The many Vines throughout the journey of life

” I am the true vine, and my father is the vine grower”

JN 15:1

” If you keep my Commandments, you will remain in my love, just as I have kept my father’s commandments and remain in his love”

JN 15:10

There are many vines throughout this journey of life, these vines will come in various shapes and sizes. Now some may relate to a vine growing a fruit on them, like a grape or a raspberry? But the vines will grow many things on them, so they can flourish and prosper. Tree’s are a form of a vine with many branches, for the many various leaves that will grow upon them. We ourselves are the branches of life, starting from the foundation of a mother and father, expand out into the branches, and then growing it’s own fruit, so the vines of life can keep flourishing, to be better and stronger as each society grows and keeps moving forward.

With all the dead wood we see all around, goes to show that yes, there needs to be death, so that life can continue. For every dead branch that falls to the ground, there are many more new and fresh branches just beginning their journey. With the new branches, comes new fruit to make the branches stand out from each other, we to are like the branches, as there are no two branches alike, there are no two of us alike as well. The problem then lies with each of us, simply because we let ourselves get so caught up with all the ugliness and chaos, we then forget to see all the true workings and the beauty, throughout this journey of life.

The tree’s that sprout the branches that grow the fruit upon them, can grow anywhere, just as we can grow anywhere and become anything, or anyone we want to be, then as we bear the beautiful fruit from our labor, will show just how diverse we really are. No matter where you look throughout this journey, there is diversity at every turn, just that we tend to overlook the diversity, as we get too involved with the ugliness around us.

We all think that we are better than each other, we all try so hard to get ahead of each other, that we forget to just simply walk the path we chose, so we can groom it and take out the obstructions, to move forward better and stronger. We each have a job to do within this journey, but we have all become so lazy, that we have wandered away from doing that job. Just as Jesus taught us when he walked his path here with us, when we walk together in harmony, while sharing our love with each other, this journey will reward us with great beauty, it will reward us with much prosperity as well, so we all can walk our paths in peace, while we move forward in this journey with happiness, as we all make strides toward the path of righteousness, just as Jesus showed us while he was here, and still shows us, with the signs he sends us, as we walk our paths through this journey of life.

” There are many different kinds of vines in this journey, with each one bringing it’s own beauty to the forefront”

” The branches and the limbs always have a strong foundation, so they can showcase the fruits that they will later produce”

” Diversity is everywhere and all the fruits on all the branches drive home that point with all the true beauty all around us”

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