The Heart is the key

” The Heart is the key of life, as the water cleanses everything as it flows along it’s Journey”

There are so many signs all around us from Jesus Christ, just that within this fast paced and broken society, the clouds of the journey, have blocked our sights of truly seeing what is around us. There is no where to turn from this Political world of today, not even within the walls of the house of God, it is kind of sad in a way, simply because, this is suppose to be the place of safety for us all, a place where we leave all the crap outside, so we can clear the cobwebs, be at peace with God, as we ask him to forgive us for our misfortunes, so we can keep moving forward, along this crazy world we live today. The house of God is our comfort zone that will help us feel at peace, so we can move forward with joy, I blame each one of us, as we have become our own worst enemies within this crazy world, I blame the fact that, no one takes the time to truly heal anymore, because we think we are perfect and all else is wrong? How can you help fix what is around you, when you can’t even fix yourself first? This is what our legacies of this society have become, and it is time we all come together to first fix ourselves, so we than can help fix each other, as we all can move forward better and stronger, throughout this journey of life.

Too many have walked away from the house of God today, this is the sad reality of our world. Instead we try to keep moving forward like we know best? The biggest thing from not entering the house of God is, our Hearts have become tired, I am not saying it needs sleep, it is tired from not allowing Jesus’s blood to warm it with his love, when the blood of Jesus travels through our Hearts, this is when we all stay true to who we are, without giving into temptation, and becoming someone for who we are not. Love, respect, dignity, gratitude, these are the things that, we gain through our peace and love of one another, as we keep the love of Jesus flowing through our Hearts, not too mention, our hearts will never have the feeling of being tired and we can all move forward in the peace and joy, that Jesus showed us when he walked his path here with us, throughout this journey of life.

Today is the first Sunday of Advent, this is the peace, love joy and hope that helps us begin a new, so we can keep moving forward better and stronger. As Christmas time approaches closer, and we get ready to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, may we all remember that, when we knock on the door of the Inn and it has no vacancy, there will always be a vacancy when we truly open our Hearts to the blood of Jesus, We will never feel tired from the long journey, as our Hearts keep beating with the love of Jesus within it. Our Hearts only feel tired, because we let it feel tired, as we get so caught up in all the craziness of today, This journey may be longer for some than others, but when we let our Hearts become tired, now we all let this journey become even shorter than it really has too. The Heart is the key, which is why we need our place within the walls of the house of God, so we all can be at peace, truly feel the love, as we now feel true joy, which gives us all great hope moving forward. When we keep to these four pillars of life ( love, peace, joy, hope), Then we all shall gain the respect, the dignity and the gratitude, to be better and stronger, as we walk our paths of this journey through life.

Now I am not saying that we all need to get within the house of God every Sunday? The doors all always open during the week as well, so you can enter and worship in your own leisure as well. God is never demanding, he has no set of rules, unlike what we have to follow within our nine to fives, but when we all truly feel the blood of Jesus within our Hearts, then our Hearts will always be open to recieving the four pillars of life, the love, the peace, the joy and the hope, as we all keep moving forward, being truly of who we are, without being this fake self, that does nothing but keep the craziness and the ugliness all around us. Unlike what some may feel in this society, this journey is never about the me’s, it is always for each one of us, all day, everyday, Yes the paths may be different, as we all chose our own paths, and yes we all can make the wrong chioces from time to time, but when we truly keep to who we are, when we truly feel the blood of Jesus warming our Hearts and Souls, when we keep the house of God as ir should be, which is our safe zone away from all the ugliness, now we all can keep to the four pillars of life ( love, peace, joy, hope), as we all move forward in, the respect, dignity and gratitude, which helps us be better and stronger, everyday throughout this journey of life.

