Real Change, comes from deep within

” Real Change comes from deep within each one of us, it requires real action and no lip service at all, so if you want real change, then look deep within yourself, to bring real change to a society of many”

These pictures I have here, are words from a time way before anyone of this society was even around. True that if you do not know of a time before time, then how are you suppose to know of what happened before any of us walked our paths, here on this journey of life? There have been many societies that have came and walked this journey before any one of us today, it would be arrogant to think that you are the first to be doing what you are doing in this journey, I mean even the Roman Engineers of an earlier time, were making cement out of volcanic ash. There are plenty of Archaeologist Scientists, that are finding much evidence, that were many others before us and even before Jesus came and walked his journey with us. The problem today is, we think everything revolves around “ME”, that we do not even think of each other anymore, leaving the Empathy on some street corner, cause we are too afraid of not just offending someone, but we are too afraid of any kind of pain and hurt coming to ourselves, so we shut out what is around us, to just live within our little bubbles, keeping us clear of all the chaos and ugliness.

The Ten Commandments, these were the laws from God, and Moses was the chosen one, to bring these laws to us all. Seriously!!! There is no one today that follows these words, let alone think of them as the laws of God. Even all the churches today do not follow them 100% and try to bring their own versions to the rest of us? Let’s take the ” do not commit adultery” one, if we really took this one to heart and followed as we should, then the vows you take at the wedding service of, ” death do us part”, would have many double wide grave sights of a man and a woman. Instead we have divorces at an all time high, mostly because one has cheated on the other. I mean really? This society thinks they know better, but the chaos and the ugliness is around us all so much, there is really no where to turn anymore. Thy shall not steal or kill? You can see how this one turned out within this society, then as we take to working on Sunday’s, when the first commandment says to keep the Sabbath day Holy? I mean I can go on and on, but I think you get the jist of what I am saying, and if you don’t, then maybe you should think of yourself as part of the problem, that this society has become. Commandment number four, Honor thy Father and Mother? Simply look around you wherever you are, thats all the proof you need on this one, not too mention the fact that some, can’t even figure out if they are a mother or a father to begin with. Then there is to not bear false witness on thy neighbor? I mean, if you have no clue on who your neighbor is, then how can you bear false witness? Thy shall not covet thy neighbors house? Well with the crime rate as it is, this one speaks for itself. Then finally, thy shall not covet thy neighbors wife or servant? Common sense will give you the answer nto this one. The reality is, if we can not follow the laws of God, no wonder why the laws of man are always broken as well. It comes down to the fact that, we ourselves need to change ourselves, before we can even expect any kind of change to come to this society as well.

Saint Francis of Assisi was of a troubled time, much like what we of this society are going through. There will always be some who may only think of themselves, and the the Poiwer, Control and the Greed, take complete control of who they truly are. Saint Francis is using the power of prayer, to help give hime the strength to keep moving forward through all the corruption, and while helping others follow in his foot steps, to a much better place, then what is currently in front of them. The difference between the troubles then and the troubles now is, we today have this thing called technology, they did not, we have this thing known as the media, that can control everything with a click, back then when something happened in one area, the other areas around, knew nothing of it, Yes it is possible to over step your boundaries, and the media today have way over stepped with no boundaries for anything. The media today think they are the laws of the land, and have zero respect for anything or anyone for whom they try to sell their crap to. We the people have to be smarter than them, we the people have to not be their sheep anymore, and we the people have to totally change ourselves, so we can escape the grasp the media has on us all, as we begin to heal from the ugliness, and move forward better and stronger, with each step along our paths, through this journey of life. So let us all truly read this prayer from Saint Francis of Assisi, I mean really read and comprehend the words, so we can recite them from memory, and never again take them for granted. Let the peace and the love flow among us, so the faith and the hope will fuel us further to keep walking toward that path of righteousness, that Jesus Christ showed us while he was here with us. May we all get back in touch with the empathy we buried so deep within, as we forget about the “me” and start with the “we”, as we truly change ourselves, so this society will change for the better, leaving all the ugliness and the chaos in our rear view mirrors. Actions speak louder than words, and it’s the actions of us all, that will implement the true change for us all moving forward, without stepping backwards each and every year. So if you truly want to make this a Happy New Year and not to keep continuing the years that have passed, it starts with digging deep within, to unleash the power of prayer, unleash the words from The saints and of Jesus from a time way before us, stop with the “me” attitudes and adopt the “we” attitude, so the empathy will rise from the shadows within us, to help share the love of Jesus that flows through your heart and warming it, keeping it from feeling any cold from Satan, who is currently in front of us along all our paths, through this journey of life. There is so much Evil all around us, that it may seem like the change we need will never come, we forget thst Good will always win over Evil, as it starts with each one of us digging deep within, unbury all our true feelings and emotion, that we have buried so deep for way too long, so the real change we need moving forward, will be there for us all to share with each other, and when we do, then the ones who want all the power, control and the greed, will see that they are losing their grip, as they wither away, like a snake in the grass, and disappearing into the darkness of hate where they all belong.

