The Leap of Faith

” By my God I can leap over a wall”

Psalm 18:29

” The enemy is great at distorting things, like a funhouse mirror, he can make obstacles seem larger than reality. We must remember, when our eyes play tricks on us, that nothing is impossible with God”

Luke 1:37

There are many walls we face every day along our paths of this journey like, a habit you can not break, an emotion that defeats you, an attitude that separates you from others, or even a heart beset with doubt or discouragement or even fear? No matter what the wall is, when you keep the faith in Jesus Christ, there will always be hope for you to overcome anything, as you keep moving forward to be better and stronger.

We of this society are so focused on stepping very hard on the accelerator, that we have completely missed everything else along this journey. We want speed and nothing but speed, what we forget as the faster we go is, we lose total focus on anything in front of us, which makes it too late to turn back when we do not know what we are turning back for. If something is a blur when you whiz by, then how can you go back to that point to fix what was wrong, when you do not know what you are going back for? This is the biggest problem of us all in this society, so instead of glancing back and fixing what is needed, we just keep repeating the same mistakes moving forward.

Now is it possible to go back to a time to fix what is needed? Absolutely!!! When we go back with the right guidance, this is what makes our move forward so much better, and is what makes us stronger as well. When we do not slow down, and when we just speed by with no focus, we will never truly see anything right in front of us, now I get that our jobs and these companies have us doing cart wheels, just for their bottom line, but as much as we do not want to admit it, this journey is not all about the companies, this society is so much about we the people, and how healthy we can walk through our paths of this journey, without being sick, tired, or even worse, out of focus from everything around us. We have become so out of focused of everything, we think we can not live without speeding by everything around us, but the only one that will be truly hurt from all this speed is, we ourselves, when we lose sight of everything and simply wander through this journey, with non true direction.

Very true we ourselves can affect each other with our own actions. We stab each other in the back, while we talk nice to each others faces, we attack each other for something as simple as the color of someone’s skin? We do not even give each other a simple hello anymore, instead we hide from each other, who we truly are. Then mix in a crazy time like we just went through the last couple years, will totally show you of how some, will exploit anything, just to wreak all the power, control and greed of everything/anything around them. We have become so out of focused from each other, we truly do not know each other anymore, all you need to do is, simply look at our actions toward each other, this will give you all the proof you need. We have zero Empathy for one another anymore, and I bet there would be a high percentage of people that have zero clue, of what the meaning of the word empathy is either? You do not have to hurt someone physically to affect them either, as through Empathy, you can hurt someone even worse mentally as well, yes being hurt physically you can see the scars on the outside, but being hurt mentally, there are only scars on the inside of one self, and these scars leave much greater pain, then any scar on the outside. True all scars can and will heal, but the scars on the inside take much longer to heal, as we never want to talk anyone about these, especially when we have been shamed into hiding our true identity from one another.

We all are so laser-focused on stepping on that gas pedal, that we are all out of focus on everything else around us. Everything happening in this society right now has happened before, we just have to slow down enough to truly see where, so we can then step back to fix what is needed, then we can move forward along our paths of this journey. When some try to strip us from everything, just so they can feed us free things, that should be a red flag for us to see except, we are so out of focus that we see nothing of what they are trying to do.

With all this technology around us, we are ” Leaps” and bounds ahead of all other societies, but in other ways we have fallen even deeper behind those societies. Because we do not truly understand what is known as the Lifecycle, we then try to sell it with a different name like ” Global Warming”? Now I get this planet gets hot and cold with the changing climates, true maybe our recycling habits may be hurting, but this planet changes right before our eyes, even when we have our eyes closed and are out of focused from everything around us. There is an old expression ” pull the wool over my eyes”, we are all doing this to each other daily and without even really noticing of what we are doing, simply because we have lost all empathy of each other, which leaves us with no care of one another, and is what could lead to all our demises, unless we all wake up, refocus, and get back to walking our paths in peace, as we then move forward along this journey, with the true joy, that Jesus showed us, during his path here with us.

” Don’t just jump into this journey, take the true leap of faith with the trust in Jesus moving forward”

” The scars do not have to dictate how we walk this journey, only a reminder that yes it will bring real pain when not done correctly”

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