” The four pillars of life are, love, peace, joy and hope, so we all can have the respect, the dignity and the gratitude, to move forward better and stronger”

” When our Hearts feel the warmth of the love of Jesus, then we all feel Jesus within us, leaving no room at the Inn for any ugliness or craziness”

Now we are on to Christmas

” The magic of Christmas, will always be there for us all, we just need complete faith in ourselves as well as Jesus Christ, to let the true magic happen, as the hope will always bring us great prosparity”

This time of year can bring great happiness, as well as bring great pain also. To some who have not let themselves truly heal from the bumps and bruises, or the twists and turns that their paths of this journey will bring, with that pain comes great depression, that will change you in all the wrong directions. Depression is within us all, so if we do not address it the right way, it then will eat you up from the inside, it will change you in a negative way, that keeps alive all the pain and hurt, that we try so hard to hide from one another. This time of year, where the Christmas spirit thrives in us all, can also bring us great pain and extinguish all the magic, it is suppose to bring us all and away from all the positivity that we thrive to prosper, moving forward.

The true Christmas spirit lives within us all, it is always there no matter what time of year it is, just that Christmas being the birth of Jesus Christ, we only then will associate Christmas with Christ. Until we as the people of this society grow up correctly, learn from the error of our ways, so that we can move forward better and stronger, this is how we all will truly feel the true Christmas magic. With the true Christmas magic, we then will truly feel the blood of Jesus flowing through and warming our hearts with love, as in this society, our hearts have become cold, giving Satan the power to control us and bring us in the wrong direction. Satan will be there to tempt us into the darkness of his world, especially when our hearts have turned cold, which is why we always need to resist all temptations, so the true spirit of Christmas, will always warm our hearts with the blood and love of Jesus, so we then will share that warmth with each other, this is the true Christmas magic, of which it is not just for this time of year, it is for all the year, as we all walk our paths through this journey of life.

Jesus Christ came to us and walked his path of this journey here with us, just that it was so long ago, that there are way too many, that have lost sight of and lost the true faith in Jesus Christ. So many have walked away from the house of the Lord, and with that faith, have lost sight of any hope moving forward. Just as Satan has his darkness, Jesus also has the light of salvation, some may refer to this as good versus evil, however you may see it. It is still the darkness of Satan and the light of Jesus Christ. We get tempted by many things as we walk our paths, as we should never give in to the temptation, just because it may seem as the thing to do at the time? Never take for granted anything along your path, I get that temptation from the darkness can and will be very hard to pass up at times, but if we stick to who we truly are, within the light of salvation, then the blood and the love of Jesus will never let our hearts turn cold. I get that Denial is a strong force, that once it has it’s grasp on you, it becomes very hard to escape that grasp, but with the true faith in yourself, as well as Jesus Christ, that grasp that denial has on you, will lighten up, and let you go from within the darkness, which then you may get back to who you truly are, within the love of Jesus Christ.

This journey through life is only as hard as you make it, Yes there will be many temptations that will distract us along the way, but when we never lose sight of the light of salvation that Jesus brings to us, never lose the faith in ourselves, as well as in Jesus Christ, then there will always be great hope right there in front of us. Right now we all walk within the darkness of Saten, it then becomes on us all, to truly see the light that is in front of us, so we can escape the darkness, and step into the light, which will bring us all, the true happiness and peace, that Jesus showed us along his journey here with us. When the Blood of Jesus flows through your hearts and souls, it is then that we truly feel his love for us, and it is then we realize, that we need to share that love, so now all that is around us, can also feel that love, as we now escape the darkness, and into the light of salvation, To regain the faith in ourselves as well as Jesus Christ, which then brings us the hope, to enter into the happiness and the peace, that this journey is all about.

The magic of Christmas is within us all, it is not just about a time of year, as it is always about the whole year moving forward. The true magic comes from the faith of ourselves and in Jesus Christ, So through the temptations of Satan is when we lose this faith, that then we lose all hope, simply because the two come hand and hand. When we walk this journey correctly, then any dakness then becomes temporary, as we will never lose the light and even better, we will never lose the faith, which gives us great hope moving forward. So now as we enter into another Christmas season, may we never let the magic of Christmas go at seasons end, may we carry it within us all year, as we walk our paths through this journey, never losing sight of the light, never losing sight of the true faith of ourselves as well as Jesus Christ, keeping alive all the hope, bringing us all the peace and joy, we all so deserve.

