God’s Country

” Peace I leave with you, My Peace I give to you”

John 14:27

So pristine, and so different as you explore one journey through mother nature to another. With each trail you walk in the depth of the woods, there is nothing the same, no two trails are alike, and while walking deeply into that thick forest, not only do you learn how great God’s country truly is, but you learn of yourself and to have great confidence in what you do.

God created all this beauty for us all to explore and enjoy, he gave us all this room to spread our wings and relax within the beauty, but we the people and our actions, are ruining all this beauty and even without truly getting out to explore and enjoy it moving forward. Although there are some who are getting out to explore, just for all the wrong reasons, like on Facebook there is a page called, I hiked the 4,000 footers club, well because of this, up in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, you have an overload of hiker’s, but instead of hiking for the great reward of the beauty of mother nature, they are hiking just to post on this club’s page for all to see and receive their 5-minutes of fame. There still are some who hike for the true beauty and respect the land, as the drama posters will hike and leave a mess in their wake.

These trails may seem endless at first glance, they may seem like they are so deep within the thick cover of the trees, but when you become comfortable and gain confidence within mother nature, the trails before you will lead you to peace, joy, and serenity. They will lead you to so much beauty, you then become overwhelmed within the thickness of the trees, as you follow the trails, get around all the twists and turn., Then as it pops out right in front of you, the reward from the beauty takes your breath away, as you marvel in its beauty. There are many trails to explore within the beauty of mother nature, these trails will show you just how much the Earth’s floor will change with each step, these trails will bring out all the differences all around you, then as you keep moving forward, will see just how the differences come together, to form so much beauty.

True that these thick forests within mother nature, can also hold some scary times if you don’t move about correctly, they will show you of all the wilderness and the different animals that may lurk within the thick forest, yes these animals are not domestic and are wild, and yes you should be very wary of them, but if you show them respect and you know how to act around them, the chances of them coming at you will decrease, as you both can then enjoy all the true beauty all around you. There is nothing like it, when you truly enjoy all the trails within this journey of life, as now you not only learn of yourself but all that is around you at the same time.

” This journey of life has so many paths to venture down and explore, so unless we change our current actions, then maybe a lot of this beauty will be no more”?

Walk the trail with confidence, hear the snapping of the twigs with each step, if the surroundings are all pine trees? Then feel the softness of the pine needles that fall from trees to the ground below. As you come across a stream to get across, stop, listen to the running water, as it cuts its way through the earth, as it too has a journey throughout this beauty. Listen to the wind whistling through the trees, the many kinds of birds, singing their many tunes with each other. Even if you listen really closely, you can actually hear the earth’s heartbeat, as you repeat step by step along her floor. All these trails and so little time to truly get out and explore, especially when some with their actions do nothing but destroy all that is around them. The mountain trails truly showcase the beauty within God’s Country, They will reward us with breathtaking views, they will also bring discomfort when we do not respect the trails and all that wander them as well. The trails within mother nature may be different than the trails within our paths of this journey through life, but that does not mean to disrespect, trash, and take bad actions to all those around us, The trails are part of this journey, God created a great home for us all, I think if we want to better at respecting everything around us, maybe we should start by changing our actions, get back to sharing the love of Jesus not just within our hearts, but sharing with each other, so we all can venture out to explore all that mother nature has to offer. We may walk our paths within this journey, but it is the trails within the paths, that totally keep us grounded, to be better and stronger moving forward, throughout this journey of life.

” The trails may seem small, but they are a huge part of getting through the thick forests that make up what is, God’s Country”

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