The Night of Light away from Darkness

” I am the light of the world, he who follows me sh:all not walk in darkness”

John 8:12

” Bless the Lord……… Who forgives. all your Iniquities, who heals all your diseases”

Psalm 103:2-3

Have you really ever walked through total darkness, without the city lights in the range of your sight? Those who have walked a journey within Mother Nature, and spent a night or two in the wilderness, know just how dark the night sky is and how the stars above can light your path, when the focus is on……… one foot in front of the other. When you are within the city lights, it becomes really hard to see the light of the stars that are far above, but as you step out within mother nature,, spend some time camping in the wilderness, look up into the night sky, you shall see just how bright the stars can be, to which now, you shall imagine, just how bright that star was, to guide the Wise men to Bethlehem.

After a hearty dinner cooked over the open flame of the campfire, and after the clean up of the dinner is done, it is time to convert the natural stove into a campfire once again, to sit and relax from the days journey, and look up into the night sky, to see the beauty and the brightness, that the night sky can bring, you may also see all the other planets as well, depending on the time of year and the brightness of the moon, that may shine upon those planets. Yes this society is traveling at a fast pace today, but so to is this planet earth evolving and moving, right under our feet with each step. As the earth rotates around and depends on the time of year, it to can and will bring much change to us all. Now as you sit and relax by the campire, under the nights sky, be still and listen to all the sounds of the night and yes, the earth will make it’s sounds as well, if you are still and quiet enough. Depending of where you are? the nights sky is even more beautiful than the day.

Now just as mother nature brings great beauty, she also can unleash a fury, that can be very destructive also, Then as the light can bring peace, and joy, the night sky can bring many storms, whether big or small. We are all troubled by these storms at times and there is no one that these storms will not affect. Just as we walk through the daylight into the night sky, you see each one is temporary, just that we repeat them as a cycle, while we walk our paths of this journey, The darkness of Satan and the light of salvation are very much the same and yes we will repeat times of darkness, if we do not heal properly, so we can fix the broken link of the cycle, then move forward better and stronger. They say everything happens for a reason? Well if you never know the reason, then you will never heal properly, which then you will keep repeating the same part of the cycle, as everythig then becomes like a broken record. We all will go through many storms, whether the storms are from mother nature, or from we ourselves, with each storm the darkness will then cover us like the night sky, but if we stay true to who we are, this is how we heal properly from the troubles that burden us, as we keep moving forward along our paths, and into the light of Salvation, away from the darkness of Satan.

Relaxing by the campfire and staring up into the night sky, this is how you get away from what troubles you, this is how you get back in touch with not only what is around you, but back in touch with who you truly are. Within this troubled society, you can clearly see that, there are way too many that have lost touch with their true selves, lost touch with their true feelings and emotions and let’s not forget about empathy as well, Most have no clue or are drastically afraid of the darkness thats consumes them, which has them not seeing any kind of light, or even worse the true light of Salvation, as they lose all faith in themselves and Jesus Christ, as the hope has become scarce as well. We of this society only look at the darkness as night, and the light as day, which makes it real sad that we have lost our way along this journey and can’t look deeply into what we see, so we can heal properly, fix what we need, so we can walk our paths of this journey through life, better and stronger, with each step.

This picture with the moon, the campfire and the river in the background, this is around 10:00pm, total darkness, as the moon and the stars, light up everything around, as they work in and out of the clouds. The moon at times can be so bright, you don’t even need a lantern to light up your area, scenes like this as you sit and get in tune with what is around you, is very good for the soul, as well as the heart, so the warmth of the blood of Jesus can fill you with his love once again. Right now we are so consumed within this broken society, that our hearts have become cold, which is what Satan likes, it is better for us all, if we can truly feel the warmth of the blood of Jesus run through our hearts and souls, as now we will be filled with love, to share with each other, as we walk our paths through this journey of life. The sounds of Nature and the earth, will sound loud only when you get in tune with what is around you, when you are within the city lights, it is very hard to get in tune with this, as the sounds of the horns and other noise pollution, will take you away from all the true beauty around you.

The night sky is full of many sounds, like the night Owl, wolves, coyotes, etc… Well if you can not get in tune with what is around you, you will never hear all the beautiful music, from these night animals that sing their tunes. This world is full of plenty beauty all around us, but when your all caught up in all the ugliness and chaos as we currently are, you will never see or hear any of mother nature’s beauty, forget about hearing any sweet music from the night’s Orchestra, known as the night owl, wolves or the coyotes. True wilderness camping like this, entails being away from others and off grid deep within the wilderness, so gear up, be ready and enjoy all the sights, the sounds and the beauty of mother nature, as you embark on a true adventure, through a journey, within this journey of life.

” never look at the the darkness as night, or the light as day, look deeply into what you see and truly see them as the true beauty of what is around you”

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