What is Lurking around the next corner?

” The morning dew of the great outdoors, with all its mysterious views”

The many journeys within this journey of life will have you exploring all that you want while enjoying all the true beauty that Mother Nature holds for us to see.

The night sky gives way to the light of day, you roll over in your sleeping bag, to get a peek out the window of the tent and all you see is the fog of the morning dew. The night sky within the wilderness has no lights from a city sky, it is total darkness, with your senses going crazy with all the sounds off in the distance. You sit by the campfire and relax within the sounds of silence, then a sudden sound of a twig snapping, races the heart alarms your excitement. Your adrenaline level is now full, as now you jump at any kind of sound that is out of your normal. With each passing minute of the dark sky, you hear different sounds that not just intrigue, but have you reaching for a weapon, as you do not know what it is? Then a sound of an Owl chatting with another, then a pack of coyotes howling at the night’s moon, all while the crickets consume most of the noise, from the night sky. You go back to the campfire as now you need to add more wood before it goes out, and with your adrenaline level at its peak, the last thing is for the fire to go out, now you have zero light within the night sky.

With all the different noises of the night sky around you, you walk to the banks of the rivers shore, to look out within the darkness, to look up into the night sky, you can not see too far out into the river, but as you look up into the night sky, you can see more stars than you have ever seen before, you can actually see all the other planets, that are also within the orbit of space, just like the planet that you walk your journey within. now your imagination wakes up and has your mind wandering on many things, as now you forget about the coyotes in the distance and your adrenaline level goes down a bit, so you can let the night sky relax you within the unknown.

You go back to the campfire to restoke the fire and sit to watch the flames, as you become hypnotized from the dancing flames. The campfire is like a form of therapy and therapy so strong, that without saying a word, your body is so relaxed, it becomes hard to get up out of the chair. Your eyes are getting heavy, your head is bopping up and down, you glance at your watch and decide it’s time to retire to the tent, so you go through your nightly checklist to secure everything from maybe a bear or whatever may visit in the night? You poke at the fire and add a log or two? to keep a dim light within your camp, to hopefully keep the animals at bay? You now enter into the tent and ready your bed for the night, as you slip into the sleeping bag, you then just lay there with eyes closed, as the night sky puts you to sleep for the night.

As you wake to the sounds of the morning birds singing their tunes, you stretch your arms as you yawn from a good night’s rest. As you sit up in the bed, you open the window of the tent to look out, you see the morning dew has created a thick fog and you can’t see much at all. You also notice the temperature drop overnight as you get a bit of a chill, so you exit the tent to start a fire for some warmth and put on a pot of coffee to perk its fresh aroma within the sounds of the morning sky. While by the campfire and waiting for the coffee to perk, you look around and notice a Deer out for its stroll, this makes you forget about the morning chill, as you watch the true beauty of nature right before your eyes. You never know what will lurk out of the morning fog, but this time was nothing but beauty as far as you can see. Now your eyes are opening wide to all that is around, the fire burning within the pit, and the coffee is ready for consumption, so as you sip the coffee and look out into the river, the sun begins to break, as it begins to clear the morning fog, you think to yourself, it is going to be a good day within the beauty of mother nature.

There is so much to explore within mother nature, but you never get ahead of yourself or even let any kind of stress dictate where you are going, simply because you forget about any kind of time frame, just relax and take it all in at your leisure. There is no honking of any horns to get you to speed up, it about simply taking in all the beauty that is around you, without any signs saying to rush or move faster. You are now on the time of nature, as you look up in the sky, see where the sun is, to determine the time of day. The longer you stay out within mother nature, the more in tune you become with all its beauty, the more you respect everything around, even the wildlife as you realize that you are within their home now. Just as mother nature can be full of mystery, so can everything else you may encounter throughout this journey, but as you get more in tune with everything, you clearly find that you need not let the fear keep you from enjoying all the true beauty that is everywhere around you.

” We fear so much along this journey, that there are times we do not truly walk our paths as properly as we should”

” Life is too short to let any kind of fear control us in any way, so get out and explore so the fear, we can not fear anymore”

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