have been so consumed with ” what is good for me”, that we have lost everything about feeling empathy for one another. What is true Empathy you ask? Basically it is a true feeling that is within each of us, so we can actually put ourselves in another’s shoes and feel their pain, when we do this, now not only are we helping one another, but we are helping ourselves to be better and stronger with each step along our paths through this journey of life. We have these things within us known as feelings and emotions, the problem right now is that, there are far too many today that have suppressed these feelings and emotions so deep within, that now they feel nothing, leaving thyem with, a heart that has become so cold, that they don’t care for anything or anybody but themselves.

There is an old school rock group by the name of Kansas, they have a song called, ” dust in the wind”, if you haven’t heard it, you need to hear it, I am saying really listen to the words of this song and as you listen, then really listen with some empathy, while putting we the people at the center of the song. We all may walk our own paths of this journey, but yes this journey is the same no matter of who you are. we come to this world in the same way and we end this world the same, it is the middle of this journey that will be different, simply because we all walk our own oaths. While walking these paths there will be many different people or things that will influence us along the way, these influences will be either good or bad, it then comes down to each of us to make the choice to continue as we are influenced, or maybe be the trailblazer and follow our hearts away from the bad, so we can continue moving forward in peace and true happiness. Sometimes as we walk our paths we make bad choices, but the biggest problem with this is, when we feel backed into the corner and make further bad choices that at the time seem better, just so we can get out of the corner? It are these bad choices, that when compounded, make not just our own paths difficult, but now make the paths of others difficult as well, and when you have a broken society such as this one, now you have so much ugliness and chaos around you, that it becomes very difficult to make any kind od a good choice moving forward.

Like that song ” dust in the wind”, so to are we just dust in the wind, as when this journey comes to an end for us all, we to will be like the dust as the wind just blows us wherever it ma, and when that happens, we then realize that all the power, control and the greed mean absolutly nothing. I get the fact that we want to leave a legacy, especially leave a legacy to our loved ones, when we leave what we have built and worked hard for along oour paths, when we leave and have built such a great legacy, so the ones we leave here are in a good space, and they then become guided and misled in the wrong ways, then how true was that legacy that you have left? We all want our children to be better then we ourselves had along our paths, but if you are misleading them in the wrong direction, then are their futures really going to be better when you are gone from this journey? Nobody ever wants to admit to the error of their ways, we all want to look to others as perfect, there is nobody here on this journey that is perfect, the only one that is perfect, is our creator, God himsrlf and he sent his one and only son Jesus Christ here to walk with us, showing us all, teaching us all on how to walk our paths through this journey of life, the problem now is, there are far too many that have lost all faith in Jesus Christ, which now has you losing all faith in yourself as well. Without the faith there is no hope, without hope all our futures are bleak, as now we are just like the dust that is being blown around in the wind, like the tumbleweeds in an abandoned Ghost town from our past societies.

Three words: , power, control and greed, this is what our society is all about, these are the words that have us all stopped dead in our tracks along our paths, with only a certain few who are prospering and I am sure you can figure it out, without me getting too deep into it, Yes the times may seem bleak for us all right now, but it is never too late to change our ways, change back to being truly of who we are, get back to having complete faith in Jesus Christ, so we than can have complete faith in ourselves to keep alive the hope and in front of us, so the real change will help us get back in touch with our true feelings and emotions, and the feeling of empathy will help us not only stay on the right path, but help us truly guide one another along our way into the path of righteousness, as now we all can see what true freedom is, truly see what God saw when he created us all, so we now can walk our paths with a purpose, without getting caught up in all the power, control and the greed, which will do nothing but lead us into evil ways of the bad, keeping us from all the good. It is all right there in front of us, we the people just need to look deeply into what we see, truly change our actions from what we are doiung, stop attacking one another, stop bullying and trying to control one another, get back in touch with the empathy deep within, so as we do this, then we all become rich on walking our paths better and stronger moving forward, while we enjoy peacefully with happiness, everything within this journey of life.

” Power, control and greed is a recipe for diseaster, as love, empathy and being truly of who you are, is the recipe for true success and true happinness within this journey of life”

” Dust in the wind gets blown around and never knows where it lands, with much turmoil all around”

The true miracle is within us

” There was a wedding at Cana in Galilee, and the mother of Jesus was there, Jesus and the Disciples were invited to the wedding. When the wine ran short, the mother of Jesus said to him, ” They have no wine ” “.