” The faith and hope go hand in hand, as you can not have one without the other”

” The true magic is within all of us and it may come out at Christmas, the birth of Christ, but it is always within us all year, every year”

” The journey of life with many twists and turns as we all walk our paths through it”

The World we all live today

” He became the Author of eternal salvatiion to all who obey him”

Hebrews 5:9

” I urge you, as Aliens and Strangers in the World, to abstain from sinful desires”

Peter 2:11

We are all on this journey through life together, true we may take our own paths, but this journey is all the same for each of us. We all start out the same, and we all end this journey the same as well, just that the middle can and will be very different from one to another, only because of the paths we chose and the fact that, we become so clouded in our judgments, that we will alienate ourselves from each other, as we think we are alone, walking through this journey of life.

This picture is of Martin Richards, he was taken from this World, as an eight year old boy, while he and his family were at the finish line of the Boston Marathon and watching all the runners finish this grueling race. The two twisted Individuals that placed two bombs at the Marathon on this very sad day, had placed one bomb within a backpack and at the feet of this sweet young boy, of which Martin and his family had no idea of what was to come? This sign Martin is holding with this quote of his, needs to go very viral within this society, and as fast as it can go, because what we are doing in this world, has even Jesus himself, crying upon all of us, which is why we have had so much rain this year. Martin may have been eight years old, but in a lot of ways, was very much more mature than most within this society today. These words of his must never be forgotten, and should be within the minds of us all, as in this broken society today, we don’t even give a second thought to hurting each other and bringing great pain to each other as well. This is a sad world we live today, but it can become happy, if only we learn from our past experiences and take the proper action to fix them moving forward with each step, of this journey through life.

I get the fact that as we walk our paths of this journey, there will be many bumps along the wy way, that will bruise us and knock us down, but it then becomes how we pick ourselves up from the bumps, dust off the ugliness, fix what we need to fix, so we than can move forward better and stronger with each step. Sometimes it will take a bit longer to dust ourselves off, as some of the bruises will bring some deep scars, that will never go away, but let’s remember that the scars shouldn’t dictate our journey, only they should remind of where we came from, how we healed from the fall, to get to the place we are now. Sometimes there will be others that take advantage of, when we are hurting the most, they will try to control us to where we lose total confidence in ourselves and become dependent on them? This is the world we live today, it has become a world full of, control, power and greed, where we all now are afraid to show our love of one another, as Jesus did when he walked his path, of this journey here with us.

There are some of our so called leaders now, that have been within the walls of Washington DC for way to long, as we ourselves are the ones to blame for this, simply because, we let them control us, as we want nothing to do with voting them out, to replace them with better ideas for us all. It is our actions today that have gotten us into this mess, as it then becomes our actions to get us out of this mess also. Now it is very hard for us to take the proper actions, when we are letting those leaders divide us, it is very hard to take proper actions, when we ourselves need to heal ourselves moving forward, so we can wake up out of the clouds of our judgments, wake up out of the denial that has consumed our souls, so we than can get back to true reality and not this fake reality, that some are leading us into. We will never get back to being of truly who we are, if we keep on the same path we are now? I get that sometimes others will tempt you into a path and direction, that you do not want to walk, this is where the confidence that is within each of us comes into play, but if we never let that confidence out, then we will never be of who we truly are.

Right now we are in very troubling times, these so called leaders who are totally in denial, want all the power, control and greed of everything in this society, and we as the people of this society are letting them? They are stripping us all of our rights, and not just the rights we have within the constitution of these United States, they are stripping us of our God given rights as well, with everything they do is the only way and you need to do as I say? God sent his only son in Jesus Christ, to walk through this journey with us, as that society then, was very similar to now, the only difference being all the technology we have today. Now with this technology you think we all should be smarter? But in a lot of ways, we have gone backwards and have become even dumber than those of that time.

