Clear the Conscious… Clear the Mind

” I myself always strive to have a conscious without offense toward God and Men”

Acts 24:16

” Keep conscious clear, then never fear”

Benjamin Franklin

Having a good conscience is the best way we keep healthy as we walk our paths of this journey, without a clear conscience we then become like, a rudderless ship at sea, or maybe a missile without a guiding system. Without a clear conscience then our minds get full of clouds, that lead us into turmoil and darkness. Just like the dark clouds of the storm hover above these mountains, they will also hover over each of us, when our consciences become clouded and lead us into the dark times, while the waters within the storm get churned up before us.

The conscience mind is what steers us away from all fear, it is what keeps us from offending or taking offense of all that is around us. When we let this Political Correction that surrounds us now, control everything we do, this is when we let the dark clouds enter within our conscience and lose sight of where we are truly going. We become lost along our paths, as the dark clouds of judgments, steer us in the wrong direction within this journey of life.

The Human Mind and the Human brain, are two of the most complex things we will ever encounter along this journey, and they are both within us every step of the way throughout this journey. When everything we do is all good, everything lines up correctly with no issues, then we move forward without even thinking of our conscience mind? but when things are not so good, the dark clouds become so thick and surround us at every turn, we still do not think of the conscious mind, as we tend to blame other things or even another within this journey. When the dark clouds get so thick, we then fear whatever is around the next turn, we fear so much that we stop moving forward and in a lot of ways, we become stagnate within this journey.

While we are growing up within a society of many, and with everything it throws at us, we lose sight of all other things that are important to us in being truly healthy along our paths. We want so much to just fit in with all that is around us, we lose sight of really fitting incorrectly, and fitting in to be just be hiding in plain sight. Just like when you bring your car in for preventive maintenance, we also need a kind of preventive maintenance, this is how we keep ourselves as healthy as we can, but if we never take the proper care of our conscious mind, then we will not only fear all that is around us, the dark clouds that hover over us, will become thicker with no sight of any light within them.

When Jesus came and walked his journey here with us, there were plenty of dark clouds all around, Jesus taught us how to get through the darkness and into the light. True Jesus was tempted by Satan and the darkness, but he also showed us that, when we kept true to ourselves, kept the faith in him and ourselves, we to can escape the darkness, then walk into the light of salvation. You do not have to be the most powerful person or the smartest person, even they walked through their paths like us, just they kept true to themselves, kept true to Jesus, so they can walk through the darkness unscathed, as they now prosper within the light of this journey through life. Yes, there may seem to be a lot within this journey, but when we walk through correctly, this is how this journey seems easy, this is how this journey rewards us along our paths, and when we properly do preventive maintenance on ourselves, this is how we also can walk through the darkness unscathed, then walk into the light better and stronger throughout this journey of life.

Very true that self-criticism of ourselves is the hardest and painful thing we will ever do, but when we do self-criticism correctly, it also can be the most rewarding thing we will ever do. We only fear self-criticism because we have lost touch with our conscious mind, When we keep in touch with our conscious mind, this is how we truly stay healthy, with our mind, body, and soul. We all of this society do not want to work at anything anymore, we just want to lounge around, while everything comes to us? Nothing worth the while will ever come to us if we first do not put in the time, so we can walk our paths correctly throughout this journey. When we neglect the work for a long time, yes it will bring great pain at the beginning, but when we get through that, it then becomes easier with each step of our paths. True success lies deep within each of us, it is not about the success we have on the outside, although this may help in our physical journey, in our spiritual journey, it’s all about the true success deep within our conscious and our minds.

” The conscious mind is within us all, and is very important on how we walk through this journey of life”

” The clear conscious keeps us from all fear, when the conscious becomes clouded and dark, the fear becomes stronger all around us”

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