JN 2:1-3

As yet another Christmas is in our rear view mirror, let us never forget the one gift that is always within us, no matter what time of year it is, and that is the love of Jesus that warms our hearts, so we can walk in his peace and joy along our paths of this journey through life. One of the first miracles Jesus brought forth, was when the Servers filled the containers with water and he turned the water to wine, so all could celebrate of the two coming together as one. Weddings today clearly, does not mean the same as they once did, the vows that a bride and groom say to one another, simply are not what they once were, as they do not take the vows as being sacred anymore. A marrige is between a man and a woman, but in todays society, all bets are off to who is actually the bride and who is the groom? Not too mention the fact that some do not know if they are a man or a woman, but let’s not get too deep into this one just yet. I get the fact that maybe some actually like others of the same, but let’s be real here, what you do behind a closed door, or in private from others, is for you and whoever you are with, it is when you force it upon others, where the problem within this society then lies. Then when that man and woman have children from the product of their love for one another, this is how this world continues from one society to another, the fact that more of the same are coming together and leaving the children out of it, only burdens the world from moving forward better and stronger in the future. Jesus showed us many miracles as he walked his path here with us, but without his faith, or the faith in yourself, you will never see any miracle, no matter what path you take through this journey of life.

The true miracles of this journey will come to each of us, but first we need the faith in ourselves as well as in Jesus Christ, which will give us great hope, for whatever the miracle is, that will come before us. There are many different miracles, but without the faith, we will never see any miracles at all, Jesus cured the sick, fed the hungry, all with only the clothes on his back and the faith in his father, the God of us all, he showed us that with the faith, then there is no miracle that will ever pass us by, as they give us much hope moving forward. Jesus turned the water at the wedding into wine, he also turned a body of water into blood, showing that as the water flows around us, so does his love flow within us and warm our hearts with his love, so now we can share that love with each other. But if we do not take sacred the vows, then everything around us will crumble, as our hearts go cold, with everything around becoming a wastland of, what if’s and no action.

While you are looking at the stream, don’t just look with the eyes of, disbelief and no faith, because the stream keeps flowing for all the other living things that depend on it. The stream is not selfish and the stream is always there for whatever is around it, it is we the people that become selfish and lose the faith in our empathy for one another, leaving us all deep within the dark clouds of Satan. While the dark clouds hover over us all, there is no love, and when we do use this word, we throw it around like, giving out candy at Halloween. The love of Jesus is as sacred as the vows at the wedding, and without it, leaves us all in disarray, with zero respect of one another, and our integrity gets left out in the cold. We need to bring back what the wedding once was, cause without it, we then walk our paths with no purpose, and with no vows to guide us in the new life, we then become so much in disarray, that now we lose the direction of where we are going and away from the path of righteousness, which has us even deeper in the darkness, away from the light of salvation.

The stream never loses it’s faith, as it flows freely around all the obstacles, and with that faith, it will always have the hope of reaching it’s goal of, being one with the body of water that is below. This is what the sacred words of the vows at the wedding will do for us as well, it will bond us together as one, so now we can be better and stronger, as we walk this journey together, no matter what path you chose. We become bonded together from the love of Jesus within our hearts, and as we feel the warmth of the love within us, we now are blessed with the fruits of that love, as we bring up our children, from that love. There are so many broken homes today, homes where the vows have been broken, leaving the children with all the pain and hurt? When a man and a woman break their vows and go their separate ways, very seldom do they think of the children, and only think of themselves and who will get the house? They also keep moving the children around from place to place between them, and never let the children then set their roots properly to move forward better and stronger, plus we all have a child deep within us, and when that child isn’t nourished properly, it then will not grow properly, leaving the child on the outside not growing properly as well, and with a society full of childish children, now you have a broken society, deep within the dark clouds, full of ugliness and chaos.