These words from a time so long ago, have stood the test of time and when we take these words deep within our hearts, then their will be no evil that can or will ever defeat us. These words are there for us all no matter of who you are, these words do not discriminate, only we the people do that and only when we have let our hearts go cold into the darkness, The time is now for us all to let these words warm our hearts again, with the blood of Jesus Christ, so we all can move forward in this society, move forward within the peace and the joy of Jesus Christ, as we all keep to his faith as well as our own, so we all can have the hope always right there in front of us, as we walk our paths, through this journey of life.

” Is it truly a happy new year if we keep repeating everything of years gone by? Time to bring real change among us and it starts from deep within each of us, to truly make it a happy new year”

” Dig deep within your souls, to unleash the true power of change and not this carbon copy that some want to keep bringing to us all”

What is in a Purpose???

” We have different gifts, according to the grace given us”

Romans 12:6

Purpose, it is that thing we never think of, but it is what drives us along our paths, throughout this journey of life. We all have a purpose as we walk our paths, just that some don’t understand and never find their purpose, as others glide by us, with their sights set totally on their purpose. Even though a purpose will vary from one to another, a purpose is within us all, as it is a gift from God, just like the greatest gift of, when God gave us his one and only son, to come walk his path here with us. Think of finding your purpose as kind of like setting goals, now to find your purpose is like finding your end game, with setting different goals to getting to the end game. Some may give up after one goal, which now you will never find your purpose, which is why you never set the goals too high, as this can sour you to making any other goals moving forward. I get that in this fast paced society, we want everything now, and as we find we can not get certain things now, we then get discouraged and stop setting these gols, then never look at the fact that, now we have stopped moving forward, for now we have no purpose to keep moving forward for.

This picture of the water here, was once a thriving Quarry mine, it’s purpose at that time was to supply the society of that time with many things, til the next best thing came around, as each society from the different era’s throughout Mankind, has evolved greatly throughout the years. Just like the Dot com era from a few short years ago, it came to us with a purpose, served that purpose, now we have moved on to the next thing. Now if your one of the lucky ones to truly find your purpose, that does not mean the journey is over, as now with your purpose in sight, you now have a whole new set of goals to set and acheive, to keep moving forward, so you won’t fall into one of those comfortable ruts and stop moving. The biggest problem with this broken society is, we all have lost sight of any purpose, we don’t acknowledge that there is a purpose within us, as all the drama, corruption and ugliness from all around us, have totally clouded our judgments to the point, we don’t look deeply at what we see anymore. To truly find that purpose that you seek, all you need to do is, look deeply inside of yourself, have complete faith in yourself, as well as in Jesus Christ, So as you walk your path of this journey, and your purpose is in sight, as you set the goals needed to achieving that purpose, stay focused on the fact that, once you get to that purpose, now you need to set all new goals to achieve the next purpose. Kind of like playing a video game, where, as you do certain things within one level, to get through that level, now in order to level up, you now need to set new variants to do the things needed to get to that level and beyond. For someone who does not play video games, I geuss this journey is kind of like a video game, where in order to level up, you need to set new goals to keep moving forward always, throughout your path of this journey of life, and when you stop then the game ends, or you just sit stagnate within that rut that you are in.