It is never too late to take the proper action to fix what is needed, it is never to late to have complete faith in yourself as well as Jesus Christ, because when we have that faith, then there will always be hope moving forward, throughout this journey of life, no matter what path you may be walking. This society only proves just how much we all have lost faith in everything around us, leaving us all with no hope in our sights. We can do this and we can come together in unity, even as some will take action against this. The fight may seem very tough, but it really is not, just that we all within this society need to be together on the same page and off the page from those that want to destroy us and what we may think is normal? The fight may seem as if it is unwinnable? but there is no fight that can not be won, we just have to engage this fight together in unity, as there is strength in numbers, when we stay as an Individual, then these so called leaders will keep on doing as they do, and stepping on us at evey turn, then forcing us into a world we will never reckognize, as we walk our paths through this journey of life.

” Actions speak louder than words, as this society is a society of the wrong words with no action”

” In order to have any hope, we need total faith in ourselves as well as Jesus Christ”

So many changes with each view

” No matter how many times you look at the scenery within mother nature, there is always something different to see”

” The beauty of mother nature is all around us as we walk through this journey, we just have to truly look deeply at what we see within her”

There is so much to see within mother nature, the key is, to get out and enjoy the view and stop getting caught up in all the Rhetoric and the biterness, that this society will bring. These pictures are two totally different pictures from each other, they are both in two very different places as well, but the two you will never experience, if you do not step out of your comfort zone and experience all the beauty for which they bring. The water so calm and smooth, like a mirror that is laid out to capture the reflection of what is around it, The water looks as if you can step out onto it and walk across to the other side? Just as Jesus did, when he was walking on the water, showing the Fishermen that anything is possible, only if you have the true faith and belief to do what you want. Yes this water can change as the weather changes, bringing the storms, the wind and the rain, but with the same faith and belief, you will get through the storm and get back to the calm, which brings the peace and the serenity, throughout this journey of life.

The other picture is so very different, and to get to this lake, you need to work with each step, so you can see all the beauty of this lake. This is a lake nestled within the mountains, so nestled, that if you do not know it is there, you will never be able to see the beauty of this lake. Sometimes to see the true beauty, you first need to put in the work, so the reward of your work, can be as beautiful, as the actual beauty itself. No matter which picture you look at, there will be many changes to the view, with each trip, because mother nature is always changing the landscape, to entice us to keep getting out and enjoying her beauty. Now each of these pictures are of two very different places, just that I can not say, as these places I enjoy very much as they are, so I can keep going to the peace and serenity they hold, besides you may try to geuss at the where a bouts of the two, that is fine, as I can share no matter what.

Mother nature has many changes she brings to us all, just as we the people go through many changes as we walk our paths of this journey. change is something that comes to us all in many ways, if you do not embrace the change and except the change, then each step of your path, will be that of, pain and hurt, simply because, you stay hiding within, as all the rest, adapt to the changes and keep moving forward. Nothing will ever stey the same, everything will go through many changes, so unless you except and adapt to the changes, you then get left behind, spinning your wheels with no true direction in which to go. As much as we of this society may think, that this is all a race to get to a place or places? This is not what this journey is about, It is more about the excepting and adapting of the changes, so we can keep moving forward within this journey, as we thrive to get to the path of righteousness, that Jesus showed us, when he came and walked his path here with us.

This journey is not a race, this journey does not measure success as well, success is only something we of this society put on each one of us, some may think true success is all about having all the power, control and greed? I beg to differ, true success depends on who you are and how happy you are along your path. To walk through this journey with the true peace and serenity, you do not need all the power, control, or the greed, because with these three things, they can make you very lonely, and never be a peace with zero serenity, because now you become too busy to enjoy any kind of beauty, that may be around you.