Truly believing in the miracle, is having the faith in yourself as well as Jesus Christ, so now, you keep alive the hope, which is also the miracle that will come at no particular time. I get that we all want to put away the Christmas decorations? But way too much as we put away the decorations, we then put away the true meaning of Christmas, as we go the rest of the year without it, til Christmas seasons comes back once again. We have let Christmas become so commercialized, that now we become deep in stress, when we can’t get that perfect gift? We lose that true meaning and the true feeling that Christmas is, we will never walk this journey as Jesus did, if we can not truly feel the warmth of his love, which is the true meaning of Christmas, and without the true meaning, we will never know how to truly feel his warmth,, as we never feel the warmth of his love, it then leaves us all with no faith as the hope then goes away from being in front of us, no matter what direction you walk? When our hearts go cold, the dark clouds get thicker, just as when the clouds thin out, then the light of salvation clears the paths, so we can look deeply into what we see. Jesus came to us, showing us how to walk our paths of this journey, he taught us many things, as he brought the power of the miracles, to prove to us all that, with the true faith and belief, then there will always be hope, for the real miracle that may come to us all. It’s the miracles that keep us going as we move forward, as we truly stay to who we are, feeling the warmth of the love of Jesus within us, so we can always move forward to be better and stronger, while we walk our paths, throughout this journey of life.

” When we look deeply into all the bodies of water, then we will see all the miracles that we then believe with faith, for the hope as we move forward along the journey”

Its not the gift, its the gesture in giving the gift

” I am Baptizing you with water, but one mightier than I is coming. I am not worthy to loosen the thongs of his sandals. He will Baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire”

***LK 3:16bc

Christmas time is about the birth of the only son of man, Jesus Christ came to us, to walk with us, to share his love with us, to teach and show us many things throughout this journey of life, Jesus was born within a stable, with many coming to bear witness of the birth, whether you were rich or poor, you came to see baby Jesus in the cradle, within the stables that Mary his mother lay down, as Joesph made a bed of hay for here to be comfortable. There is no room at the Inn, and later we will find that, Jesus would prefer the stable so he could be closer to all the people who he loved. People came from all over bearing gifts for the baby Jesus, yes he was thankful, but he did not want the gifts, he wanted us all to come together out of the love for one another, so we all could walk our paths of this journey in peace and joy always.

Christmas time within this society is something we take so for granted, as we have become accustomed to recieving gifts so much that, we have foregotten the true message that Christmas is? Then with so many that have walked away from the house of God, we have become stressed out, because we can’t find that perfect gift for who we want to give it to? We forget that the most perfect gift we can give to anyone is, the gift of our love, as our love is the love of Jesus, that flows through our veins and warms our hearts through and through. Jesus doesn’t say much, but leads us by great example, showing us that, when we truly follow him, we to can walk into the light of salvation and onto the path of righteousness, and with faith, there will always be hope moving forward.

What really is a gift? Jesus was a gift from God, to all of us, no matter of who you were. We the people back then, were very much the same as we the people of today, the corruption, the ugliness, the chaos and the hatred of one another, are all very same even though they were different times from one another, these are all fueled by the need for, power, control and greed. Back then as Jesus was walking his path, he walked into what used to be the house of God, and found it was being used to collect taxes from the poor, so the rich can be richer, Jesus showed some anger as he flipped over all the tables, which scattered the money all over. We think that money is a great gift, but in reality, it is nothing more than the root of all Evil, that corrupts us all. We have becomed conditioned to the fact that we need money to get anywhere we want to go, but we forget that Jesus walked many miles of this journey and with only the clothes on his back, with no money, as he put complete faith in his father, the Lord God, as well as having complete faith in himself. Jesus would always stay within the people and not with the so called Leaders of that time, showing that, a true leader will lead, and not just lead for the reward to become rich, but for the reward that, others will follow you for your love of another, and that you show that you can unite everybody together, against all the corruption and the ugliness. Right now during this time within this society, is the perfect time for Jesus, to now bring his one and only son to us, for with all the technology we have today, is a very different kind of ugliness and chaos we see today, as his son can truly show us the way through this journey, so we can rise up above the technology and unite together using the technology as it was designed to be used, so we all can be better and stronger for it.

Christmas is suppose to be about all of us bringing our love to one another as the gift, it is nothing to do with buying the biggest and most expensive gift from a store, we have lost the true meaning of Christmas along our paths, we just need to find what we have lost, so we all can come together and truly celebrate it once again. Once we find what the true meaning of Christmas is once again, then we can feel the love of Jesus that is within us, as it then warms our hearts and we share this love with each other, and as our hearts become warm, we then will come together in unity, as we walk our paths like Jesus did, while we keep the faith, for the hope to brighten our path, so the light of salvation will guide us into the path of righteousness, as we then walk with a purpose, and with that purpose comes, unity, love and respect of one another, instead of this power, control and greed.