Camping is a good way to find that quiet calm, that peaceful place where you can escape and get away from all the chaos and the ugliness, that place that helps all the daily stress, simply melt off your shoulders, making you feel renewed and relaxed. Yes there are many different kinds of camping experiences, whether you travel in a camper on wheels, or get to a sight to pitch a tent, you are still camping, but it is not of the way you camp, as it is more about, the way and where you are camping, in order to get the real camping experience. There are many places to get to so you can totally be off grid and escape this broken society, so you can recharge and renew. It does take quite the investment for all the latest and greatest camping gear and gadgets, but it is a great investment, when you do camp in all the right places and in spots that you actually get to the quiet calm, of the peace and harmony, that we all try to get to along our paths of this journey. These off grid places do exist and you do need to search them out, once you find them then you will crave for more and you know, I would rather be addicted to the stress melting from my shoulders, then well…….you know, all the other kind of bad addictions out there. The investment part of camping is one thing, but when you do make the investment and gather what is needed for an enjoyable, peaceful and safe trip off grid, you then will become very addicted to all the natural beauty that is all around you, plus the feeling of the stress simply melting away. I could tell you my favorite store for all this gear and gadgets, but that’s for another time, when they pay me for advertising them. Maybe youy don’t need quite as much as I, it is all up to you and what you want and how many times you actually get out there, but you do need to feel comfortable and safe, so you can get to that quiet calm, with no worries of anything that is around you. While you achieve that quiet calm, step up onto the next rung of the ladder of goals, as that is another goal achieved along the journey, of finding your purpose and getting to the peace and joy, that Jesus had led us to.

The question is not of how we will find our purpose, it is really of the when? Simply because, the purpose is always within us, we just need to acknowledge and accept, so we can achieve the goals we set, to get to the next level, as we walk through this journey of life. Maybe you can find some quiet calm within a camper, in a resort kind of camping? But the true quiet calm, the kind that melts the daily stress away, the kind that, brings you into the peace and joy that Jesus brought us to within his journey, it is there within us and within that purpose as well, Jesus knew so much as he walked among us, but yet he stayed so humble and quiet, as he wanted us to truly find ourselves, so we could then, appreciate ourselves, to experience that quiet calm, he guides us to everyday. The saddest part of this society is, not everybody will experience this quiet calm, only because they are so engulfed within the noise, so engulfed with all the drama, that now not only are they lost, they can not hear anything that is around them, and even more so, they can’t hear even a whisper into their ear, even as they are sleeping in their so called ” Bedrooms”. This quiet calm goes so much deeper than any shutting the lights and the doors of a room to get away from the noise, this quiet calm is within our souls, it will speak to us when needed, but it is us who need to truly listen without all the noise. Jesus showed us this quiet calm along his journey here, he also showed us how to achieve it and where to find it, but we of this society must be engulfed so much with all the negative noise, that we can’t hear any kind of positive noise, which now brings us into a world full of negativity, chaos and ugliness. We need to get back to truly of who we are, step away from the negative noise, so we can hear the whispers of the positive noise, leading us to the quiet calm, so now we all can feel renewed and relaxed, as the love of Jesus Christ flows freely within our hearts, to share with all those around us. Then we all can be at the peace and joy that Jesus led us to within his journey, so we all can walk our paths through this journey as he did and what he wants for us all, no matter of who you are.

” Camping deep within mother nature so not only will you see all her beauty, but you will more importantly find the true beauty deep within yourself as well”

” Lion, Tigers and Bears? Maybe more like Camping gear, gadgets and being prepared, to truly find of who you are”

The Enchanted Journey

” Just as the night sky brings this soothing calm to us, so to does camping within mother nature, as the calm then relaxs you and melts away all the burdens of the daily grind”

We all may hear the word journey quite often, sometimes we may wonder what really is in a journey? There are many journeys, just as there are many paths to walk as well. With all the different journeys out there, there is only one big journey out there that really matters, and that is this journey of life that we all walk everyday of our lives, also known as the the ” Enchanted Journey”.

We all walk our paths everyday, now not all paths are the same, nor are all the paths compatible for us all? We need to chose the right path that best fits who we are, There are also many journeys for us to take in also, these journeys are all within the paths, and they too we need to chose, which ones best fit who we are, the only journey that is pretty standard for us all, no matter of who you are is, this journey of life, which starts and ends all the same for us all, just that the middle will vary greatly, on which path you chose, or which journey you chose along your path.

These smaller journeys can vary greatly, and very much are determined on who you are and what you enjoy doing. Some may like being outdoors with mountains all around them, some may like being outdoors with the ocean in front of them and the soft sand beneath their feet, with some cocktails as they grab some sun on the beach. For some the journey to the summit of the mountain just is not their cup of tea? While others may enjoy that more than you may know? Others may journey into the woods and take to camping within mother nature, while most would rather camp in a camper, or maybe within a Hotel? It is all in who you are, there really is no wrong way, or no wrong path and a journey to walk, the choice is up to each of us, so when some may say that you can not chose your path or chose which journey to experience, then you need to walk away, change the current path you are on, because now common sense tells you, that this current path is not truly the right path, as it is keeping you from being of truly who you are.