Just like back in the days when David slew the Giant, everybody laughed because they thought David was too small? But as David prooved them all wrong, what you will truly see when you look deeper into that action is, David had the true faith and belief in himself, as well as Jesus Christ, which helped him take down the Giant, This is the same faith and belief that we of today, can take with us as we walk our paths of this journey, so we than can achieve the success, to have the peace and serenity with each step, as we see all the true beauty of mother nature. Yes mother nature can show her fury with the storms that may cross our paths, this has nothing to do with any kind of climate change? This is how mother nature will make her changes, so we than can enjoy even more of her beauty. The fury of mother nature has nothing to do with any of us, even though some may try to sell it that way? This is nothing more than accepting the changes that are coming, so we can enjoy even more of the beauty to come.

When you walk through this journey with style and grace, accepting of all the changes before you, then adapting to those changes properly, so you can have the true success within, without worrying about any other success, that some may try to shove in your face, and with the true faith and belief in yourself as well as Jesus Christ, now you can truly see all the beauty around you, which brings you into the peace and the serenity as well. Some may think that they will never achieve any kind of success? So they then become like a sheep, as the Shepard leads them along their journey, I mean don’t get me wrong, not everybody can be a Shepard, but we also do not have to settle to be a sheep either. We all chose our paths of this journey, and by no means, does this mean, that we should have others chose how we walk this jourtney for us. Now very true that there may be some rules and laws we have to follow, that is fine cause if there were not, then there would be way too much chaos for us all. Also true that with these rules and laws, there are some that think they are above them? There is no one that is above any laws and rules along this journey, The only one is Jesus as he leads us into the path of righteousness, for us all to be at peace with the serenity along our paths.

The beauty within these pictures really isn’t that beautiful, but when you see it in person, with your own eyes, and especially when you have put in the work, now this is what experiencing the true beauty is all about. You may walk a trail to get to the reward of that trail, but there is also some work to do along the trail, just like walking your path of this journey, you first have to put in the work, to get to the reward, to truly experience all the beauty that is around you. Then with each trip along the trail, will bring many changes as well, so if you never accept, or adapt to any of the changes, this will also have you totally miss out, on all the true beauty as well. Change is something we will all face no matter of who you are, which then brings the problem of, accepting and adapting to whatever the change is properly, so we than can move forward, with as little missteps as we can. This is the biggest issue in this society, there are some that think, this journey is only for them and the rest of us, need to only follow them, because they are our leaders, when in reality, they are just as mixed up, as anyone, who hasn’t walked this journey correctly. True success comes from within, and should never be passed from one to another. We all bring our own qualities to this society, as well as toward each other, there is no one except Jesus that can dictate how we walk our paths of this journey, and when we do not adapt to any of the changes properly, this is where all the ugliness of Satan will come before us. Satan will tempt us into the darkness, and if we are not ready, we will follow this temptation, as now we will become the sheep, being lead in the wrong direction. When we truly follow our own hearts, truly feel the warmth of the blood of Jesus traveling through our hearts, we will always resist the temptation of satan, as we then skip the sheep part, to truly walk this journey with a purpose and reach the true happiness and serenity that it brings.

This journey is not a race, it’s not about getting ahead of one another, and it’s really not about being a sheep or a shepard? This journey is totally about following your own heart and feeling the warmth of the blood of Jesus traveling through it. When you put in the work, truly be of who you are, there will be so much beauty all around you, but when you let your heart go cold, become lazy to the work, now you are letting Satan tempt you into the darkness, which has all the chaos and the ugliness, with no sight of anything being of beauty. This society of today, is totally on each of us, as we have fallen off the track of reality, we have let Satan tempt us into the darkness, and as we have lost sight of the light of salvation, for who Jesus Christ is all about. Yes we can get back to the light of Jesus Christ, but first we need to accept and adapt to all the change correctly, have complete faith in ourselves as well as Jesus Christ, so as our hearts become warm once again,and as we then follow our hearts, into the peace and serenity, which holds all the true beauty that is around us all, so now we all can be at the true peace and serenity along our paths we chose, throughout this journey of life.

” This journey through life is not about being in a race or getting ahead of anyone, its of having the true faith and belief for all you do with your time here”

” As the magic of the holiday season comes upon us, with the miracles of Christmas time,may we all see the light of salvation and step out of the darkness of Satan”