Within this society we lack many things, but the biggest thing we lack is, the complete faith in ourselves as well as with Jesus Christ. We have lost our true faith and when we lose the faith, then we become lost within the clouds of our judgments, we then will never heal properly when we need, which will lead us all into great pain from our hurts, we all will hurt from something, somewhere along our paths of this journey, we just need to acknowledge the hurt, so we can heal properly from the hurt, as now the pain will be short lived and we can keep moving forward. When we let the pain stick around longer than it should, we then focus too much on the pain, leaving us with great hurt, that we then bury deep within and never heal properly from it. When we do not heal properly, with the pain and hurt over whelming us greatly, this is when Satan then puts out the warmth within our hearts as now it becomes cold to everything around us, which now the hurt brings these dark clouds over head, with no sight of any light down the road of this journey. Satan will lead us to temptation, while Jesus shows us how to resist the temptation, so we can continue along our path of this journey, better and stronger, then we started from the beginning.

Sometimes along this journey we may feel like we are alone and no where to turn, this is when the faith in ourselves and in Jesus Christ will help us keep moving forward, even throughout the times we feel alone. This tree on the side of the mountain may look as if it is lonely, but when you look deeper, you can see that it is vibrant with life and happy to be where it needs to be, then this little island on the lake, it to may seem lonely with no life around it? Well again look deeply into what you see, and what you will find is, an Island full of life and content with where it needs to be. We may think that the richer we are,the more powerful we will become? This is not the case, as it is just the opposite, the richer you are, the more lonely you become, cause now you get into this mind set that, money is everything and without it you are nothing. Jesus showed us that to be true, as he walked this journey with just the clothes on his back, he didn’t have a certain attire for every second he walked, this would be big over kill with too much baggage to carry around, showing us that less is more and less brings us great happiness, with every step of this journey. We have totally lost our way through this journey, in the way we are walking our paths, we have zero empathy of each other and think that money will take care of our pain and hurt? money will only compound further the pain, leaving us lonely at every turn of our paths through this journey of life. Because of all the greed, we have totally lost the true meaning of Christmas and have become clouded with all the gifts we do not need, instead of the one big gift we all need, the gift of our love for one another, that love that flows through our veins and warms our hearts as the love of Jesus, until we get back to this, we will never heal properly, so we all can move forward in peace and joy, to get to that quiet calm, that we so desperatly need, to be better and stronger throughout this journey of life.

” The gifts we give to each other mean nothing compared to the love we share toward one another, that comes from deep within our hearts”

” What a tangled web we have weaved, through the darkness of Satan and away from the house of God and the light of salvation”

” without the love of Jesus and each other, we have no unity and lonliness will have our hearts go cold away from any heat”

Being divided is no way to move forward better

” Throughout the history of Mankind, we have worked together in unity, so we all can move forward better, what is stopping us today is, the “me” syndrome, the power, the control and the greed, with very little empathy of each other, leaving us all stuck in the same place with no where to go”


My little buddy needs to come before us all once again, as the message he displays here of, ” no more hurting people, Peace”, needs to go viral among us all. What’s the biggest thing wrong with this society of today? Yes it is we the people, and when you look deeper, it’s we the people with our sick twisted ideas, actions and quite simply, the way we have been treating each other for decades now. Sadly, there are way too many that have walked away from the house of God, so we all need to look deep within ourselves and truly ask ourselves this question, so we than can come up with a truthful answer, instead of this made up answer, that will only hurt us deeply in the future.

There are way too many of us that are hurting deeply and then hiding that hurt instead of truly healing from it. The pain and hurt we all feel, will never leave us when we try to bury it without healing from it, instead we then and in some cases without knowing it, we will bring this pain and hurt to others around us, which then does nothing but compound the the pain and hurt. As we bring the pain and hurt to each other, we then bury our empathy so deep within, it is like it does not exist anymore. Without the empathy of one another, we then move forward with this “ME” mentality, forgeting that we do need one another to move forward better and stronger.

The Human body was given this thing called immunity that is within us all, the immunity when healthy is designed to help us fight off any and all impurities that we may come into contact with, Then we all have these natural oils in our hands that help us purify what we touch, well, with some of the alchohol based hand sanitizers today, they are drying our hands, while they dry up the natural oils that protect our hands as we touch. We as Humans need each other, we need human to human contact, which helps our immunity stay healthy and without this, now our immune systems become weak, leaving us dependant on some fake knock offs, that will harm us in other ways. Eating correctly with good excercise are ways to keep your immune strong, but it’s the human contact with each other, that is the best way, for each of us to keep our immune systems strong and ready to fight off whatever that will come to make it as weak as it can get, and when our immune system isn’t up to snuff, now we as humans will cease to exist on any path, of this journey through life.