It may sound confusing to hear of all the journys or the paths, but it really is very easy, as the big journey is the one we all walk in our lives, the one that Jesus came here to walk with us, teaching and showing us how to walk it correctly, so he can guide us to the light of salvation and the path of righteousness, With the journey of Jesus Christ, he also showed us that there will be many paths to chose, yes he will always forgive us no matter which path you chose, but when you chose the right path, then his faith and hope, will be endless, as his love will always pass through our hearts and souls. When Jesus took his fourty day journey, better known as the Lenten journey, he to got distracted from his path, he was tempted by Satan and promised many things, but as Jesus resisted the temptation, his heart never went cold and was always warm with his Father’s love flowing through it. We to as we walk our paths within this journey, will be tempted by Satan, when we give into temptation, than our hearts go cold and lifeless, as we become engulfed within the darkness of Satan. While the darkness hovers over head, everything around us seems all the same, there is no beauty, no color of anything, as everything gets old really quick. When we resist all temptation as Jesus did, then as we walk our paths of this journey, we will find much color and beauty all around us, not too mention that, now our hearts will be warmed with the blood of Jesus flowing through it, as his love then fills our souls, so we can share that love with each other. There may seem like so much within this journey of life, just that there really is not, only that, when we are within the darkness, then we can’t truly see what is in front of us, plus while within the darkness, even 1 minuate, seems like an all day affair.

The good times will always fly by faster than the bad times, simply because we always want the good times to last and the bad times to whiz on by. I wish there was never a thing known as ” bad times”, then we would never have to see any chaos or ugliness, we would only see beauty and perfection, but then this journey would become boring and stale, you need both good and evil, so now you can determine which is which, as you walk through your paths better and stronger, with each step. Just as some today keep shoving this drama, and ugliness in our faces, it would be healthy to just ignore it all, it would be natural to give in to the error of their ways, just to to fit in? But either way does nothing, but to keep all the bad times in front of us, while we suppress all the good, til we forget that the good is there. Just as Jesus walked away from the temptations of Satan, we to can walk away, we just need the confidence in ourselves as well as Jesus Christ, so now we can choose the right path to walk, resist any and all the temptations that may come to us, so we than can be truly of who we are, while the blood of Jesus flows freely through our hearts, and fills our souls with his love, to share with those around us, as we all escape the darkness of Satan and enter into the light of salvation, that Jesus Christ always guides us to.

This journey of life is what we all walk together, this journey will all start the same with us being born into this world, this journey also will end the same for us all also, as death is something we all will try to avoid, but eventually will catch up to us all. The middle of this journey, now this is where it becomes interesting, as the midlle of this journey all depends on, which path we chose and how we walk that path. There are many paths to chose from, as there are also many cross roads that can confuse us as well, especially when another will steer you down a path, that you either never choose, or you never wanted to enter into to begin with. We always have a choice, just that sometimes the choices get taken from us, or becomes hidden from our sights. Throughout all the paths there is good and there is bad, you can not escape either, as this is how we become better and stronger with each step of the path, if there was only good, then you would never have another way to base your choices on, so yes we do need both good and bad, just that we all need to make better of our choices, so we can walk our paths always in the right direction, while we have confidence in ourselves, and faith in Jesus Christ, so now, we all can have hope moving forward, in the peace and joy of this journey through life.

True there is this big journey that we all walk a path through, it’s the smaller journeys that we get confused with the big one. The smaller journeys are kind of like the paths we walk, they take us to a destination, with many cross roads that will come to us as well, just like we chose our paths, we chose these smaller journeys as well, like, when we go on vacation, we chose where we will go or another words, where we want to journey to? Some want warm air and sun, some want mountains with peace and serenity, there is no wrong direction to turn, it is just wrong to not be truly of who you are. Going to Aruba may be okay for one, but not for another, that is totally fine, but when you now say what is wrong with you for not liking Aruba? These are the kind of questions that snowball into bigger issues, that bring this ugliness to us all. What is good for one, may not be good another, this is so true, just that in this broken society we frown on this, only because we ourselves have something we are hiding deep within us. Nobody ever wants to admit to the error of their ways, let alone, making the wrong choice of which path they have chosen? There is no one in this society that is perfect, we all will make mistakes, we all will chose the wrong paths from time to time, as we become swayed into the wrong choice from another, but when we do become swayed into something we do not want, we then get lost within the clouds of our judgments, which we then try to hide in plain sight of each other. It is okay too show weakness from time to time, this is how we grow correctly, this is how we learn correctly, this is how we heal correctly, so we then can move forward better and stronger, along the paths we choose, throughout this journey of life.

