The Heart is the key

” The Heart is the key of life, as the water cleanses everything as it flows along it’s Journey”

There are so many signs all around us from Jesus Christ, just that within this fast paced and broken society, the clouds of the journey, have blocked our sights of truly seeing what is around us. There is no where to turn from this Political world of today, not even within the walls of the house of God, it is kind of sad in a way, simply because, this is suppose to be the place of safety for us all, a place where we leave all the crap outside, so we can clear the cobwebs, be at peace with God, as we ask him to forgive us for our misfortunes, so we can keep moving forward, along this crazy world we live today. The house of God is our comfort zone that will help us feel at peace, so we can move forward with joy, I blame each one of us, as we have become our own worst enemies within this crazy world, I blame the fact that, no one takes the time to truly heal anymore, because we think we are perfect and all else is wrong? How can you help fix what is around you, when you can’t even fix yourself first? This is what our legacies of this society have become, and it is time we all come together to first fix ourselves, so we than can help fix each other, as we all can move forward better and stronger, throughout this journey of life.

Too many have walked away from the house of God today, this is the sad reality of our world. Instead we try to keep moving forward like we know best? The biggest thing from not entering the house of God is, our Hearts have become tired, I am not saying it needs sleep, it is tired from not allowing Jesus’s blood to warm it with his love, when the blood of Jesus travels through our Hearts, this is when we all stay true to who we are, without giving into temptation, and becoming someone for who we are not. Love, respect, dignity, gratitude, these are the things that, we gain through our peace and love of one another, as we keep the love of Jesus flowing through our Hearts, not too mention, our hearts will never have the feeling of being tired and we can all move forward in the peace and joy, that Jesus showed us when he walked his path here with us, throughout this journey of life.

Today is the first Sunday of Advent, this is the peace, love joy and hope that helps us begin a new, so we can keep moving forward better and stronger. As Christmas time approaches closer, and we get ready to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, may we all remember that, when we knock on the door of the Inn and it has no vacancy, there will always be a vacancy when we truly open our Hearts to the blood of Jesus, We will never feel tired from the long journey, as our Hearts keep beating with the love of Jesus within it. Our Hearts only feel tired, because we let it feel tired, as we get so caught up in all the craziness of today, This journey may be longer for some than others, but when we let our Hearts become tired, now we all let this journey become even shorter than it really has too. The Heart is the key, which is why we need our place within the walls of the house of God, so we all can be at peace, truly feel the love, as we now feel true joy, which gives us all great hope moving forward. When we keep to these four pillars of life ( love, peace, joy, hope), Then we all shall gain the respect, the dignity and the gratitude, to be better and stronger, as we walk our paths of this journey through life.

Now I am not saying that we all need to get within the house of God every Sunday? The doors all always open during the week as well, so you can enter and worship in your own leisure as well. God is never demanding, he has no set of rules, unlike what we have to follow within our nine to fives, but when we all truly feel the blood of Jesus within our Hearts, then our Hearts will always be open to recieving the four pillars of life, the love, the peace, the joy and the hope, as we all keep moving forward, being truly of who we are, without being this fake self, that does nothing but keep the craziness and the ugliness all around us. Unlike what some may feel in this society, this journey is never about the me’s, it is always for each one of us, all day, everyday, Yes the paths may be different, as we all chose our own paths, and yes we all can make the wrong chioces from time to time, but when we truly keep to who we are, when we truly feel the blood of Jesus warming our Hearts and Souls, when we keep the house of God as ir should be, which is our safe zone away from all the ugliness, now we all can keep to the four pillars of life ( love, peace, joy, hope), as we all move forward in, the respect, dignity and gratitude, which helps us be better and stronger, everyday throughout this journey of life.

” The four pillars of life are, love, peace, joy and hope, so we all can have the respect, the dignity and the gratitude, to move forward better and stronger”

” When our Hearts feel the warmth of the love of Jesus, then we all feel Jesus within us, leaving no room at the Inn for any ugliness or craziness”

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