Throughout the history of Mankind, we have struggled greatly with just being ourselves and getting along with one another, and within this society, we have taken it to the next level of, ugliness and chaos. Three words to blame for this, power, control and greed, with some side dishes of, the me syndrome and not healing ourselves properly, so we can move forward better and stronger. A Bully is nothing but a Coward that wants power of those around him, and in this society with some of the so called leadership around the world, proves further of this, We have taken the Bully to a new level within this society, as social media platforms have exploited it to the point, that we all fear the Bully so much, that some will take their own life, because they just want to escape the pain that they are feeling. Then there are some like the Epstein types, that as they Bully other’s, are creating so many victims,, that now an even bigger number of we the people are hurting real pain, and have become so lost within the pain, that we now have no way out of the pain, which now forces us to bury this pain deeply inside us and so deep, that now we will repeat the pattern to those around us without even realizing what we are doing, all while we have become engulfed in the power of denial, which does nothing but, have us take any actions moving forward, without looking deeply into that action to see the rsmifications of that action. When within the power of denial, it becomes impossible to clearly see through the clouds of our judgments, which then forces us to tread lightly, burying our true feelings and emotions so deep within, we know move forward without them and empathy? There is no empathy within this kind of world, which is the world and enviroment we are currently within.

Right now we all need real change, not just change that effects ourselves, but change that is going to help us all move forward in unity, move forward with the proper healing we all need, that will help us walk our paths better and stronger. Yes this kind of change is the hardest and the toughest to do, but in the long haul, this kind of change we all need, so we can heal properly from what hurts us with real pain, throughout this journey of life. When Jesus came to us and walked his path here with us, he showed us of nthis change, he showed us how to feel his love that flows within our hearts, and that with his love, will help us feel once again the empathy that is within us all. Jesus showed us how to walk our paths correctly, so we all can see the light of salvation ahead, that will bring us to the path of righteousness, Jesus showed and taught us many things, but these things we have buried so deep within, and as we stay away from the house of God, they will stay buried deep within, as we try to move forward without his forgivness, so we can heal properly for whatever hurts us greatly with real pain.

Now some within this society will try to bring their version of change to us all, yes we have to be ready for this, it is this kind of change from some that we do not need, the real change comes from each of us and within each of us, this kind of change we feel and will never be superficial, this kind of change comes from the blood of Jesus that passes through our veins and warms our hearts with love, that we then share with each other. Right now our hearts have become cold within the darkness of Satan, this is where all our hatred of one another comes from as we bring much hurt and pain to one another. Through this darkness will only divide us further from one another, which then will make this entire society become broken and out of touch with each other. It is never too late in the eyes of God to truly chsnge and help one another in unity, but first we need belief and have complete faith in Jesus as well as ourselves, which will give us great hope moving forward, along our paths, through this journey of life, as we move forward in peace and joy and away from the pain that hurts us all very deeply within.

” As the stream flows along its path and around all obstacles, we to can flow through this journey with real change to be better and stronger as we flow freely within peace and joy”

” The darkness brings cold and pain, as the light of salvation brings warmth and love that brings us all together in unity, away from the division of the darkness”

Sometimes what you see, is not what you truly see

” The water I shall give him will become in him a fountain of water springing up into everlasting life……My peace I give to you”

John 4:14, 14:27

” Therefore we do not lose heart………For the things which are seen are temporary, but the things which are not seen are eternal”

Corinthians 4:16, 18

Life is full of uncertainty, trials, tribulations, and things that you may never see with the naked eyes, Just because you do not see something, does not mean that it is not there, or never was there, there are some things in life you will never see, but you can and will feel it within your heart and soul. Like Love for instance, this is a feeling within the heart that you will never see, but you will feel it’s warmth deep within your heart, as it flows through your veins, like the blood of Jesus Christ. Now within todays society, we throw this word around like candy, OH!!! I love that car, or I Love that jacket? these things you may like, but Love? You will never see anything to do with this word, but you will truly feel it deep within yourself, then as you feel it, you can share it with those around, with the actions you take moving forward.