” There is this one big journey that we all walk together, with each step along the paths we choose or the smaller journeys within the big journey, that we venture into to”

” It is okay to show weakness, it is okay to make mistakes, this is how we all move forward better and stronger with each step”

With Peace comes Joy

” Glory to God in the highest, and on Earth Peace”

Luke 2:14

” Bless the Lord, who forgives all your iniquities, who heals all your diseases”

Psalms 103:2-3

May the Peace of Jesus Christ be with you all, as we enter into another Christmas season and the birth of Jesus. With this Peace comes true joy and happiness, that in today’s society we have totally forgotten all about. Right now we are all consumed in this corrupt, ugly world of today, and have let the clouds of our judgments control who we truly are. To some it is all about the Power, Control and the Greed, while the rest of us want to totally get away from those Peaople, but with all that is going on, it then becomes very difficult to escape away from it all. This is where we all need to dig really deep within, get back in touch with our true selves, get back in touch with our true feelings and emotions, let the blood of Jesus flow freely through our hearts and souls, so our hearts once again become warmed with his love and away from the cold of Satan’s hatred that is around us now. It is all about having Faith in yourself, as well as with Jesus Christ, but in this crazy world, we have totally walked away from Jesus, which in a sense, we have walked away from ourselves and have stopped moving forward, to be better and stronger with each step.

These pictures today are of two very different water sources, one being still and calm, full of peace all around it, the other is moving swiftly along it’s path, but what we forget is, all water sources are moving just that some more graceful then the other. You need to move forward with confidence in order to be still with style, grace and peacefulness, As you move forward with confidence, you then cut your way through the path you chose, so with the faith in yourself and Jesus Christ, you then get to the calmness that Jesus showed us, when he came and walked his path here with us. This calmness is within us all, just that through all the clouds of our judgments, we can not truly see the light of th path of righteousness, right there in front of us.

The stream flows along it’s path with confidence, as it flows over and around all the obstacles. The stream has no worries as it flows freely, it does not care of what is around it, as it simply flows in and around anything, so it can get to that bigger pool of it’s destination, which will bring the peace and the serenity of the calmness below. Everything on this planet has a purpose through this journey, but if you never find that purpose, you then, will never walk with the true confidence, and find that true peace and serenity as you become forever engulfed within the clouds and the ugliness that this society will bring.

May we all flow freely as the the stream flows down and into the lake below, Yes we like the stream will have many obstacles to overcome, but when we stay focused and not let the ugliness cloud our judgments, we like the stream will flow with confidence in anything we set out to do. Right now we are the streams of the world, just that we are getting overwhelmed with all that is around us to the point that. we are struggling to get around the obstacles, of which now we have stopped moving forward and are laying in wake, trying to find a way around what is in front of us. The problem is, while we lay in wake, we then get caught up in the comfortable ruts and forget that, there is so much more to this journey, so we can finish the journey as strong a we can, within the peace and joy that it will bring us all.

Throughout this journey of life, we worry so much along the way, that we forget to walk step by step, instead we let what is going on around us dictate to the direction and the way we walk our paths of this journey, when if only we do what comes natural, we will find that this journey will flow as freely as, the stream flows down the montainside. Then there are the factors that some will try to disrupt us in many ways, sometimes these ways will strip us of who we are, we then become lost on our paths, so we then become a follower, instead of being a Shepard, that will help bring out the true leader that we can be. We all have these leadership qualities within us, just that we lose the trust and faith in ourselves, so we bury these qualities so deep within, that we forget that they are there. Jesus Christ had this quiet way of leading us to the promised land. but unfortunatly within this society, we think we do not need him today? Thats were we have gone wrong in this society, as in order to move forward in confidence, we need the faith in ourselves as well as Jesus Christ, so we than can have any hope moving forward along our paths of this journey.

