Now we are on to Christmas

” The magic of Christmas, will always be there for us all, we just need complete faith in ourselves as well as Jesus Christ, to let the true magic happen, as the hope will always bring us great prosparity”

This time of year can bring great happiness, as well as bring great pain also. To some who have not let themselves truly heal from the bumps and bruises, or the twists and turns that their paths of this journey will bring, with that pain comes great depression, that will change you in all the wrong directions. Depression is within us all, so if we do not address it the right way, it then will eat you up from the inside, it will change you in a negative way, that keeps alive all the pain and hurt, that we try so hard to hide from one another. This time of year, where the Christmas spirit thrives in us all, can also bring us great pain and extinguish all the magic, it is suppose to bring us all and away from all the positivity that we thrive to prosper, moving forward.

The true Christmas spirit lives within us all, it is always there no matter what time of year it is, just that Christmas being the birth of Jesus Christ, we only then will associate Christmas with Christ. Until we as the people of this society grow up correctly, learn from the error of our ways, so that we can move forward better and stronger, this is how we all will truly feel the true Christmas magic. With the true Christmas magic, we then will truly feel the blood of Jesus flowing through and warming our hearts with love, as in this society, our hearts have become cold, giving Satan the power to control us and bring us in the wrong direction. Satan will be there to tempt us into the darkness of his world, especially when our hearts have turned cold, which is why we always need to resist all temptations, so the true spirit of Christmas, will always warm our hearts with the blood and love of Jesus, so we then will share that warmth with each other, this is the true Christmas magic, of which it is not just for this time of year, it is for all the year, as we all walk our paths through this journey of life.

Jesus Christ came to us and walked his path of this journey here with us, just that it was so long ago, that there are way too many, that have lost sight of and lost the true faith in Jesus Christ. So many have walked away from the house of the Lord, and with that faith, have lost sight of any hope moving forward. Just as Satan has his darkness, Jesus also has the light of salvation, some may refer to this as good versus evil, however you may see it. It is still the darkness of Satan and the light of Jesus Christ. We get tempted by many things as we walk our paths, as we should never give in to the temptation, just because it may seem as the thing to do at the time? Never take for granted anything along your path, I get that temptation from the darkness can and will be very hard to pass up at times, but if we stick to who we truly are, within the light of salvation, then the blood and the love of Jesus will never let our hearts turn cold. I get that Denial is a strong force, that once it has it’s grasp on you, it becomes very hard to escape that grasp, but with the true faith in yourself, as well as Jesus Christ, that grasp that denial has on you, will lighten up, and let you go from within the darkness, which then you may get back to who you truly are, within the love of Jesus Christ.

This journey through life is only as hard as you make it, Yes there will be many temptations that will distract us along the way, but when we never lose sight of the light of salvation that Jesus brings to us, never lose the faith in ourselves, as well as in Jesus Christ, then there will always be great hope right there in front of us. Right now we all walk within the darkness of Saten, it then becomes on us all, to truly see the light that is in front of us, so we can escape the darkness, and step into the light, which will bring us all, the true happiness and peace, that Jesus showed us along his journey here with us. When the Blood of Jesus flows through your hearts and souls, it is then that we truly feel his love for us, and it is then we realize, that we need to share that love, so now all that is around us, can also feel that love, as we now escape the darkness, and into the light of salvation, To regain the faith in ourselves as well as Jesus Christ, which then brings us the hope, to enter into the happiness and the peace, that this journey is all about.

The magic of Christmas is within us all, it is not just about a time of year, as it is always about the whole year moving forward. The true magic comes from the faith of ourselves and in Jesus Christ, So through the temptations of Satan is when we lose this faith, that then we lose all hope, simply because the two come hand and hand. When we walk this journey correctly, then any dakness then becomes temporary, as we will never lose the light and even better, we will never lose the faith, which gives us great hope moving forward. So now as we enter into another Christmas season, may we never let the magic of Christmas go at seasons end, may we carry it within us all year, as we walk our paths through this journey, never losing sight of the light, never losing sight of the true faith of ourselves as well as Jesus Christ, keeping alive all the hope, bringing us all the peace and joy, we all so deserve.

” The faith and hope go hand in hand, as you can not have one without the other”

” The true magic is within all of us and it may come out at Christmas, the birth of Christ, but it is always within us all year, every year”

” The journey of life with many twists and turns as we all walk our paths through it”

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