The morning light coming over the mountains, yes I can see this, but what you can not see is, all the living things that are waking up to that light. There is so much out there that you do not see, but that does not mean they are not there? The birds singing there morning songs, true you may see some, but you will never see them all, The night Owls that are getting ready for bed as the light shines, the Deer and other animals waking out of their night’s sleep, The different sounds within mother nature, as you shift from the night sky, to the daylight, Just because you do not see something, does not mean it does not exist, just as ones perception may differ from another. There is so much out there that you will nnever see, so if you are never in tune with what is around you, then you will totally miss out on so much within this journey of life.

Mother Nature has so much to offer us, most of her beauty you may never see, but when you visit her and stay in tune with her, you will feel and hear so much more. You look out at the mountains and see the light of day coming up over them, then as you really focus and get in tune with the moment, you then will hear her whispering ” Good morning”. Then as you hear the whispers, you then feel the presence of everything around you. The true beauty is out there, these sights, sounds and feelings, you will never experience within any city, which is why we all need to step out of our comfort zones from time to time, so we can truly see what this journey has to offer, I get that in life we will have things come to us that will hurt us deeply, and we will feel real pain from the hurt, then we shelter in place to try to hide from what hurt us, I get why we shelter in place to ease the pain from the hurt, but what we do not see in the long term, is the fact that, we then have stopped moving forward, and are not truly seeing or feeling all the true beauty that is around us. Yes it is very hard to escape the pain, and sometimes it will take more pain to heal properly from what hurt you in the first place, but the pain should never stop you from moving forward, it should never stop you from truly feeling your true feelings and emotions, and it should never turn you into someone for who you truly are not. There are too many out there today hurting from the real pain and it shows throughout this society, there are so many who are in need of healing, so they can get back in touch with their true selves, This is what mother nature does, just that you need to take the steps to get out there, take the steps out of your comfort zones, yes there may be more pain with those steps, but if done correctly and in the right way, is the true way to escape the hurt and the pain that has caused you to stop moving forward throughout this journey of life. We will experience some pain and hurt throughout this journey, some maybe more than others, but we all go through it to some degree, it is the way we heal from the pain, that is really the way we keep moving forward in a positive way, instead of a negative way, so now we do not infect others with our pains, or just simply, hide in plain sight of one another. The hurt is real, the pain is real, but if we never address either, we then will never heal properly from what pains us so.

The quiet calm within mother nature has so much to tell us, but only if we truly listen to what she has to say. The stillness of the water, even as the fish swim beneath, sometimes you may hear nothing on the outside, but when you focus and listen with your heart, this is when you truly hear the beautiful sounds that mother nature brings to you. Yes it is true of the calm before the storm, and mother nature will show her anger from time to time, just like we are silent before we blow with anger, but that never makes us any less of, it only means we are human and you feel real pain, you feel true feelings and emotions, then after the anger comes tears, which cleanse us through the healing process, it is when the tears do not come, that should tell you the healing has not come. In this society we are afraid to cry, as some will then look at us as weak, this is so not true, as when you show emotion and tears, means you are strong and in touch with your true feelings and emotions. With all the hatred, the ugliness and the chaos in this society, shows that beyond anything, there are way too many out there, that are hiding in plain sight, burying all their true feelings and emotions so deep, it is like they are not even there anymore, We all need to heal from what ails us, so we can all experience the quiet calm, that Jesus showed us as he walked his path of this journey here with us.

The quiet calm within mother nature can only be felt as you journey into her world, and yes you can bring this calm with you into a society of many, but if those within the society can not truly feel the calm, then they will never truly experience the quiet calm. The stillness of the water, as you listen to the crisp noise of the oar passing through the water from your paddling, then as you stop paddling, what do you hear? Shhhh!!! Really listen to what you see, sometimes you may not hear anything, but when you don’t feel anything either, then your not truly listening with your heart. This planet is always moving, yes you may not even notice it, but when your in tune with what is around you, then you will feel that the earth is moving, just by looking deeply into what you see. You look up into the clouds, they seem at first glance they are moving, are they really? It is not the clouds moving, it is the earth moving beneath your feet. and when your in tune with that, then you can actually feel it within your heart. The trees so calm that you sit very still in your kayak within the water when your not paddling, the same trees that are silent and calm, are very much alive like you and me, just that they to want to experience the quiet calm from time to time. Mother Nature has so much beauty within her, but the only way to experience it is, step out of your comfort zone, step outside within her, so she can help heal what brings you the pain and hurt, as you then get in touch with your true feelings and emotions, so you than can experience the quiet calm and the beauty she holds for us all. As you become in tune with your true feelngs and emotions, let the tears flow, for they will help you heal and make you stronger moving forward, For when you heal properly and when you keep moving forward, mother nature will let the pain and hurt simply melt from your shoulders, as now you will see clearly through the clouds, step out of the darkness, to see the light of salvation, that will bring you the quiet calm, that will bring you peace and joy, to see all the beauty that is around you, and through the beauty the ugliness will then disappear from all around you. The uncertainties, the trials and the tribulations, all come from each of us, as we bring them to one another, it is when we do not heal properly from them, that the ugliness then grips us hard and brings us into the darkness, which then has us not truly feel anything, so we bury our true feelings and emotions deep within. This journey through life will throw us many curve balls, but if we never step up to the plate, then we will never hit them out of the park, we will never truly feel any kind of feeling, and we will never experience any kind of quiet calm, that will help us heal in the proper way, to whatever ails us. The quiet calm within mother nature, really comes from deep within, so if you never truly feel anything within the heart, then you will never experience the quiet calm, at any point of your path, throughout this journey of life.