Jesus parted the the waters to lead others away from temptation and into the promise land, he also has turned water into his blood, so others can drink this blood, so we can feel his love run through our heart and veins. Jesus did so much for us, but now we repay him by, stepping away from him, thinking that we need no one, just ourselves within this crazy world. How is that working out for you? I thought so, a man with no faith, has no hope, and without these two, you now have no confidence to keep moving forward along your path, which keeps you from being better and stronger throughout this journey of life. You can only travel so long within the clouds, for sooner or later, you will lose sight of your path, as now the journey stops, as now even worse, you stop moving forward, which then has you lose all that Jesus brought to us, when he came and walked his jouney here with us.

They say there is a light at the end of the tunnel? But when you are so deep within the clouds, you will never see any light, let alone, flowing through this journey as freely as the stream down the mountainside. A big part of walking this journey is, there will be times of sickness, but if you never take care of yourself, keep your body as healthy as it can be, then these sicknesses will grab you and never let go and when that happens……Well I don’t want to tell you, as you can figure it out for yourself, but I know you already can figure this out? As we walk through this journey, we are similiar to the journey of the stream, just as the stream starts as a trickle, and ends with it’s plunge into a lake below, our journey is much the same, as we all start out the same, finish the same, just the our paths within the middle differ so much different, Some may become blocked from moving forward, as the stream becomes blocked from what has fallen into it, but if you never find your way around the obstacle, then you will simply stop walking forward and in some cases, start moving backwards away away from truly finding your purpose, within this journey that we walk our paths within. Life is too short to become consumed with all the ugliness and chaos it holds, time to get back to Jesus Christ, get back to who we truly are, let the blood of Jesus warm your heart and soul, as we truly feel his love, then share that love with each other, as we find our purpose, let our true selves shine brighter than any star, overcome any obstacle that may be in front of us, so we get to that path of righteousness that Jesus showed us, to see the true light of salvation in front of us, so we than can move forward into the true peace and joy that this journey will bring for us all and when we not only keep to the faith in ourselves, but the faith in Jesus, so we than can keep all hope front and center, right in front of us as well.

” Let the stream within flow freely as we stay true to who we are, feeling all our true feelings and emotions”

” You never need to flip a switch to turn on the lights, especially the light of salvation within, that lights up your soul, to see clearly your path, through this journey of life”

Totally Exploring all that is around you

” We were born to explore and learn new things, we have totally gotten away from who we truly are”

Whether by land, by water, or from the highest peak, there is so much to explore, so much beauty to see, that if you just get stuck within your 9 to 5,, get stuck within that comfortable rut, and get consumed by all the ugliness out there, you will never get back to who you truly are and totally see all the true beauty all around you. Some may lead you to believe that they go explore new things, but my type of exploring is, not sitting on a beach with many sipping an exotic drink. My kind of exploring is, stepping out of your comfort zone and seeing things that you will never see, sitting on any beach anywhere.

You really don not have to far to find any kind of a nature trail to explore, just get away from the cities and into the country, so you can see what is really going on around you, instead of relying on any news source, especially of the propaganda kind. God gave us two feet to walk with, so why not use them to explore in places you usally do not go? When you step out within mother nature, she will lead you to some great scenes, she will please you with sights that you will never see within the cities, she will never lead you astray and will always guide you to all the true beauty for which she offers. Yes mother nature will show her fury from time to time, with that fury comes destruction that changes the landscape, but when you truly see the why of her fury, you will see that the changes are for good improvments moving forward. Everything changes everyday all around us, but if you stay within your little bubble, you will never be Wowed! by any of the beauty that is around you, not too mention, you will never wake up away from the ugliness, that some try to keep close to the hip for us all.

To some, they think they need the biggest vessel to show off to others as they take to the water? But in reality, to see all the true beauty that is around you and only accessible with the smallest of vessels, a simple Kayak will do, plus the excercise will do wonders as well. There is a whole different kind of beauty out there on the water and only visable while you are out there. not too mention as you paddle through some small inland rivers, away from the beaten path, you will see alot more than meets the eye, as well as even more beauty than you anticipated. You get to see all the wildlife in their natural enviroments, going about their daily lives, just as you and I do in our lives, as we walk our paths, through this journey. There is so much more to this journey then you think, and you will never see it when you stay within your bubble in the cities, behind your devices, and staying consumed with all the propaganda crap, with all the ugliness they bring to us all. While out on the water in your Kayak or canoe, you need to keep an eye to the sky, as the weather can change in a flash and you don’t want to get caught up in a storm that may come? Plus if you keep an eye to the sky you may see a beautiful Eagle or two, or even a bird you may never see, along your daily journey? The Eagle is so majestic and as I see them soar through the sky, shows me why, they are this nations bird, so big and powerful as they fly through the sky with ease, and even through some wild storms as well, not too mention, they and the Bear are the best Fisherman as well. This world is full of some great beauty, but if you never step out of your comfort zones, you will never see any of it.

Then there are all the mountains out there as well, some may go visit from a far, but never take to the trails to hike and explore what they truly hold for us to see. Some may not want to hike to any summit as it does come with some hard work and physicality, but if you do take to the trails, put in the work, you will find that, not only the trails will reward you along the way with their beauty, but the summit of the mountains, will also reward you with an even better beauty than you could even imagine. Yes you do have to keep an eye out for the wildlife, but that is the best part seeing things you normally do not see. I remember hiking some 14,000 footers in Colorado and seeing many different kinds of animals, like mountain lions, big horn sheep, and the female kind the doll sheep, so beautiful seeing them in their enviroment, you just have to respect them and keep your distance from them, have a little cow bell on your back pack, as to not sneek up on them, as the result could be a lot different. Then there are the Elk, which are much more bigger than the deer back here in New England, and much more beautiful seeing them live within their enviroment. Then unlike back here in New England where you have Coyotes, out there in the Rockies you have Wolves, which are bigger and more powerful, although I would love to raise one from a Pup as a pet. The highest I have ever been, was mount Albert in Colorado at 14,500ft, I felt like I was on top of the world when I reached the summit, as it was a beautiful sunny day in July, giving me great views and an even better reward, for my work to the summit. The best part of the journey to the summit, was exploring all the buildings I came upon along the trail, buildings from yesteryear that were still standing tall through the test of time, then there were the small little towns with a mill, that was functioning back then to get all the silver and gold out of the mountains, during a time way before me. Some of the things you will see, when you get out of your comfort zone and explore all that is around you. As much as some, especially the corrupt media want you to believe of the ugliness, there is so much more beauty out there, then they want you to know. Then don’t even get me started on some of their stories they do, as it does nothing but promote even more ugliness for their agenda of fear, there is so much more good out there, just that it is not in their agendas to tell us. Yes I do miss my time spent out there in Colorado and seeing all the true beauty out there, but there is so much more beauty out there and the only way to see it, is to get out and explore all that you can explore, before it is too late and this journey comes to an end, like it will for us all.

The great outdoors lives up to the word “great”, when you step outside of your comfort zone and explore all that it offers. If you do nothing but sit behind your devices and watch the propaganda news, you will never see the true beauty that is out there, you will forever get consumed in all the ugliness, which then leads you into being someone for who you are not. There is so much more along our paths of this journey, but sadly, there are some that the journey will end, before they see all the true beauty that this journey has to offer for us all. This society is broken right now, simply because we the people have made it that way with our inactions. I get the fact that life will throw us many curve balls, as we walk our paths, but if you never step up to the plate and take the chance to swing and connect to the curve ball, you then will always swing and miss throughout this journey, and never see all the true beauty that is out there. I also get the fact that there is so much technology out there today, but we the people are swinging and missing at the big oppourntunities out there, that the technology holds in store for us, instead we would rather sit behind our devices and keep bringing forward, the ugliness that the propaganda news sources bring to us everyday. These social platforms out there, yes they were designed for good and staying in touch with family and friends from afar, but sadly we have flipped the script as these platforms have become about ugliness and chaos, it is time we the people come together and stop this crap, before there is nothing left to come together for. We have been put here by God, as he sent his one and only son Jesus to walk with us, to show us how to walk this journey correctly, but within this society, we have become disconnected not just from each other, but from Jesus as well, time we get back to who we are, time we get back to each other and unite, before it is too late and the journey ends for us all. So we can get away from the ugliness and the chaos, to see all the true beauty that is around us, as we become the explorers that we truly are. So we can walk our paths of this journey, in the peace and joy that Jesus showed us, when he walked his path here with us.

” We all may walk different paths, but the journey is the same, just that we have gotten away from being of truly who we are”

” This journey has so much beauty all around, but if we never step out of of comfort zone, then the beauty then becomes wasted”

The Night of Light away from Darkness

” I am the light of the world, he who follows me sh:all not walk in darkness”

John 8:12

” Bless the Lord……… Who forgives. all your Iniquities, who heals all your diseases”

Psalm 103:2-3

Have you really ever walked through total darkness, without the city lights in the range of your sight? Those who have walked a journey within Mother Nature, and spent a night or two in the wilderness, know just how dark the night sky is and how the stars above can light your path, when the focus is on……… one foot in front of the other. When you are within the city lights, it becomes really hard to see the light of the stars that are far above, but as you step out within mother nature,, spend some time camping in the wilderness, look up into the night sky, you shall see just how bright the stars can be, to which now, you shall imagine, just how bright that star was, to guide the Wise men to Bethlehem.