” There is a quiet calm within us all and if we never truly heal properly, or never truly feel anything with the heart, then we will never get to that place of quiet calm, that will have us see all the beauty no matter where we look”

” Mother nature will at times unleash her fury, but she will always show her true beauty for us all to feel and see, when we heal and look deeply into what we see, to feel deeply within the heart everything around us”

It’s a Social Disconnect

Hello, Where did everybody go? We the people of today are so lost as we walk our paths through this journey, simply because all this technology that is suppose to make it easier for us to connect, has totally disconnected us from one another in the worst way. Gone are the days that, every Sunday you dressed up in your best clothes, went to church with the family, then ventured over to GrandMa’s house, for the weekly family dinners, yes now some of us may be the GrandParents now. Plus also, I can remember during the week, after school and when Dad got home from work, now it is dinner time with your immediate family, to which when it was dinner time, all your friends had the same and the phone went silent, as you enjoyed dinner with your families dinner table. Phone? There were no such thing as a cell phone, if you needed to call, you did so by a land line, and when you were outside, the only calls you made were, face to face interactions with whoever was around you at that time. I like that TV show Blue Bloods, mainly for the family dinners at the end of the show, as this is what this society misses the most, and is what this society needs to bring back, so we can become connected to one another again.

With all these platforms out there, and with all the different devices within our hands, we are so distracted that we do not focus on the little things anymore. The Families are not even healthy anymore, with all the broken homes out there today. When a Man and a Woman get married, the vows do not even matter as they once did either, marriges do not last as they once did, then the ones who suffer the most when a marrige splits, are the children from the marrige, as they become lost within the clouds of the divorce. This is the start of we the people burying our true feelings and emotions and hiding in plain sight, as we now put up this fake portrayal of ourselves. Then there are ones who seek pray on the weak and emotionally distraught Individuals, simply because they are easily controlled into their sick and twisted ways. Now you add in all the Big Tech Platforms and the way they write their algorithms, now you have a whole society that becomes troubled and lost within the dark clouds they have created. This is not the society I grew up within, this has become an algorithm written society, with no true feelings or emotions.

When Social Media was created, it started out as a good thing, as now you can connect with those from a far, but like most things that we the people touch, even social media has turned in ways that, it has created this big divide between all of us, especially those who we hold dear. Like all the rest of this technology, social media has it’s good, but right now, the bad outweighs the good and has divided us all greatly. All this fake news stigma that is out there from the mainstream media, has come from social media, in the way they have controlled everything they publish. Yes all the platforms are free, but think of it as, if it is free, then so is all the imformation we share, and with all the algoithms that are written, now it seems like we are being spyed on in our daily lives. For instance, you type into google search engine for a product, now you recieve ads on the platforms you signed into, if you click on any kind of ” propaganda”, now you are led into many different kinds of conspiricy theory topics, these are all the algorithms that are written, at work right before your eyes. There are so many lies out there in the cyber world, it now becomes hard to know what is true and what is a lie? Not too mention all the lies from all those within the walls of Washington DC. Now don’t get me started on this, as now through social media, even an election becomes tainted from all the algorithms written, the mainstream media is so focused on a country like Russia hacking into America? I have a news flash for you all, it is not hacking when you use social media to your advantage. For instance, even if you do not follow someone on a platform, you can still get into their profiles, from another that you follow, by them following instead of you. Big Tech has become so big from the algorithms they write, as there are zero controls or guidlines they have to follow, so the sky is the limit for them, until there are controls put into place, to control all the algoithms they write. It seems like those who know how to write algorithms can write their ticket of success in this society, as the rest of us become controlled by these Individuals, unless you are very wealthy and pay these Individuals to write the algorithms.