After a hearty dinner cooked over the open flame of the campfire, and after the clean up of the dinner is done, it is time to convert the natural stove into a campfire once again, to sit and relax from the days journey, and look up into the night sky, to see the beauty and the brightness, that the night sky can bring, you may also see all the other planets as well, depending on the time of year and the brightness of the moon, that may shine upon those planets. Yes this society is traveling at a fast pace today, but so to is this planet earth evolving and moving, right under our feet with each step. As the earth rotates around and depends on the time of year, it to can and will bring much change to us all. Now as you sit and relax by the campire, under the nights sky, be still and listen to all the sounds of the night and yes, the earth will make it’s sounds as well, if you are still and quiet enough. Depending of where you are? the nights sky is even more beautiful than the day.

Now just as mother nature brings great beauty, she also can unleash a fury, that can be very destructive also, Then as the light can bring peace, and joy, the night sky can bring many storms, whether big or small. We are all troubled by these storms at times and there is no one that these storms will not affect. Just as we walk through the daylight into the night sky, you see each one is temporary, just that we repeat them as a cycle, while we walk our paths of this journey, The darkness of Satan and the light of salvation are very much the same and yes we will repeat times of darkness, if we do not heal properly, so we can fix the broken link of the cycle, then move forward better and stronger. They say everything happens for a reason? Well if you never know the reason, then you will never heal properly, which then you will keep repeating the same part of the cycle, as everythig then becomes like a broken record. We all will go through many storms, whether the storms are from mother nature, or from we ourselves, with each storm the darkness will then cover us like the night sky, but if we stay true to who we are, this is how we heal properly from the troubles that burden us, as we keep moving forward along our paths, and into the light of Salvation, away from the darkness of Satan.

Relaxing by the campfire and staring up into the night sky, this is how you get away from what troubles you, this is how you get back in touch with not only what is around you, but back in touch with who you truly are. Within this troubled society, you can clearly see that, there are way too many that have lost touch with their true selves, lost touch with their true feelings and emotions and let’s not forget about empathy as well, Most have no clue or are drastically afraid of the darkness thats consumes them, which has them not seeing any kind of light, or even worse the true light of Salvation, as they lose all faith in themselves and Jesus Christ, as the hope has become scarce as well. We of this society only look at the darkness as night, and the light as day, which makes it real sad that we have lost our way along this journey and can’t look deeply into what we see, so we can heal properly, fix what we need, so we can walk our paths of this journey through life, better and stronger, with each step.

This picture with the moon, the campfire and the river in the background, this is around 10:00pm, total darkness, as the moon and the stars, light up everything around, as they work in and out of the clouds. The moon at times can be so bright, you don’t even need a lantern to light up your area, scenes like this as you sit and get in tune with what is around you, is very good for the soul, as well as the heart, so the warmth of the blood of Jesus can fill you with his love once again. Right now we are so consumed within this broken society, that our hearts have become cold, which is what Satan likes, it is better for us all, if we can truly feel the warmth of the blood of Jesus run through our hearts and souls, as now we will be filled with love, to share with each other, as we walk our paths through this journey of life. The sounds of Nature and the earth, will sound loud only when you get in tune with what is around you, when you are within the city lights, it is very hard to get in tune with this, as the sounds of the horns and other noise pollution, will take you away from all the true beauty around you.

The night sky is full of many sounds, like the night Owl, wolves, coyotes, etc… Well if you can not get in tune with what is around you, you will never hear all the beautiful music, from these night animals that sing their tunes. This world is full of plenty beauty all around us, but when your all caught up in all the ugliness and chaos as we currently are, you will never see or hear any of mother nature’s beauty, forget about hearing any sweet music from the night’s Orchestra, known as the night owl, wolves or the coyotes. True wilderness camping like this, entails being away from others and off grid deep within the wilderness, so gear up, be ready and enjoy all the sights, the sounds and the beauty of mother nature, as you embark on a true adventure, through a journey, within this journey of life.

” never look at the the darkness as night, or the light as day, look deeply into what you see and truly see them as the true beauty of what is around you”