There are many eyes in the sky looking down on us all as I speak, you may not see these eyes, but they are there none the less.Whether the eye is of a camera in front of a store, or a Drone taking a video in the sky, there are eyes everywhere, and if you think you can get away with something today, you best think again, as there was an eye somewhere, that captured you doing whatever you were doing. The mainstream media has the most eyes out there and yes they do use these eyes quite often, to keep bringing all the drama and fake news to us as well. The media will also edit their eyes quite often, to make things very small, look as if they are killing us slowly within this society. Then as they bring the news to each of us on our TV’s, they will only bring clips and never show you the whole story, so they can keep to their agendas, of bringing drama to us all. The media and Big Tech are working hand and hand at all our expenses, so if you think you are safe when you tweak your settings, there has been an algorithm written to make those settings null and void. Okay, there is one way to avoid all the eyes of corruption out there, but you need to totally go off grid, away from all the media and big Tech, so the algorithms can’t hurt you, but here is the thing, even if you do go off grid, whatever presence you had on any platform, will always be there and never will it leave the cyber world that we have become.

The sad reality of today, we have gone from the simple days of before Big Tech, to the corrupt evil ways of Big Tech, and with no controls in place to control them, then they will write many algorithms that will control each and everyone of us, as we walk our paths of this journey, from now until the journey ends and even beyond, as now when the journey ends, our cyber presence still exists, to be controlled further, by whatever algorithm is written. I can think of an episode of NCIS, when Gibbs, someone who doesn’t get into any of the platforms, goes into a case of cyber sercurity, and when the show ends, it shows Gibbs totally destroying a main frame computer, by shooting it up and taking a baseball bat to it, this may be one way, another is taking a magnet to the guts inside the computer, now whether the magnate still works today? It will erase whatever is on that main frame. This needs to be done to all the main frames within all the platforms, making them start over, but this time with controls in place, to control everything they do, so we all can have our freedoms back and feel safe again, within this broken society of corruption. I get the fact that we all want to be part of the next and greatest thing? That is fine, but when it comes at the expense of others, then how great is it really? Now you have gone deep into the dark clouds of evil, where there is zero empathy for anything that is around you, and what a very lonely world that is, as now you are out for yourself with no compassion for those around you.

I know we all need to keep moving forward to be better and stronger, but if there was something from the past we need now is, getting together with our families every sunday after church, to be with each other at the dinner table. something so simple, but in todays world of Big Tech and Corporate control, may not be feasible anymore, unless we the people truly stand up and take action, to end their reign, end the reign of those within the walls of Washington DC, and totally take back the power and control they have stolen from us. Yes it is written in the Constitution for this, as our forFathers thought of everything berfore they wrote it, but because of some within those walls, they do not want us to know this, and have gone to great lengths, to try to erase some of those words, to replace with their own corrupt words, that do nothing but further their control over the rest of us and divide us further from each other. This journey through life really is not that hard when we do it right, as Jesus showed us when he walked his path here with us, it’s just that some with their sick and corrupt ways, have made it hard for the rest of us with their actions, it is time we come together in unity and reverse these ways with our actions and stripping them of their reign. Yes we live in an algorithm world today, but if we can control the algorithms being written, then we won’t be so lost within the dark clouds that are over us right now. If we can level the playing field of this society, so we can all compete at the same level, now the power and control go away, which then the greed will mean nothing as well and with, no more power, control and greed hanging over us, OH!!! What a perfect world for us all to walk our paths of this journey. Ya!!! I know I am reaching for the stars here, but the path that Elon Musk is on, he will make even the stars reachable for us all, yes some may dislike him because of his wealth, but when you look deeply at who he is without his wealth, he has come a long way, with a lot of hard work as well, so if he can do it, so why not can the rest of us do it and get away from all the corruption, the ugliness and the chaos, so we all can be at peace, with much joy all around us, as we walk our paths, through this journey of life.

” There is a social disconnect within this society, as we all literally hold our lives in our hands within the devices we hold and are distracted by those devices”

” Algorithms are a written language for one computer to talk to another, as we the people lose the ability to continue to talk to one another anymore”

” It is time we all stop being so lazy about the status Quo, and start taking action against the status Quo, before there is nothing left to take action for”